TOP 10 Non Test Players With MOST ODI HUNDREDS

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Know the TOP 10 Non-Test Players With MOST ODI HUNDREDS.

Any idea which player holds the record & how many hundreds has he scored?

Answer & more in this video. Have a look!

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Interesting list

Hadn't forgotten Finch is yet to play tests. Sadly a few of those SA players have left for England under 'Colepack'.

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I think its called the

I think its called the "Kolpak" rule.

Indeed, its sad to see those SA players play county cricket rather than represent their country. Its a big loss for Cricket SA and their fans.

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A Lot of people calling for

A Lot of people calling for Finch to be in the Test side.
It would be purely on the basis of his limited overs form and Australia missing Warner and Smith.
Otherwise his first class record is not that great compared to others on the Australian domestic circuit.
He bats most in the middle order. Last season for Victoria it was positions between 4 and 6 mostly.
His technique especially lack of foot movement more exposed in first class cricket than limited overs stuff hence yet to play tests.

Guys like George Bailey much the same. Has better first class record than Finch but struggled in Tests.
So it may come off once or twice against unprepared opposition but really not long-term solution! But the longer the format the more your weaknesses get exposed and good teams will exploit it (given even conditions)

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Delan, nice to hear from

Delan, nice to hear from you!
Thanks for sharing more info on Finch's performance in the domestic circuit.

Agree with you that in longest format weaknesses get exposed, but given the playing conditions nowadays (which often favor the bat), I think he might pull it off, after all, he is no mug with the bat. I feel the absence of Warner & Smith provides the perfect opportunity to try Finch in the longest format. Its now or never.

Despite being a good player Bailey gets few opportunities in shorter formats so the confidence level wouldn't be great.
So to drop him after playing just one series in which he did reasonably well isn't fair on the part of selectors. I think they should have given him at least one more series before dropping him from the Test team.

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I don't think the Aussie Test

I don't think the Aussie Test side is in dire straights as made out. Their limited overs sides were struggling a bit even with the banned duo.
The Test side after long Ashes lost in SA. The may struggle in UAE. Home against India hard to say. Depends what pitches given traditional aussie ones with pace and bounce or flat tracks!

What position would Finch bat open or middle order? There are better first class batsmen.

Some players just can't cut it at Test level. Michael Bevan best example for Australia. In the past these types of batsmen only cash in against weak attacks which more often than not was India and SL in terms of pace bowlers then come up against decide bowlers and exposed.

It's bit like why some like Tharanga for SL done well for SL in ODIs but as Test openers succumbed to same sort of dismissals.

Agree Bailey unlucky to be discarded from limited over sides. Disagree with Test side. He was all at sea batting in Tests. A cheap wicket for opposition. One decent innings where he hit Jimmy Anderson for 20 odd in an over I think at Perth and a 40 odd in last Test in Sydney but rest of the Ashes useless whilst most others scored heavily. Problem again is lack of footwork. And all those edges go to waiting slips that are scattered quickly in ODIs, Men around bat for spinners, along with also handling the short ball. That's the same problems Finch has. Both averaged in the 30s this last first-class season with 1 century each. You would be better investing in some younger players for the future than looking for short-term miraculous fix. Smith will come straight back into this side.

Anyway interesting to see what the selectors do. Apart from desperation following WSC getting Bob Simpson back they usually pick best XI and captain from there and not hand out test caps randomly to everyone. England normally have opposite mentality.

India have just dropped Rohit Sharma for same thing. Brilliant limited overs player. Can't succeed in Test cricket apart from against weaker attacks!

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I agree they are not in dire

I agree they are not in dire straits, but they have not been doing very well either.
In the recent past, they fared poorly in the sub-continent; lost 3-0 to SL, 2-1 to IND & salvaged a 1-1 draw against BAN. That in itself tells a story. Prior to these series' Australian teams never performed so badly in SL & BAN.
They also lost to SA (both home & away series). In between, they did win against PAK & ENG, but then that's not what we expect from an Australian side (rather I should say, we are not used to seeing Aus lose so often). So from a performance point of view, there's definitely a lot to introspect.

