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As you all know on Friday SL cricket going to held a meeting with several leading people to develop the SL cricket which is falling behind. This is your chance to give your opnions. We will have a look the most feasible ideas given in this site in that meeting. Island cricket administration please promote this thread beacuse this is need of an hour thing.  

Anonymous (not verified)
This is probably going to be

This is probably going to be a rant but I have alot to say first off

Why is there going to be a meeting???

There always having meetings emergency meetings these days the problems are so obvious to everyone except this stubborn and stupid board.

1.) Dissolve this cricket administration get rid of all the politicians.

2.) Get rid of the sports minister Dayasari whatever his last name is who along with his partner in crime Thilanga sumithapala is responsible for this mess where in.

3.) Bring in a president of Sri Lanka cricket who is the sole leader of cricket in the country e.g. Siddath weittmuny or Roshan Mahanama or anyone other than a POLITICIAN!!!!!!!!!!

4.) Get rid of club cricket and bring in regional teams e.g. Colombo, Kandy, and whatever parts of the country that have international stadiums and have these teams play in there stadiums. Have six teams altogether playing for some sort of championship in a four day tournament and then for a One day tournament.

5.) Bring the SLPL t20 tournament after the four day and one day tournament is finshed back and have those six teams play init.

6.) make quality pitches that are suited for fast bowling and not just for spin.

7.) Get Muttiah Muralitharan to help the young spinners out I mean he's only taken 800 wickets but still all help counts.

8.) Mahela one of our legends of the game a guy who has one of the best cricketing brains ever is trying to improve school cricket so try and connect school and first class cricket together so that there talented youngsters finishing school and coming into the first class system.

9.) Focus the attention on fast bowlers in the country we rely too much on spin. Get Chaminda vaas and some international coaches to help youngsters with whatever they need e.g. training regime, bowling certain line and lengths whatever, scout for talent in the north.

10.) If no one agrees to this i suggest protest get a bunch of people wherever you live in Sri Lanka. Fans from all over the country and protest to these guys houses to the board to wherever they maybe until they actually listen and except that this kind of political system has to be stopped.

I mean there are so many things but the main thing is having past cricketers who only care about cricket running this countries cricket not politicians who put cricket second. That is why Mahela Murali and all international coaches and all the past legends are reluectant to help us because Politicians are there interfering with the team constantly by adding unnecessary support staff e.g. Asanka Gurusinghe and with team selection etc. Get rid of the POLITICIANS if not sport in Sri Lanka will never truly blossom and we will never see its true potential. There has to be an end to politics in sport.

Hemanthe (not verified)
Development of SL Cricket

1) There must be 6 to 8 teams consisting of the cream of SL cricketers playing a 4 day tournament. What can be done is to have entirely new 6 to 8 teams from the current set up or select 6 to 8 bet teams from the current 24 for this tournament but make sure that good players will not be missed out, they may have to be moved from where they are. This is the elite tournament. Appropriate point system must be implemented covering all aspects of results. Even introduce points scheme for the individual performances to determine those who have performed well in the tournament.

2) There could be a second tournament (I name it as Second Class) with the balance number of teams (24 - 6 or 8) playing 3 day matches.

3)At the end of the tournament there should be a promotion/demotion matches between the fist two teams from the Second Class tournament and the last two teams from the elite tournament and the winners and losers of these should be promoted or demoted for the succeeding year.

This is just an out line of what I think should happen because from the past few months it was evident that the boys were not geared up to the standards required at the international stage. This in my opinion was caused by the current domestic structure, which has been thoroughly diluted as a result of increasing the number of teams that are playing in the first class tournament. It obviously has caused the players to play easy kind of cricket with less or no pressure at all. This situation is a dangerous one and must be addressed first before anything else.

Mohamed Hesham (not verified)
Thilanga Sumathipala - the Messiah (?)

The simple truth is Thilanga Sumathipala and his administration has to go - and this has to be done by their own free will. Another interim administration being appointment would only result in their egos being bruised and them wanting to come back due to a sense of injustice. Thilanga has planeted himself in Sri Lanka Cricket for close to 20 years now, but in all honesty what has he and his inner circle achieved for us - the Sri Lankan cricket loving public? Have the standards of domestic cricket improved - no, many would argue it has gone backwards. Is Sri Lanka more competitive internationally - no, we are ranked 7 or 8 across all formats. Do we have world class infrastructure - maybe yes, but has it benefited us - clearly no, as we struggle to compete whenever we travel. In all sincerity, what has he and his inner circle achieved over the 20 years they have been involved in SLC? Please do not count beating Australia 3-0 in last year's test series as 'his' achievement or a sign of progress. India's 9-0 trashing across all formats clearly points to the fact that there is still a lot left to be improved.

An achievement would be to say that Thilanga was able to establish a truly strong domestic system and competition that there are truly world class players coming through left right and centre (like India has). A competition that can take the talent we have and mold them to world class players. Our current crop are having to learn to play test cricket during the first 2-3 years of their international careers. We might have a good series here and there, but it will never be consistent. That comes from an established and quality system, which Thilanga has failed to provide.

At what point does someone take a good look in the mirror and realise "hey, you know what - I am really BAD at this" and move one? Failure is not a bad thing if you learn to fail fast and take the learnings to improve. But 20 years of just of "hitting repeat" and continuing to fail after repeated feedback and advise by experts, players, fans, etc. on what needs to improve is ridiculous. Asking for 3-4 years more for things to improve I'm afraid is not good enough when you have had 20 years to do so.

Putting aside the fact that Thilanaga at the moment is the most hated and despised man in Lanka, why is he continuing to try to associate himself with a Sport that clearly no-one wants his involvement in anyway? There is a generation of retired Sri Lankan cricketers who have been ICC match referees, test umpires, international coaches, and who have traveled the cricket world and experienced what works in places like England, India and Australia. Why do we keep having to have Thilanaga planting himself in SLC like he's the long awaited for Messiah? With all due respect, the only thing that would make anyone in Sri Lanka (and mind you, I am writing this from Australia where Thilanga and the SLC are thought of as a joke) is for Thilanga, and his administration to truly distance themselves from any association from SLC once and for all.

This is a plea for sanity to prevail, and egos to subside. Please go Thilanga, your time has commeth.

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