TOP 10 Non Test Players With MOST ODI HUNDREDS

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With India vs England

With India vs England series:
I think Mohammad Shami is now back with Indian squad for 1st 3 Tests. Is that right? Reports saying he now passed.
Varun Aaron still there. Ishant i'm not a huge fan of these days but did a county stint and did well earlier this year.
If conditions dry brings the spinners into play also! Ashwin and Jadeja are useless outside of Asia but they might get lucky.

Other important factor that is forgotten is for all England's brilliance with white ball cricket they have been woeful and struggling with Tests for awhile now!

5 Tests in just under 6 weeks is going to Test both sides. England more used to such series. Their attack still relies heavily on Anderson and Broad. India have to make sure series still alive by the 3rd Test!

Pandya whom you mentioned will be interesting to see how he goes. I think so far a bit overhyped and inconsistent but early days as you said. He seems to spend more time taking selfies and the like similar to Dickwella than anything else!

Shadab looks promising. Agree early days. Already has a 10 wicket match haul and 2 x 5 wicket innings hauls in first class cricket. Leggies got time.

A good example of dangers of trying to go from T20 to Tests is the way Afghanistan played. Both batsmen and bowlers didn't have the patience and temperament for the longer game. Rush of blood for batsmen going for big shots.
Even Rashid Khan trying 6 different deliveries which you can't set a field for in Tests.

If I was selector or board member I would deliberately hold back some players from T20. Until they got the basics and their techniques down pat. Certainly bowlers with extreme pace or bit of mystery spin I would also hold back. Don't want them playing and getting bashed around the park and become defensive in their mindset. Plus keeps some surprises when it comes to international level. That's where India has benefited IPL whilst their players not allowed to play elsewhere.
Not saying they should never play T20 just the early stages.
They'd learn more and be better players with a first class stint in a different continent where conditions would pose different challenges than just flat track made for runs and boundaries.

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I am not aware if Shami has

I am not aware if Shami has passed the Test.
Apart from bowling quick Varun Aaron has no impressive very inconsistent...bowls short...lacks control. In short not good enough to even find a place in the Playing XI.
Ishant has been brilliant in patches. On his day he can be lethal, but mostly unreliable. Hopefully, in favorable conditions, he will perform much better.
With Ashwin & Jadeja one can only hope that luck will favor them, else don't expect much from them when playing overseas.

Indians didn't dominate Eng's quicks on batting pitches in T20s/ODIs so to survive against Anderson & Broad is going to be a very tough challenge for them. They will have to play very good cricket in order to win/level the series.

Agree Pandya is overhyped, hopefully, he will step up his game with both bat & ball. Either way, his performance in the series is going to impact his reputation.

I may be completely wrong (don't intend to hurt anybody), but I think people/players there idolize Afridi style of batting. That is not going to work in Tests. In various panel discussions in Pakistani media, experts have pointed it out as one of the main reasons of Pakistan's batting woes for a long time. But I am sure the Afghans will do well as they gain more experience and learn the nuances of the game. Same goes for their bowlers...over aggression/experimentation is bound to backfire...I am sure they will rectify these things as they play more Test cricket.

Great suggestion...a first-class stint in a different continent is something which ideally every/top player(s) irrespective of their teams should aim for...overseas players playing in Asian 1st class cricket and vice-versa is going to only improve the overall quality of cricket.

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I sincerely hope England

I sincerely hope England steam roll the Indians and send them back with the tail between their legs. I believe it's fallacy to even consider India as a top test nation. Ruthless as Tigers at home by doctoring pitches to suit them. But overseas they as scared pussies. I am sure the whole of India and Indians living elsewhere outside of India (Twenty million of them living outside of India on last count - could be thirty by now!!) must be all hyped up about this series. I want them to be brought down back to earth and proving once and for all they are not worthy as a top test playing nation. By giving them back what they deserve and proving ICC that this grading system is a mockery. I won't be surprised even if this whole grading system is a work of an Indian. I hope they lose so bad and when they return home the whole nation turn against them.