In the recent past, they have also tried Maxy, so no harm in trying Finchy. Can make him bat at 5/6 or even 7 depending upon the options.

Agree there's always a possibility that Finchy might fail like the other players you mentioned, but I am just saying, lets try him out. At least give him an opportunity before we arrive at some conclusion regarding his future in the longest format. Investing in young players will always be an option, but not trying someone just because he has been around for a few years is not reasonable. In Aus's case, they have given a break way too late to quite a few players (Steve O'Keefe, Adam Voges, Chris Rogers, etc) so no reason why they can't do the same with Finch; he is after all much younger to what some of these players were on debut.

If the move clicks who knows we might get another Warner in the middle order.
[Remember when Warner started everybody thought of him as a player made for the shorter formats, but when he got a Test break nearly 3 yrs after his int. debut, he grabbed the chance with both hands and now the situation is such that we can't think of an Australian XI with no Warner at the top (of course, there's no choice till his ban gets over)]

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A lot of those losses where

A lot of those losses where with Smith and Warner in the lineup.

Maxwell averaged 50 odd and put runs on board in last shield season to make selectors take notice. Finch didn't do that. Could say fitness and injuries a factor part of last season but similar pattern.

Coming in the middle order at times he struggled with spin first up. Again no footwork, just poking bat or pushing hard with it. You have to earn Test spots! Maybe a miracle might happen as you are saying who knows.
If he is going to succeed against any attacks it will the at home against India and/or SL this coming summer!
If a Shahid Afridi can score 5 test 100s against weaker attacks and flat conditions swinging away i'm suppose anything is possible and Finch or anyone else can

Difference between all those players you mentioned and Finch is the put runs on board (or wickets for O'Keefe) at First class level either in Shield cricket in Australia or County cricket in UK. Finch yet to do that! If he does i'm sure he will come into contention. He is scoring big in limited overs stuff in UK but different format.
You have to pick frontline batsmen that are consistent and converting scores into big 100s at first class level not a quick 20 or 30 and getting out! Only coming up with maybe 1 century per season. He should do a county stint and fix technical errors if serious about longer formats. But too much money in shorter formats for that! Can't hand out test caps on a platter so sake of it!

Warner much better technique than Finch. Much superior first class record. Had to score in first class cricket first before played Tests. Initially in middle order for NSW then up the top. Being from NSW was a bonus for Australian selection ;-)
Warner had that element of surprise when he burst onto the scene esp in limited overs stuff, won't be there with Finch at this stage. His technique and capabilities well known worldwide by now.

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First of all, thanks for such

First of all, thanks for such a rich conversation, delan.

All your points are valid. All I am saying is if one has to try Finch, then now is the best time as there is scope for a new entrant in the Test team. He might not have the best of 1st class records, but it isn't bad either. Going by his current form, if there was a time to try him in the longest format, then its now when his confidence is sky high.

If the selectors are worried about his success in Tests, then they can try him against a weaker opponent and give him/themselves the necessary confidence. Meanwhile, as you said he can hone his skills by playing County/Shield cricket. If he doesn't perform, by all means, selectors can show him the door anytime, like teams/managements all over the world have done to their star T20/ODI players when they didn't pass the big Test.

I believe the Test series against India at home in Dec is an ideal opportunity for 2 reasons. 1) Aus will be playing in their conditions so the Indian spinners won't be as effective as in India. 2) Though Indian fast bowling has improved, its still not unplayable for a player of Finch's caliber. I have a feeling, if given a chance, he will do well against India.

Once he gets the start, from there its up to him to encash the break.

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Yeah I get what your

Yeah I get what your saying!
Not that surprsing in a world obsessed with T20 and shorter stuff that that should be criteria for Test selection too.
We just have a difference of opinion on how to select Test sides...I don't see if you are only good at bowling 4 overs, and swinging your bat wildly how it can make you a good Test cricketer but could be wrong!

He is just as likely to hammer SL attack than India's though.
Usual way when Australian batsmen or bowlers need to find form as history will show you. India and SL will do that for you. SL started the Johnson resurgence last time!

