Is Sanath Jayasuriya worst commentator ever??

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I am quite surprise to see sanath jayasriya in the commentary panel of the ongoing Sri Lanka and Australia Test series , unlike fellow countryman Russel , he is fail to put a cross his idea to the viewers , I am not trying to compare the language skills of the both , it a shame that Tensports employed him as a commentator because he hardly speak proper English and all the time struggling to complete proper sentence. I have all the due respect to sanath as the best all around ODI player ever played the game.

I think Sanath should judge himself about his capabilities and try to do something that he is capable of rather losing his respect , because I know personally many viewers making fun of his commentary and as a one of my favorite players I don’t liketo see sanath get in to this situation

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I'm a huge fan of his

I'm a huge fan of his batting.

Over here in Canada, if a MP was working as a TV commentator, there would be outrage and protests asking him to step down as an MP. The tax payers and voters expect elected officials and those being paid by tax payer money to actually work, right? Is that too much to ask for?

He was pretty serious about becoming an MP, so he must do more to prove to his supporters that it was a good move. So far, I have not heard anything of his work as an MP.

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Its a political stunt. Sri

Its a political stunt. Sri Lankans dont know this. This strategy used to brainwash people. They put the ruling party's people in every public front. Even where they dont belong. Like during cricket matches so people see UPFA everywhere. The opposition is destroyed so its not really democracy. Opposition doesnt get same opportunity to come into public eye. UPFA takes over every aspect of life like the communist party in China. So next time you see Sanath doing TV commentary or you see the name "Mahinda Rajapaksa Stadium" or "Mahinda Rajapaksa Stand" or you see Namal Rajapaksa on TV you know why.

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i thought laxman

i thought laxman sivaramakrishnan is d worst cricket commentator ever .. but this time itz goes to MP Sanath Jayasuriya

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Sanath as a commentator

It is actually a disgrace to our country and its education levels. By giving Sanath world exposure like this they are making a mockery of our parliament and all its members and even the president.

This lack of knowledge and I don't mean just English but even general knowledge of the country (national flower etc), being suckered into admitting that he drove at 165kmph on the new southern highway, all open admission of a intellect that doesn't befit a member of parliament.

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Sanaths commentary

I was waiting until someone brought this topic on, its really embarrassing to us as SL fans when he is on commentary.Except Arnold and to certain extent Ranil Abeynayake, all other SL TV commentators are horrible. Sanath would go with Ranjith Fernando and laxman sivaramakrishnan as the worst commentators ever.

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let him practice for few club

let him practice for few club matches then see what happens right now he sucks big time cant remember seeing worst commentator than him has no views not a good play by play commentator no place for him in commentary box russel arnold miles ahead of him

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Danny Morrison

I really enjoy listening to Danny Morrison. He has a great sense of humour and what he says makes sense too !

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see. when he started to play,

see. when he started to play, he could hardly utter a word in english. then he did a good job as captain, after improving his speech. He is now much better, though not perfect whih is not a requirement i think. He is a good example to anyone who wishes to start speaking in english. He has a very good vocabulory. I congrratulae him for his guts. His views are respected even by the natuaral english speaking commentators. He will improve further. Even Arjura did not start perfect. Though Mahela speaks better, he has an atifical accent. Let us use english as a tool.

I agree Arnold speaks well, but the content is not much, compared to that of Sanath.

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On the job training

These are highly paid jobs that should be given to fully qualified people.At this level you are not hired to get trained and improve while working !

Anonymous has a point when he says that the content of what Sanath says ( if you are able to decipher it) has more value than what Arnold says but he should practice his skills elsewhere and perfect them before he (a) Takes such a highly paid job off someone who deserves it more.
(b) Proceeds to educate the world on how unskilled our members of parliament are.

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