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@Surod these players are

@Surod these players are international players , this is the best level of cricket in the world , in other words the level where a player do least mistakes. so if you missed one chance of a top class player , they will not give another chance for you to get them out . If it's so easy to take wicket as you said nobody will even care about diving to take a catch or stop a ball and put their cricketing career at a risk . & not only drop catches in match , poor fielding also contains missed run outs & extra runs as well .

bowling and fielding go hand to hand . FYI cricket is played by 11 players not by one bowler. Any bowler to shine they need the support of other 10 players.

Thisara perera has been well knows for full tosses and leaking runs for so many years , no need to even talk about him . what SL is look from him is wickets . thisara's bowling is a huge concern , but what if thisra in the WC make a batsman to do a mistake and if the fielder can't hold on to catches is that bowlers fault ? how can that bowler ever take a wicket , do he need to always bowled or LBW a batsman?

Kula is a bowler who gets his best when the condition are more suited to him , all the players are not like sanga's batting to get better when they gets old , of course their performance will reduce by time , they will not be the same old performers . this is basic human body nature.common sense

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Which are we lacking ?????

SLCricket1: Finally you AGREED with me that World cup QF match for SL playing in Sydney. This is why I said when arguing a point just be sure about that without saying unnecessary sentences like “someone has hit on the head”

Now we turn focus on to the other question

I like to know your answer

What is the most important aspect of a limited overs match?????

Do you think majority people in SL talk about FIELDING is the most important and are the main area for our losses in recent times????? I suggest you to conduct a survey and see the results. Actually u will be surprised with the results with number of votes getting for batting and bowling.

As I said earlier I’m not saying fielding is not an important aspect in International match but if we have to choose one, batting or bowling should come first. Perfect example would have been if fielding is the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT why International team does not go with players who can field well and who can reasonably bowl and bat well????? Why SL play Herath and Malinga in every time in the playing XI knowing both of them is awful in the field????? No mate International team will choose players in the playing XI based on their batting and bowling skills and fielding may be an added advantage. Can u give any examples where teams have chosen players based on their fielding skills?????

Every player has their LIMITATIONS and can’t be PERFECT in EVERY DEPARTMENT of their activities. Do you believe you are PERFECT in every department????? So if Malinga and Herath play in the playing XI we know there are bound to have some mistakes in the field but still we take that chance because we know they are the best in business in the bowling aspect. If you cannot have any lean for miss fielding then u must not give any lean for bad bowling as well.

So give me an example where we drop some catches off THISARA in recent times????? So reason for Thisara high bowling average and RPO is due to drop catches off his bowling and he is bowling very well according to you. But I haven’t seen any person when blaming Thisara hasn’t said about drop catches off his bowling. So may be all the persons including me forget about drop catches off his bowling. So can u reminder some of drop catches off his bowling?????

Kula point I agree with u and that is poor bowling in recent times and nothing to do with FIELDING isn’t it????? That is an obvious point you are trying to make here by saying when u go older u cannot perform except some exceptional players like Sanga. I thoroughly agree with u on that point I did not say any time age should not effect a player in my comment which u are referring as ’Common Sense’. Can u give where I have said like that?????

I agree that SL is not good in fielding compared to Australia, SA and NZ but don’t think there is too much different in fielding aspects compared to two major aspects which I think lacking in SL and those are the main reason for our losses in recent times. Those two factors are

1.LACK OF QUALITY FAST BOWLING – Compare our fast bowling line up with the likes of AUS, SA, NZ and Eng. Does u cannot spot any difference?

AUS - Johnson, Starc, Cummins, Harris, Hazlewood, Siddle, Pattinson, Hilfenhaus, Bollinger, Cutting

SA – Steyn, Morkel, Philender, Abbot, De Langer

NZ – Southee, Boult, McClenegan, Milne

Eng – Anderson, Finn, Broad

2.LACK OF QUALITY YOUNG BATSMAN WITH ABILITY OF POWER HITTING – Compare our ability to finish a game and the young batsman in our side taking out the likes of Sanga, Mahela, Anjelo and Dilshan. Compare other teams young batsman with Chandi, Thiri, Kusal, Jeewan, Thisara, Dimuth (Batsman who have come to international cricket after 2009)

Aus - Warner, Finch, Marsh brothers, Maxwell, Smith, Faulkner

SA – DeKock, Miller, Rossouw

NZ – Williamson, Anderson, Ronchi, Neesham

Eng – Root, Taylor, Hales, Buttler, Stokes, Ali

India - Kohli, Rahane, Rohit

These are the two major aspects which we are lacking in recent times. We are not that bad in fielding where any fielder can make some mistakes on the field any day like my given examples like DeVilliers and McCullum one of the best in fielders has drop sitters in recent games in addition to whole Australian teams poor fielding in the 3rd test match against India. We have good accumulators like Sanga, Mahela, Dilshan and Anji where we can match with other teams. Spin bowling also acceptable although only Sachitra and Herath is effective. In modern teams I cannot see any team have a good spin bowling line up. Although PAK had edge in spin bowling couple of years back now SL and IND are at the top in my opinion.

