Sachin Tendulkar ball tampering controversy

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Have just lost all respect for Tendulkar. I dont care about BCCI SLC etc, that is just pathetic.

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Recap on dodgy Tendulkar...

Recap on dodgy Tendulkar:

* Tendulkar was found guilty of tampering with the ball (shamelessly picking the seam on two occasions in a Test match against SA, 2002) and was given a one match suspension.

* The incident was later swept under the carpet by ICC due to the massive backlash by the Indian media and duress by BCCI who threatened to pull out of the SA tour and bring the whole game to a standstill.

* The future of cricket would have been at stake had ICC banned Tendulkar for a year or two. ICC had no option but to cave in (duress) like they did with DRS.

* The Indian media went into overdrive castigating Steve Waugh to mind his own business because he viewed the footage and stated that it was ball tampering and cheating.

* Tony Grig in an interview with Simon O'Donnell was flabbergasted that a super star like Tendulkar had to resort to cheating.

* Indian fans were on the streets demonstrating and burning effigies of the match referee Mike Denness and Steve Waugh.

* In a test in New Zealand, Tendulkar falsely claimed a catch at first slip when he knew it was bump ball. The batsman was Tim Mcintosh and he was given out. Video footage clearly showed the ball hit the ground before he falsely claimed the catch.

* Adam Gilchrist in his autobiography stated that Tendulkar was a sore loser, bad sport, and a liar.

* The whole world was witness to Tendulkar's cheap ball tampering tricks. He will forever and a day be known as "The Master Cheat"

Foot note: Rahul Dravid was also caught tampering with ball. He rubbed a lozenge over the ball and was caught on camera in a one day match in Australia and was fined for the offense. The official BCCIs explanation was that the lozenge fell from his mouth onto the ball. Hilarious!

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Most non-Indian cricket fans...

Most non-Indian cricket fans around the world lost respect for Tendulkar in 2002 when he was caught on LIVE TV tampering with the ball. The remaining few lost any sort of respect when he changed his statement in the infamous "Monkeygate" incident in Australia.

Goes to show SRT is a liar, a sore loser, selfish, and will resort to anything to win. Tendulkars fan base is only in India. 1.2 billion fanatics and 25 million NRI (Non resident Indians). Cricket fans across the globe lost respect for him a decade ago. Case closed!

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ah indians!! they live in

ah indians!! they live in their little bollywood worlds and think the rest of the world is like the fairy tales that they see in their cheap bollywood movies

yes everyone is eager to earn money!! but 'BRIBING' is punishable by LAW!!! which is exactly wat BCCI is doing :D))) and not everyone go bribing the people around them to get by their lives, may be in India they do?? :D)

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Lets conclude

Hey hey. I think discussing these things are totally useless, coz in these debates there are two parties.
One Indians who think whatever they do is correct, and the second party is rest of the world who see the reality. So Indians never accept anything against them while nothing to prove for others (rest of the world know who Indians are).
Think abt this, Rajini Kanth is a super hero for them, but out of the India people are laughing for his acts. So how can we prove this ?

sachi (not verified)
As i suspected once KK does

As i suspected once KK does really have difficulty in comprehension.

This forum is NOT about money honey. This is about cheating by sachin Tendulkar (Ball tampering). At the end of the episode ST became known as a CHEATER and all the indians were protecting him. Even our fellows has more intergrity that when we saw something wrong done by one of us, we accept.

KK, it is high time you understand bollywood is different from the real world. You might do everything for money but money is not everything to everyone. Again I tell u this forum is not abt money. Youre trying to change the topic realizing u have lost the battle. :)

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kkmix, most people wouldnt have had an answer to this because the evidence is so plain and straightforward, but Indians found something to wail about, the match referee - right from the board officials to the people in the street.It doesnt matter who said what, the documented evidence is too revealing for anyone to refute.

And calm down, stick to the topic.You dont have to sing priestly sermons out here on earnings etc...

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Well I am not. Just wanted to remind you people who always talk about MONEY MATTERS. And always jealous of the wealth of bcci and ofcourse your own board and players if they kneel down at indian offers.

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@CGI, bang on target!! Great

@CGI, bang on target!! Great example with Rajini Kanth! :D i wud ve gone with SRK, he kept getting stopped for questioning in US airports :D more evidence that indians live in their little bollywood worlds which the rest of the world is NOT aware of or care abt! :D)

lemme try it in capital letters, to see if they understand it then: :D)


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Ha ha

Rightly said. We live in bollywood world and we do not give a damn to sri lanka.

By the way if world does not care about us, Then how you know each and every news about india.(you yourself seem much interested). Like giving example of rajni,srk, latest affairs etc.

You said to us, now i say to you. Give yourself a break!


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