Sri Lanka impress in 64-run loss to Australia

By Nick Mulvenney | March 8, 2015

Kumar Sangakkara became the only batsman to score three World Cup centuries in a row. © AFP PHOTO

Australia stormed into the World Cup quarter-finals with a 64-run victory over Sri Lanka, fired by a spectacular maiden one-day international century from Glenn Maxwell at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Sunday.

Sri Lanka signalled that they are also in fine form for the knockout stages by having a good crack at what would have been a record run chase with Kumar Sangakkara becoming the first man to score three successive centuries at a World Cup.

They were always up against it after Maxwell's 53-ball 102 had helped Australia to 376-9, however, and it is the co-hosts who are now almost certain to finish second in Pool A and avoid champions India or South Africa in the quarter-finals.

On a night when the 40,000 crowd were thrilled by a feast of batting, it was Maxwell's deployment of the full array of shots in his prodigious armoury that proved decisive.

His hundred came off 51 balls, just one shy of the record for the quickest World Cup century, and he shared a 160-run partnership with Shane Watson, who hit 67 to celebrate his recall to the team.

Maxwell was dropped by a back-peddling Sangakkara on 95 and there was a nervous wait on 99, his chance of sharing the World Cup record with Irishman Kevin O'Brien disappearing when the umpire ruled a leg bye off the 50th ball he faced.

The century came up soon enough with two runs to mid-off, though, and his emotional celebration after reaching the milestone in his 43rd one-day innings was a graphic illustration of what it meant to a player often dismissed as a show-pony.

Steve Smith (72) and skipper Michael Clarke (68) had earlier steadied the innings with a partnership of 134 after openers David Warner (nine) and Aaron Finch (24) had been dismissed inside the first 10 overs.

Maxwell hit 10 fours and four sixes in his innings and the pyrotechnics continued when Sri Lanka came out to bat, Tillakaratne Dilshan setting the tone by spectacularly hitting six fours off Mitchell Johnson's third over.

Johnson had already dismissed Lahiru Thirimanne caught behind for one in his opening over to bring Dilshan and Sangakkara together at the crease.

While their 130-run partnership continued, it looked like Sri Lanka had a chance but once James Faulkner (3-48) trapped Dilshan in front for 62, it looked like an uphill struggle.

Sangakkara had already become only the second player after Sachin Tendulkar to score 14,000 runs in one-day internationals and was not going to be denied his century, which he reached in as many balls with two runs to backward square.

He departed soon afterwards for 104, leaving Dinesh Chandimal, who hit 52 off 24 balls before retiring hurt, and Angelo Mathews (35) to lead the rearguard action.They were finally dismissed for 312 after 46.2 overs.

© Reuters



Byron Raj's picture
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6 August 2012
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3 years 17 weeks

When one expert from UK said Srilanka will eat Parrippu AKA Dhal.

Chasing a huge total we had Aussies rattled!!!!







We never know what the result would have been.

Byron Raj's picture
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6 August 2012
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3 years 17 weeks

All those Srilankans who were there at SCG, what they witnessed was a tremendously supreme batting display by our boys. I am sure M. Johnson won't forget that shellacking he received from Dilshan in a hurry. The crowd number was 39,000..but looked like 30,000 Srilankans and 9000 Aussies.

(Last edited by Byron Raj on March 9, 2015 - 03:39)
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3 November 2012
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1 hour 26 min

@Byron Raj, you didn't have the Aussies rattled. You lost!
No points nada,nothing zero!!!
Sri Lanka lost. Yes it was a heroic loss because they fought extremely hard because Sri Lanka hate losing to Australia but they lost. It is about time you gave some credit to the Australians. Sri Lankan's did eat parippu and the expert from the UK is absolutely right.
Because Sri Lankan team lost. No world cup points. Why are you guys behaving as if you won! Many Aussie fans on the forums are saying the poor sportsmanship of Sri Lankan fans like yours not giving any credit for Australia's incredible victory. I am sure, next time Australia meets Sri Lanka. I can garuantee Australia will make sure people like you in particular and the Sri Lankan team eat massive amounts of parippu. Dhal whatever. Prepared not very well at that. Byronraj I hope enjoyed your 64 run loss to Australia!

Byron Raj's picture
Member since:
6 August 2012
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3 years 17 weeks

