Pataudi Trophy

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The Miz (not verified)
Indian Batting Maestros Show Their True Colours !!!

AAAAAAAAWESOME...The MOST UNDESERVING NO.1 ranked team ,ever,has been humiliated and thrashed by 196 runs by the English.Neither the much hyped little master,the great wall of india ,very very special laxman or the captain cool could bat for a day to save this match on a flat pitch in sunny conditions.Wonder what the pundits who predicted an indian win have to say about this horrendous performance!! Oh..Ravana..Hilal..Chaminda ..Where are you ???

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Haha! Good on England!

Haha! Good on England! Actually, if you look at my comment again I never said India will win?

This is what I said:


In Sharma, Zaheer and Harbhajan India already have a more potent bowling attack than all of Sri Lanka's bowlers on the Eng Test tour combined. We really struggled to take wickets - India may not have the same problem. So, it just mite be a different England on show against India.

Also none of our top order batsman in the Test series looked like they wanted to take the attack to England's bowlers, all of them had survival on their minds - Indians will attack England's bowlers and who knows what that will do to them??

Don't forget, there will be massive Indian support in the stands too. England will have to be brilliant to beat this Indian side.


And, England were brilliant. Well done to them!

Chaminda (not verified)
@The Miz We were talking

@The Miz We were talking about Pataudi Trophy and not just this test, didn't we? I still believe that India may win the tournament.

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Good stuff Chaminda. I too

Good stuff Chaminda. I too still believe India is the more talented side and should win the series. However my faith is shaken after the dismal performance in the first test.

I wonder what is happening regarding the suspension hanging over Dhoni's head ? If he is also suspended that should make England's position even stronger.

Attila The Hun (not verified)
India is media hyped by

India is media hyped by cricinfo, the website where the editor is Indian and most of the sub editors and commentators for live scores are Indian. It appears these fellows, Ravana and Chaminda, have fallen to the media hype.

India's number one ranking is a joke when they havent even won a Test series in South Africa and Australia. A true number one Test team should be able to win Test series in those countries. They did not win a Test series in Sri Lanka for 9 years. When Australia was number one Test team, they beat the hell out of everyone, home and away. They were legitimate number one, not number one by default like India. Its really amusing to see some think India can still win the series in England. You got to be kidding me. How can India win 2 of the 3 remaining Tests. England is by far the better Test team and richly deserve to win the series and become number one in the world.

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Check out Nasser's

Check out Nasser's comments:

Disaster was waiting to strike unprepared India

"Looking back at Lord's, it is evident that the side that was better prepared, won. England deserve credit for the way they prepared for the series, mentally and physically. While the home series against Sri Lanka a few weeks earlier prepared England well, many of India's top players missed out on the Windies tour last month."

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I think the World Cup win has

I think the World Cup win has made India pretty complacent, eh?

The Miz (not verified)
@Attila The Hun:Spot on

@Attila The Hun:Spot on bro,couldn't agree with you more...Really ,Ravana,..Really? "India is the more talented side"???Do you mind elaborating which talent you are talking about?Surely not batting,bowling or fielding...they are pretty ordinary with those...

The Miz (not verified)
India's Reality Check

OH YEAH !!!India; staring down the barrel again...Any second guesses Chaminda???You and Ravana must be embarrassed with your heroes' performance ...I'd understand even if you wouldn't reply...

Attila The Hun (not verified)
India on the mat again 56/6.

India on the mat again 56/6. India were lucky to be number 1 for two years because they played most of the Test series in India. The number 1 squatter will very soon be evicted. Australia and West Indies were residents at number 1 but India were only temporary squatters. Where are you Ravana, are you still upset about the name of the trophy or too embarrassed to reply. Where is your hostile attitude now?

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