India have an attack to succeed in both England and Australia this year. Getting them fit and on the park is first challenge as we currently see. However as luck would have it (esp for Indian batsmen)'s been a very hot and dry English summer thus far! So might be able to get away with injuries to 1st choice quicks and utilise spinners

All you need is a little movement with new Kookaburra pitched in right area and his lack of feet movement will have him him trouble!
Lesser bowlers have lured and trapped him on the domestic circuit here not just Aussie Test bowlers who often don't play much domestic stuff bar early in season because of scheduling!

As for spinners in Australia, fingers spinners have generally struggled but someone like Kumble shown how to switch and succeed. Bowl too fast and flat...which more and more do today cos of T20 and you will fail.
Need to give it some air, use the larger ground size/boundaries, also the bounce in the pitch can help spinners. You don't need to turn it heaps.
Last time India toured too many flatter tracks. Not surprised if BCCI tries to CA push for similar.And CA themselves were trying to get games lasting 4-5 days for commercial aspect.

Some of the batsmen Australia should focus on have tasted a bit of Test cricket already and just need to take their game to next level. Matt Renshaw for example is not a bad opener. He got dropped cos of domestic form slump last summer. But since he has scored heavily for Somerset. Injury again may push him back again but there is a number better opener than Finch! He is only 22 yrs old. And tried to correct technical aspects.

Middle order there was obsession for long time to try find allrounder. They they are around great if not have to go with proper batsmen. That's why the likes of Mitchell Marsh, Maxwell ect favoured. Cos they can bowl if needed.

One batsmen that could be invaluable but currently in doldrums is Peter Handscomb. Seems to have got into some sort of mental issue. Technique always bit different but lately perhaps over exaggerated. Now it's prob all in his mind.
If they can get him right he is not a bad batsmen. Watched him locally for last few years along with other Victorians like Finch, White, Maxwell etc. He did a lot of 1 on 1 work during BBL with a certain teammate (as did Maxwell) and became better. Even imitating the stance of his colleague. and was equally good against pace and spin. The push for the all-rounder meant he spent long periods as 12th man without playing domestic cricket, then went into this slump. Not sure how he is going to get out of it esp when in denial about technical issues like Finch. But there are younger better longterm options in middle order for Australia personally would go with someone like Handsomb over Finch but thats just me.

Finch will probably became ODI captain too. And must remain opener in limited overs not bat down the order.

The Aussie side has a different look to it when all the first choice bowlers are fit and playing in both Tests and limited overs. Expect Smith to walk straight back into the side. Warner i'm not sure (nothing to do with his ability).

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Just to clarify, I personally

Just to clarify, I personally am not obsessed with ODI/T20; would prefer Tests' over them any day. I see merit in what you say and by and large agree with your point of view (that includes criteria for selection in Tests). Just saying no harm in trying players who are doing exceptionally well in the shorter formats. If it clicks, fine. If not nobody is stopping the selectors from dropping them. Players like Bevan, Rohit are apt examples.

The slight change in my approach is due to the fact that in the last few years, shorter formats have unearthed talented players who are also doing well at the Test level. Can think of two names at the moment - Hardik Pandya & Shadab Khan. Both are the fruits of IPL/PSL and though its still early days to make any comment, both have shown the potential to succeed at the highest level. Anyways, we can live with our difference of opinion.

Can't say it with certainity for SL, but for India its true. Have seen so many struggling players regain form when playing against India.

Unfortunately, Bhuvneshwar & Bumrah will be unavailable for the first 3 tests against ENG due to fitness issues. Shami could not make it to the squad because of failing the Yo-Yo test. So in the absence of their 3 frontline quicks, its very unlikely that India will succeed in ENG. Batsmen might find it a bit easy but at the end of the day its about taking 20 wickets.

Regarding the approach, spinners need to take to succeed in Aus, totally agree with you.

Both Handscomb & Renshaw have the temperament; Renshaw has good technique as well. Hopefully, Handscomb will overcome the issues with his technique. I have a feeling both will serve the Australian Test team for a long time.

On the same page, as far as Finch's batting slot in ODIs is concerned.

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