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Enough of chances for the pathetic players

I don't understand why Sri Lanka cricket is giving so much of opportunities to pathetic players like DIMUTH KARUNARATHNA, KAUSHAL SILVA, LAHIRU THIRIMANNE, JEHAN MUBARAK, UPUL THARANGA over and over again despite they are constant failures. They will get a significant score once in a BLUE MOON and that will enough for our selectors to persist with them forever.

This is the reason why above all players who have played more than 20 test matches but still their AVERAGE is hovering around 18-33. Batting is the biggest reason for our down fall in test cricket recently because of these pathetic players. Compare these players with other countries. They are looking for players who need to have average of over 42 in test cricket.

In the current Sri Lankan batting line up only Anjelo Mathews is up to a International player. Can't understand why players like Kusal Perera who have average of over 51 in first class cricket yet to given a chance in test cricket yet because of these pathetic players. If these players opportunities why can't player like Kithuruwan Vitanage, Chamara Kapugedara not giving an opportunity ?? These players are more talented players than the likes of DIMUTH, KAUSHAL, MUBARAK AND UPUL.

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that one catch would have

that one catch would have done wonders for us. well what i can say it has been a issue for SL for so many years. but can't take these matches against India too seriously .. sometime we have to take more than 20 wickets against them or maybe bat with less than XI players at times . always umpires play a spoiler part whenever we play against India .. even if we wins against them we have to take a very closer look at that game to see how much umpires influenced the game . that's where i will never ever rate that galle test as a remarkably win cause umpires completely destroyed that game .

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Piss poor!

Folks that was a poor as it can get from SL and survining a final day to survivie usually results in one of these spectacular collapses. Yes the Indians bowled well but seriously how poor were some of the shots starting from Kaushal who hit a full toss to a fielder. Mathews played the most ridiculous forward defense in both innings (thankfully he has made a 100 in the first). I cant understand how such a good batsman can have such poor forward defense. Sweeping a legspinner outside the leg stump without covering the line is a school boys error and this from a guy who got over 200 in the last test. SL collapsing in a heap in the 4th innings is a regular occurance as is the collapse without a fight.

Credit to India who pretty much had control of the game from day one and the only time SL had a chance of getting even was on the 3rd day but, once again, when the time had arrived to tkae control SL let India in and they were simply never going to let go.

So its over to the SSC now and looking for SL to bat well once.

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Ok here we go for the decider

All set for the decider then and min two changes for Sanga and Tharindu. There is also talk about Kaushal keeping! I like the idea of taking the gloves off Chandi but surely opening with the wicket keeper in tests is not an option. I presume there is no plan to open with Kusal Perera in tests!

Sounds like the wicket could be a bit different unless they shave off all the grass and this requires some thinking. There was a time when the SSC was great for swing bowling and batting second but not in recent times but descriptions of conditions indicates it requires some thought so good toss to lose as I am sure the Indians will bat first.

Batting second comes with its dramas, especaily for SL but batting first and we could be chasing the game game from the first hour. There is also talk about a swap in Chameera for Pradeep which I wouldn't agree with. We cannot be changing guys after just one test and if the SSC has something, he could be a handful.

The plan as always is straight forward, bat well for once at home and take it from there. No matter what the Indians do we have to bat well once of will be chasing the game.

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Let it go....again!!

Deciding test, win the toss, elect to bowl and have Indai at 120/5 will all the big guns gone..perfect! Close of play India 280/8..WTF? How many times must this happen? when the time come to step on the throat SL turns around and shoots itself in the foot and good teams will put you away everytime.

Wild wicket at SSC and I reckons 240 is par and anything over 275 batting first is an advantage so India ahead of the game. Don't think India can lose from but it would have been different if we did what we should have, which was to knock them over under 200. Also if SL thought bowling first on a greenish wicket, not sure why they played 2 spinners. With Anji forced to bowl, its just poor planning.

In the first test, India at 319/6 on day one, the only way out was to bowl them out cheaply but they made it to 390 which was the turning point. Same thing here, India are out of danger now so its up to SL to bat well and see out the game.

