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Before I start my little rant I must state this - I do not have anything personal with anyone. What I'm about to say is just an observation, although its nothing new.

I'm sure many of you would've noticed this before me but the biased reporting on Cricinfo is really starting to get on my nerves.

Take a look at this for example:

Or this:

Both the articles refer to the current India vs New Zealand test series. They are written by Indian writers and if you are a cricket newbie or a casual cricket fan reading them you would think India must be the unluckiest cricket team on planet Earth. The authors give the impression India are the best side going around and only lose their matches because, despite dominating the match for large periods, they just happen to relax during one key moment and let the (allegedly) weaker opposition run away with the game. I don't know about you guys but that's the impression I get.

Take the first article for example: according to the author, India were strong favourites to win 2 of the matches against England and one against Australia, South Africa and New Zealand away from home if only they had not given up their strong position at one point during the match. Am I missing a trick here? Isn't this exactly how you win? Keeping a tab on your opponents, recovering from weak positions, turning a game on its head, running away with it when the opposition is tired and weary?

I'm sure if you take most cricket matches in history you could make a point where the losing team had an outside chance of winning at some point. That doesn't mean they were the better side to begin with, and to be honest that doesn't even mean they failed to capitalise on their chances either (well, mostly). It just means they were outplayed by the winning team.

Moving on to the second article: again, relating to the recurring theme of Indian writers making excuses why their team is playing poorly abroad the Indian writer has alluded to the drop in intensity as to why India loosened their grip during the first test. However, you may notice the language used: "the disappointing part was, India went too flat too soon in face of that fightback", "India probably think allowing two opposition batsmen to score at that rate on a flattening surface is acceptable". To me, this doesn't come across as a neutral, unbiased piece of journalism by a sports writer on a popular cricket website but more like a strong opinion by a frustrated Indian cricket fan.

It might seem like I'm clutching at straws here, being a bit pedantic, but I'm beginning to feel annoyed with the cheap journalism by some of the Indian writers on Cricinfo. Its completely acceptable to write about the poor performance (or even the success) of your team but doing it in such a way to incur the annoyance of neutral or opposition of fans does not seem like a clever idea to me.

A few people may even suggest this is part of an elaborate scheme by the BCCI to dominate world cricket. I don't think that's the case, but rather the Indian writers, who are linked to the BCCI one way or the other, pandering to the typical Indian fan. As for me, as a Sri Lankan, I have decided not to waste more of my time reading trash.

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India is their biggest market

India is their biggest market and they are making millions probably from advertising in India so they are forced to please Indians! They make big bucks from Sri Lanka too thats why they very rarely criticise the Government & Cricket Board. If they report the truth or be too harsh they will get chased away from Sri Lanka. Cricinfo good for scores only.

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Totally Agree with Dias here.

Totally Agree with Dias here. And over the years what I saw was most of the time Cricinfo denying the performances of other teams specially Sri Lanka's. And some of the articles are so offensive. I don't have any anger against Indians, but what cricinfo doing sometimes are really cheap & not good for a reputed site like that.

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cricinfo does it again

Given 67 overs to survive, India were in strife
and would have lost their third wicket in the
13th over had Kohli walked or even shown
signs of guilt after edging one through to BJ
Watling, but "he showed those niceties were not
for him" when there was a Test to be saved.

This was in the report of concluded 2 test in wellington.Even an indian agreed that kholi is not a role model to follow.

PS:-**** this monga for disgracing the name (sidharth) , fish monga.

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One team cricket!

This is actually not just an India issue, for my mind I see it all over. It also occurs with sports commentators where all the focus is about 'one team'. Never is it possible to opponent played well - we played bad! Its irritating yes but its also common.

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Why should we go to cricinfo

Why should we go to cricinfo when we have IC. IC is for srilanka so its not biased.

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agree with @Anonymous #5 :)

agree with @Anonymous #5 :)

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Agreed. The quality of commentary on TV has dropped markedly over the years. Its almost always biased towards the home team now. This is especially true of Asian commentators when matches are played in Asia. They simply forget another team is playing. It all probably started to satisfy the home team fan but things have gone a bit out of hand now.

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Not to mention the comments

They also heavily edit people's comments without marking them as edited. If you point out India's shortcomings or argue that Australian teams are not always abusive cheats, don't expect your comment to be posted, or at least, not as you wrote it.

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