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Kusal Perera out of form but ...

Completely agree with Upper Cut seems to be Kusal has lost his confidence and he look nervous. I also got the feeling and see that he shake his head and when he going to the pavilion he tried to hit the boundary line boards with his bat. Just the fail of one match we should not ignore him. Even he failed how many games I still places my confidence on him and we need his presence in the World cup. He is a match winner he can turn the games. But he need to get his touch quickly as possible otherwise it will be a big blow for SL ahead of WC. The thing that we need to give him is give every chance to regain his form before the WC. Even I was the selector I will give him the chance to open or in the playing XI in the test squad for New Zealand to get more familiar with conditions.

One does not simply regard as a poor player if you have seen the following videos.







But for me Sachitra should be in the first XI. He has done really well in lead up to his ban and he is my first choice spinner ahead of Herath for ODI if he can maintain his bowling form after the remodel action.

For hitman I also on the same page as you about Priyanjan. I don't think he will be effective as a batsman. Sri Lanka wants to give either of Chandi, Thiri, Kitha or even Kusal as a middle order batsman.

But I don't think Kausal will be effective in ODI's and don't think his technique is the best from young players. Thiri and Kusal have better techique what Kausal has is temperament and guts to fight it out

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agree with surod regarding

agree with surod regarding kusal. he didn't take his time for settle. better he watch again how he score 106 vs bangladesh. although there is difference between bowling attacks still worth to practise that method where he can score lot .

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Reality check

There is still plenty of time for the WC but if nothing else this tour should be a good reality check on what needs to be done. One of the hottest items is the role of Kusal and most fans here seem to agree that this guy must be play. We must also accept he is never going to be a Sanga, but Sanga is never going to clobber Steyn over his head for 6 in the first over - its that sort of rare X factor that Kusal brings and part of that high risk package is failure. If we want a steady opener then we can always pick Kaushal the test opener.

There are also calls for bowlers clocking 140+. Firtly just because you bowl 140+ doesnt mean you will suddenly be effective. Secondly and more importantly this is not SL's deal - 140+ bowlers. We dont have a pace bowling academy or prepare pitches for 140+ bowlers so why are we suddenly looking for them at international level.

If you look at the most effective limited over bowlers, there are a stack of spinners (yes some of them now have issues with action). Spinners is our game and that is where the answers lay. The problem of course is when you play India, no spinner is every going to threaten India many time. Yes rocking up to Aus for the WC with a bunch of spinners aint going to do it. The point is I would rather concentrate on what little I have (in spinners) than look for something I certainly do not have (140+ pace bowlers).

Final point is on Aksha Patel. In my opinon this is a classic example of the positive imapct of IPL. He is only very young but already exposed to top level cricket through the IPL and when he makes it to the India team, he is already a decent package. I beleive there is a similar effect on the Indian pace bowlers, who are constatnly exposed to quality coaches and cricket.

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but thiri not rotate the

but thiri not rotate the strike so often which can be additional preassure on other end player. what i think is always thiri play in two mind. it is harm his confidence. he is too defensive and always felt that he is block him self when it comes to shot selection and that makes him uncomfortable . same goes to chandimal . what i think these two are not slow players naturally but they are push for such roles which is not suits them. its bit like tubby guy wear a slim fit :D

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SL Batting

Sad story is that SL can't score a total of 300+ even with all three senior batsmen (Mahela, Sanga and Dilshan) on flat tracks. SL neither do experiments for the batting department nor senior batsmen score. If this continued, SL is unlikely to obtain a good outcome out of this series from the batting point of view.

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i am not agree with you

i am not agree with you regarding akshar patel or their fast bowlers stormy. if you look at varun aaron he came to team after long time and he couldnt able to finish a game.if he something learned from those coaches then definately he should know how to bowl fast without getting injured .plus you cannot trust someone like ishant sharma who d lot of up and downs .same goes to umesh yadav .its just a matter of time they leaking their form. talk about akshar i always believe our team is the best when it comes to converting the jokers to kings. cricket need mental strongness and akshar not yet tested from that subject. i believe there is some thrashing around this guy and its just about who deliver it .i believe someone like thisara could do it. since this guy still have few games experience if someone deliver such a thrash he will not be same bowler like he is now .

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peterson- not only this tour

peterson- not only this tour in any tour in future

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India is keen

However, India is keen to experiment all their fringe players. In the 2nd ODI, India did not hesitate to experiment Rayudu (just in his 21st ODI) ahead of their key batsmen (Kohli & Raina) even in chasing a target. Rayudu turned his talents into a performance and came up with a century in the end (strike rate over 100). The reason behind is that he could slowly settled in the middle, because he got the opportunity to come early in the inning.

But when it come to SL, unfortunately strategy is totally different. Even only available young recognized batsman of SL team (Priyanjan) is also pushed further back in the batting lineup. In this way, SL young batsmen have no time to settle in and what they have to do is just go and blast.

Eventually some fans say SL youngsters are slow learners. Yes, our youngsters are slow learners, because they don't get opportunities like Rayudu got yesterday.

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peterson - i dont think lack

peterson - i dont think lack of the chances is the only reason of our youngsters downfall . most of our players are not naturally quick learners of the game. example like aravinda who not consistent in his early days even he bat at his usual place at no 4 . it was his last 7 years where he really polished his talent. same goes someone like herath. in his early days he was not threatning like he is in today. and we all know about dilhara. how many times we given him sort out his issues regarding no ball. i think the issue is we need strong mentor who can realize what is our youngsters real issue is. aravinda is the best for it coz he was also had such period and he ovetcame it in style. problem relies on our youngsters mentality where aravinda can address this issue. on the other hand its better priyanjan play down the order coz in my opinion he is not good enough to survive in australia.

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3rd ODI XI

My 3rd ODI XI -


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