Should we promote Thisara to open with Dilshan?

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Since almost all other teams have power hitting openers should be open with Thisara?

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A floating position for Thisara ?

So then where does Chandimal bat? So fixing Thisara to opening is not a good choice, I think Thisara should be sent when there is a spinner in operation, and falls a wicket in that over. If he gets two sixes out of 4 balls in a spinner operating over that is still a good outcome for us. Because right now, we struggle to go beyond 120.

If you look at the trend now in T20Is usually only 7 batters get to bat during 20 overs. But last two players rarely get a chance to face more than two balls. So on average if we take 6 batsmen get to face 120, a batsman get about 3 overs to bat. We have to get the maximum out of those 6 batters.

If the first wicket falls in first 6 overs, its not a bad option to send Thisara. We should get that 20 out of 4-5 balls from Thisara, not more. If we have better strikers then we don't need Thisara at all because he gives more runs than he scores as a bowler. But have we got any power hitters?

This is what even Dean Jones mentioned during his commentary. Even Aussies are doing this with Warner, he is sent to bat according to the match situation.

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I dont think he has the technique to handle the new ball and genuine pace bowlers who will work him out quickly. The only way this would be cosidered is "nothing to lose" scenario AND the field is up so he could get away with a few but honestly it would be more of a desperate move than a strategic one.

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Of course it is a desperate

Of course it is a desperate move, but do we have a myriad of options. Our desperation is clear as daylight after the events in last two weeks.

If a wicket falls to a spinner in the early half of an over I would definitely send Thisara, regardless of any other concern.

We can't drop Thisara even if he leaks a lot of runs, because he is the only batter we have got who can thump few sixes in an over.

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Stormy's right, he wont handle genuine pace at the start when the ball's new and doing a lot. He's better off as a floating option depending on how the innings is going. Bar one mishap against NZ, where Dilshan ducked it, Chandimal is a good enough opener.

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NO, This batting line up is

NO, This batting line up is good, Chandi, Dhili, Thiri, Kapu, Angi, Mili. If it is a good batting wicket then you can enter thisara other wise I will go with 6 bats and 5 bowls. Sachi, Hera, Mali, Kula, Chameera. Right now our strength is bowling. It is stupid to remove experienced bowlers to make way unpredictable batsmen. Top 6 should be able to get some runs and anyways kula is a better performer than thisara. So he can be the pinch hitter. Sachi and hera also can bat a bit. And we have good bowling options. That way we can manage the other team to a score that our batting line can approach.

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Make Sense

Is there any Sense in this Question? Thisara has only 2 option to play, If it is a fast delivery he will go over Mid-On, If it is Spin he will go around Leg Side. Just Imagine If he come to open, a captain like Faf will set the xact field and bowlers like Steyn n Rabada will bowl what the captain need. Thisara will stay only one ball. So It is better to keep him down and play the loose bowlers

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@Gaja48, So if Thisara comes


So if Thisara comes late how can you assure he can avoid a fast bowler.
We all know what happens when Thisara comes, opposition introduces a fast bowler, and balls a short ball from off side to fetch and pull, Thisara falls into the trap and sends the ball straight up.

That is why I think we should float him in the order, in other words his position should not be fixed.

Imagine a situation a spinner gets a wicket in the first ball of an over, and new batsman is the striker. Who would you send?

I would definitely send Thisara, he has 5 balls to give it a whack. If he gets 3 boundaries that is a big plus for us at the moment.

On the other hand, if this happens early in a match then opposition has to use one of their good fast bowlers to get Thisara out, so it leaves us another part timer towards the end of the inning, someone else can cash in later.

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Some say that Thisara can

Some say that Thisara can play only on leg side. I kindly ask them to watch Utube videos of Thisara. He can play off side strokes too.

I agree that Thisara has not been the player we wish him to be. But, can we entirely blame Thisara for that? Here is a player with tremendous power and ability, struggling to establish his place in the team for many years. WHAT WERE THE COACHES DOING? Part of the blame should be with them for they have failed Thisara. I think the coaches expected him to go in and swing wildly, get some quick runs in few balls. Instead, they would have coached him to play proper cricketing strokes and use his power to pick the "gaps" and hit over the in-field. I think SL cricket owes Thisara a chance at the Opening slot with proper coaching. This can be the second coming of Sanath.

Finally, I like to say that I support Thisara only on his power and ability and the wrong done to him by the management. NOTHING ELSE! This is for people who may think that my support of Thisara has something to do with religion. I am a Buddhist.

Similar thing happened to Dilhara Fernando. He kept no balling ritght thru. WHAT WERE THE COACHES DOING?

Are some of our coaches only interested in having a good time?

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A floating position for Thisara ?

I agree with that comment, we should have Thisara as a floating option, anyway 20 overs is too short of a format to have a fixed batting line regardless of what anyone says its the teams that adopt and become flexible and inovative that will come out trumps - this was our recipe for success in the ICC tournaments all these years. one thing good is that we are off the radar, even when we had Sanga/Mahela and a full fit Malinga no one ever gave us a chance so this is is indeed good for us.

I'm very nervous about the group stage. Our guys just seem to have gone into a shell and are not being creative. Shouldn't the coach and the guys advising the team do something. its not like Sanga and Mahela have left and overnight we have become talentless cricketers. We have the talent but we just lack a bit of imagination.

How about this for a bit of imagination givent the team we currently have:

opening we take a leap of faith and send Kapu and Milida to go helter skelter. They give not only a crazy start but defalte the oposition like what aussies use to do, like what Kalu and Sanath use to do. Worry the oposing camp and give headaches to the oposing captain. Mind you Kapu and Milida are proper batsmen so if need be, if there is too much swing, pace, spin, they could drop a gear and play sensible cricket.

Then Dilshan to follow, his role is to anchor/ attack depending on the situation. We then follow it up Chandi to attack and Thiri to bat sensibly, and anchor the innovatively towrds the end but bats long. He will also attack the spinners.

our attacking options towards the latter half of the innings should be Thisara, Mathews, Dasun. I still feel that Dasun is a very good option, those huge sixes three of them in India was a good example. But he needs to get a feel, push a few balls. Even Thisara when he doesnt jump out and chase the bowling, when he is still and waiting for the ball he is a better batsmen, he must also use his power to cut and drive even uppishly on the off side.

The bowling is a big bloody headache. Why didnt we bring an Akila Dhananjaya (discarded after 2012 and never to be heard of), Lakshan Sandakan, Tharindu or even Mendis. If you dont bring spinners to a subcontinent tournament where else would you bring thme to. Plus these bowlers have a bit of the X factor which we are missing at the moment.

So the bowling I would start with Dilshan a few overs joined by Mathews. First change Milinda and Thisara. My attacking option should be Herath. He must bowl with flight, guile, and use his tricks. The key to success even in Bangladesh when I saw there spinner (cant remeber thye name) the one who bowld close to the death, Naushad or someone he bowled two overs for nothing. It was wicket to wicket and quiet clow giving the ball time to grip and turn. I think someone to teach this to our spinners.

I would be inclined to pay Sachithra, just beacuse theres no one else. Ask him to stem the runs in the middle and support Herath. Chameera should get an over in the middle and twords the end, one in the start if possibble. He must bowl flat out pace at the batsmen targeting the ribs and the throat. Towrads the end he should bowl full and fast into the toes and the stumps. He will get the wickets. Our part timers must choke the runs and our best bowlers (herath/chameera) must get wickets!!

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Thisara should be floated!

Thisara should be floated! Also his bowling may not be upto the mark. But he can use his head when under fire.

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