So it is up for you to decide. I will not come up with any argument regarding this in this thread but like to know your ANSWERS for the EXACT FEW QUESTIONS RAISED BY ME in this comment.

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@Surod lol tell me bro how

@Surod lol tell me how many times i have told to you that read my comment properly ? are you having any issues of reading my comments ? or you do not read my comments at all ? when did i even "argued " with someone in this forum regarding the Q/F grounds or said someone has hit on the head” ? why I'm even talking with a lunatic who can't even identify my account properly ? . So i think it's healthy for me to putting a full stop for this argument between us . you can think whatever you want . but I will not change the (like siripalanaya said) "GOLDEN rule in cricket" Catches win Matches . and our BIGGEST issues is our poor fielding , until we fix our main issues no matter how we try to improve our bowling & batting we are forever losers . period !

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I wonder if there's any rule

I wonder if there's any rule says that you can't agree a target with an opponent in the warm ups?If there's no rules like that , just in case if ZIM bat first and they get out for an low score i hope we will agree with them to go after a target around 280-300 . otherwise it's going to be such a wasted warmup game for our batters .

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I'm glad that my prediction

I'm glad that my prediction was spot on about dimuth :D .. this was my comment about Dimuth's batting position few days ago ,


lol but things went little bit wrong about thiri tho :P

& today Dimuth as the no 4 batter : 70+ runs partnership with dili , & 40+ with a better S/R than sanga's

IF dimuth is playing definitely mathews should come after him , mathews can increase the RR anytime . but i wonder today the team mgmt would have send dimuth as no.4 if dili had fallen early ? if that happens in a real match . then dimuth should come after mahela to keep the left right combo .

fiargame (not verified)
Is this the final fifteen? no

Is this the final fifteen? no changes? Who is the replacement for prasad? Eranga? No Kusal? Dimuth is not a good one day player yeah he scored a fifty but look at his strike rate. He only replaced mahela today. He should not play unless there is an injury to another player. We badly need a big hitter low down the order. I think Kusal needs to go in. Jayasuriya won't feel like that though. Unfortunate.

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Prasad replaced by Chameera

Becuase of the injury Prasad has replaced by Chameera. So I would like to go like this for the opening match
1 Thirimanne
2 Dilshan
3 Sangakkara
4 Mahela
5 Mathews
6 Chandi/Dimuth
7 Thisara
8 Kulasekara
9 Herath
10 Malinga
11 Chameera
Still I think Chandi will get a chance bcz he is a better ODI player than Dimuth. But his recent form will be a concern. Thisara and Jeewan are also out of form but I prefer Thisara bcz conditions are better for a fast bowling allrounder. Let's wish them to come back 2 form and play well for our motherland.

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if dimuth can score more runs

if dimuth can score more runs than chandi in the warmups then definitely dimuth should play . we can't pick a player purely based on his reputation . reputation will not bring you runs , only form will . chandi is struggling to score double figures .. 0,9,5,5 this is his current form in onedayers. even our bowlers score more runs than him .

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Im not happy with squad

Actually I'm not happy with the squad. This is not the best SL have.

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This is poor selection

This is poor selection (squad). Half bowlers & Half batters can't do anything special in these wickets. We need genuine batters & bowlers. Inclusion of Jeevan,Thisara,Kulasekera as no 7,8,9 they are expecting to increase the batting depth. But when we consider about last few matches we were unable to see anything special from these players with the bat or ball. They were unable to score at least quick 20/30 runs at the later part of the inning & also some times players like thisara,Jeevan only bowls 2/3 overs in a match. Some times they don't bowl & altough they bowls they sacrifice lot of run with wicketless.

6 batters,3 allrounders(Jeevan,Kule,Thisara) & 2 specialist bowlers aren't the right combination. 7 specialist batters & 4 specialist bowlers are the right combination.

My best WC squad;


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