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Charlie I actually would

Charlie I actually would prefer India to lose also. But these tours to England and Australia they have are their best opportunities to win series in both providing all are fit. (Their best players are fit and available)

It's just a number of circumstances with English and Australian cricket have led to this. England have been playing poor Test cricket as opposed to limited overs stuff. Asking for limited overs stuff before Tests was good move by BCCI. Weather has helped them. Prior to this series for once they had an all-round attack that could cover all conditions. You don't need to be an out and out quick in England or massive turner, just do enough and put it in the right spot.

Last summer England lost a Test match at home to the West Indies after setting them 300 odd to chase, the lost on test to Pakistan already this summer and horrible tours to Australia and New Zealand. Their opening combination still not settled, nor is their full line up. Still reliant on a few batsmen.
Their bowling attack on paper is good but it's going to be a long summer with so many games in similar amount of weeks...something that will be good for SL later this year cos they will have only a month or so rest between series.

It's up to India to stand up show if they are the real deal or not! Do they have the fitness, stamina and temperament for 5 Test matches in 5 or 6 weeks that's their biggest challenge. And can they hold onto catches in slips. Loss of Saha as keeper won't help. Someone like Woakes if picked may trouble Indian batsmen if they focus just on Broad and Anderson. They have had troubles with Moeen before.
The pitches the ECB produces will be interesting.
Like you said they might it wouldn't be surprising if they are pushed externally to give dry or flat pitches likes Australia gave India last time they toured!

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Delan82, You have made a very

Delan82, You have made a very pertinent point. I agree, it wont be surprising if they gave them dry/flat pitches like what Australia did last time. DO YOU THINK ECB WIL EVER BE SO FORTHCOMING AND ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET TO OUR TEAM?? You know the answer!!

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Well it took a long time to

Well it took a long time to get more than a 1 off Test by TCCB/ECB and then SLC made a mess by shortening a test series hosted to play more limited overs stuff which they reciprocated. Glad SLC hasn't altered the upcoming one from 3 Tests.
No need of Red Carpet just equal treating. Special treatment for BCCI comes from bribes and threats which many of the other boards have allowed to happen.

Btw whats with the random Capital words and sentences bit like on twitter. Whole thing will get read regardless!

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I believe there must be...

I believe there must be a cash incentive from BUCCI for ever nation they tour. With millions of them living all around the world with the telecasting of game beaming to every corner of the planet to appease every Indian it is cash cow for the hosting nation. Surely there must be back room discussions between BCCI with every board before they tour. Especially when they are touring countries like England and New Zealand. We all know what happened to them when they play on seaming wickets. They were bundled out for mere 101 and again for 112! They had more Ducks than you find on a Easter Dinner table! It was Kasun Rajitha and Dasun Shanaka on one occasion and it was Suranga Lakmal's turn on the second occasion who had them rattled. We had them on a Canter but on canvas not once but twice.

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The first part of your

The first part of your statement is true in that there is a cash incentive. That's why everyone wants India to tour and BCCI know that and use it to their advantage. The revenue from media rights, ticket sales etc.

As for money for pitches and results well can only just guess about that. But certainly other boards want to keep them happy and coming back. We say what happened to South Africa a few times after Haroon Lorgat came on board, India cancelled tests and changed itineraries or threaten not to tour.

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Just seen England picked 3

Just seen England picked 3 spinners (Moeen, Rashid and Porter) probably dry conditions...has been a unexpected hot dry summer in the UK...pitches may reflect that.
The duo of Ashwin and Jadeja that are great in Asia but useless outside it maybe starting to feel more and more at home.
And their batsmen may be feeling bit more easy.

Still need to wait and see what pitches are like but this was part of my reasonsings early on the India have an opportunity to win this series...bribes or not...the uncontrollable weather elements keeping India in with a chance.

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