Prasad absolutely brilliant and has been the whole season AND is playing his 6th test in row - is there any fast bowler after Vaas who has played 6 tests in a row?

If I was India I would declare overnight and put SL in on a fresh morning rather than batting the first 30 minutes allowing the wicket to sun off.

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Anyway sun off to Sri Lanka

Anyway sun off to Sri Lanka 47/5 already.what the hell this coaching stuff is doing. we had good chance to bowl them out on yesterday and thanks to Mathews bluntness they went to 300 which is a good total in this pitch. We just gave another test match for useless indian team I ever saw. Time for give some stern message to Mathews and sack that bastard call marvan who ate the our team.

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Like to see some upul

Like to see some upul tharanga fan's logics at this moment. Really looking for see what they have to say about his performence

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Why are we giving it away/Thank god for Kusal

Not a great start by Upul again, but why the hell did they change the batting order? Leave the openers as they are, theyre working out their kinks and building together as a partnership; breaking that to open with Tharanga is plain idiotic. Should've kept 1 and 2 the same, move Thirri to 3 and let Upul take his place. Would have preferred Chandimal to stay where he was since he has escorted the tail well and has made runs comfortably at that position.

Kusal was the only gem and he visibly dealt a psychological blow to the Indians; nice to see no matter the situation he will proactively try to change the it. Bit harsh to make him keep on his debut I think, Chandi is a better man with the gloves. Anyone know why he was going at it with Ishant Sharma??

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Upul gave an excellent start

Upul gave an excellent start and the rest followed it. Thanks to some brave efforts from Kusal, Herath, Prasad and Chandi we managed to reduce the gap to 111 runs or else we would have been bundled out for odd 60 runs. Chandi should bat at number 3, I do not think Tharanga should be in if the pitch has at least a bit of support for seamers. Thri needs to go back to first class cricket and rectify his mistakes as he is failing continuously however for Dimuth and kaushal I think if they try to play more positively in the next innings they could do better. Should not let the Indian pacers to get on top of us, I do not think they are that good, but the tactics of Kohli have been excellent where as Mathews' was poorer. Now that we would probably have to chase down a 250+ total without Sangakkara (and without a single batsman whom we can trust to hang on and play a long innings) we have to attack and try and win the match. There is no other option, survival is not going to work for us. The only way out is to unsettle the Indian bowling.

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Batter woefull but bowlers keep the fire alight

How pathetic was that batting performance from SL? Didn't they see Pujara leave and leave and leave to come and poke and poke and poke outside the off stump? Yes India bowled really well but I would like to think its wasnt a 40/6 performance. For those of who still dont get what the issue with Tharanga is, I hope you were wating today. This is nothing new and has always been the case and we have always said this! Silva has played two woeful shots two innings in a row due to his negative mindset of defending. Anji poking outside the off with no footwork all series (but atleast he made some runs), Thiri - not sure what to say.

Chandi looked on a different planet so keep the gloved off him and bat him up the order - as I said bat him at #3. Kusal, well been saying this for over an year and we messed around with guys like Mubarak, Tharanga and Kithruwan. The key thing with Kusal is he can impact the game quickly. Yes he can fail but that's the bargain you take with a player like him. We were looking at following on and probably already lost the test till he flashed a quick 50 as opposed to fiddling around for 30 and following on. These sort of guys come around once in a blue moon and he has been sitting on the bench all summer and we are searching for batters!!

Thanks to some great bowling (the guys who got the runs too) there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Amazing really to think we were looking at following on and now still have a glimmer of hope. I reckon anything near 200 is too much. If we keep batting like this the target is already too much! So the call is to presure India with attacking tomorrow morning to keep that target under 200. There will be no point in restriciting the lead as one stand of 50+ and the lead will be over 200. So attack and attack now! Another wicket here and we are in to the unknown as far as the Indian batting. I was already seeing only 2 slips and dont get why. Get the 3rd slip in and attack and fingers crossed.

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