MS Dhoni receives ICC Shield for being No. 1 in ODI team in Championship table

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sachi (not verified)
@sakthivel,under dveloped

under dveloped country? the part of india from where u re from dont have electricity 24 hrs even to watch a full match. so dont talk abt under development. Ur channels may have aired them but still how do u watch :P

Our players volunteer to come to india? why do u have a campaign like 'greenathon', 'make india clean' to volunteer? IPL or whatever series dont have volunteers. (if u knw what volunteer means). They are bound by an agreement which they should go. Just because an immature CM of another state act stupidly it doesnt mean our players shouldnt go to other matches. why shouldnt they?

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Only 65% of India has

Only 65% of India has electricity, in rural areas it's only 52%. Overall 35% of Indians have absolutely no access to electricity, so 420 million Indians live in the dark and cant watch any practice match. Joke of the century.

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@ Indians-are-mat. : We are

@ Indians-are-mat. : We are talking here about cricket, if you want to talk about other things like electricity bla bla bla., I can also dig ugly things which you may not have answers.

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@Sakthi : remember you told earlier also. When these morons have nothing more to say they will S**t around.

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volunteer ?? LOL , i think

volunteer ?? LOL , i think you dunno the meaning of that word hahah

anyways they are men .. thankfully male tourist has no issues in india atm.. but they did not allowed to traveled to some developed parts of india right? wonder which part of india is developed now :P ,BTW if you have the richest man in the world in your country it dose not means that you are developed .

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@ kk_mix412 : These guys got

@ kk_mix412 : These guys got upset with SL loss in both Warm ups :D )))
lol., Because they said them-self as front runners for the cup.,

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Hahaha just distracting from

Hahaha just distracting from the topic !!! No way, work with the site rules ppl !!!

sachi (not verified)
@sakthivelHa ha somebody got

@sakthivel: Ha ha somebody got hurt.

Having areas with no electricity is not something to be ashamed of (so cheer up)as it is the case for many 3rd world countries. It is understandable. But it is funny when someone from that particular area makes fun of a people of another country and calls them underdeveloped for not airing a warm up match.

And if any one started an ugly fight it was none but u and remember we are fully capable of engaging in one if we are forced to.

MSD (not verified)
Everything is fixed

Everything is fixed

Meiyappan (not verified)
Who cares ?

Who cares ?

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