@Rohan Mark whoever, first of all pull your head in...don't come and lecture me about how I should write??? Your pathetic comments about how all Srilankan supporters should behave made me laugh so much I had stomach cramps. Didn't know we have a Saint here registered on this site!!!
I told you before .. I will repeat that again... Don't come and put your one cent worth without knowing the facts and having no knowledge of the subject, you make yourself look like an imbecile. If Srilankan supporters behaved badly they would have been thrown out the ground. I was there ..maybe there could have been some small incidents. Due to the warm weather in Sydney.. some might have drank bit more than glass full. But I didn't see anything from where I was seated. There was no mention in print, TV media about any eviction. Looks like your have inside information??? I live here.. you don't!! Do you have any idea how much visiting team supporters cop from Aussie supporters? Were you living inside a cave when Murali was playing? Ask anyone who were seated in Bay 13 @ MCG or any part of MCG.!!! The behavior of Australian supporters have gone so bad in recent years. Very recently there were incidents involving Aboriginal players who were racially vilified. Now if you hear someone vilify someone based on race, religion or because he/ she supports the opposite were asked to report it by text!! It includes current ICC games. So if there is any anti social behaviour by any supporter.. he or she will be thrown out. I am sure you aware of that, since you have been to Australia as you claim!!!
Remember it's OURS meaning Srilankan supporters!!
IF ANY OF OUR SUPPORTERS behaved badly.. it could be because they were the victims of abuse from an Australian supporter. You know why Glen Maxwell was targeted? Because Sydney siders haven't forgotten what he did when Srilanka played in Sydney. Two wrongs can't make one right..but we live in the world where reaction is common in daily life. It's just a reflection of what you see on the field.. even a 5 year old knows AUSSIES ARE PERENNIAL SLEDGERS...but when someone gives back thier own medicine.. they winge and mourn. Just ask Arjuna, he will tell you. So who cares what Australian supporters write in the forums!!! Have you seen how Indian supporters behaved in Australia?? Srilankan supporters are mild mannered compared to them. I never seen them abusing anyone.. they cheer and have a friendly banter..
For you to comment on something you have no idea made me chuckle.. and it' tells something about the person!! If you don't call yourself Srilankan why ari you here? Are you one of those who have Dark skinned Arse but called themselves whites?? Or you are one of those who live in a foreign country for few months.. and try to imitate the local slang and call yourselves bona fide natives!!! You have been to Australia as you have mentioned in detail about Australian TV channels!! So you know hell of a lot about Australia??? Did you get here as a transit passenger.. spent time in the Airport lobby.. but tell everyone you have been to Australia? Or did you Google it? You remind me of someone who just looks at cover and photos of a book and write a critique about the book?? Besides White Australians don't eat Parripu...Dhal in English for you!! They don't even know how to cook it. Get your facts right!! I think you should get a lesson in Australia history before you bark like a street dog!!! I am more than happy to educate you. Free of charge of course.

Again your shallow mind doesn't get my point... WE WERE UNDERDOGS... Australia is one of the favorites to win the cup...for us to chase 370 plus total and get close to an achievement itself. If not for Chandimal's injury... we don't know what the end result would have been?? During the time when Angelo and Chandimal Bludgeoned the Australian attack.. did you see the body language of Clarke? And few others in the field? Maybe you forgot to wear your glasses!!! THAT'S WHAT I MEAN RATTLED!!

To your concaved mind.. I along with many Srilankans who watched the game live or on TV enjoyed the game.."It's not all about winning.. it's all about how you play the game"!!!

I am waiting for your reply. You know I love taking on half wits like you!!!

(Last edited by Byron Raj on March 12, 2015 - 04:41)
Siri Sirisena's picture

Who is this blowhard Byron Raj? Of all the commenters on this forum, he is the most insulting, disrespectful, vituperative, towards other commenters. People to him are imbecilic, idiots, cowards, racists, dim wits, etc., etc. He has become paranoid after his experiences in the ethnic tensions of Sri Lanka. Having abandoned Sri Lanka, he is now a faux Sri Lankan. People are entitled to have their views treated with respect even when one is in disagreement with them. Having gone through the racial tensions and prejudice he has experienced, one would have thought he understood the need for respecting others.

Is this the respect that members are supposed to show to contributors to this forum? Based on his hostile comments to everybody, his membership should be cancelled. He will not be missed. And I am not afraid that "he is coming after me."

Byron Raj's picture
Member since:
6 August 2012
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3 years 17 weeks

Sirisena the Chameleon who wants make it as a popularity pageant by taking a swipe at someone’s integrity to boost his shriveling ego! A faceless flippant who could compile a who’s who of physios in Srilanka due to his RSI (Side effect from his constant stabbing) is putting on a show to all and sundry on this site demanding LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!!! A pretender who wants to be a Paladin!!

An individual who lives in the dark as he is too afraid of his own shadow? Carries a rear vision camera as a consequence of his paranoia!!(It’s quite understandable since he might get many unhappy returns (on his) BACK - for what he does to others).

Since I was away due to work commitments, I couldn’t respond to your flimflam. Do you seriously think that I will sidestep when someone is casting aspersions about me? I am sure you must have felt my absence to be comforting and had a good slumber for a few months. Now that I am back, it’s going to be Sirisena Sleepless in Srilanka!!! Or should I rephrase it as, Insomnia of an Imposter!!!

I find it so puerile of you to invite an audience trying to be the head honcho to your fellow brethrens with your comical showmanship and show bagging which lacks substance but filled with frivolous facade – Concealing the sinister reality of subterfuge in order to drive your parti pris!!

A person with many pseudonyms but the eponym of democracy since he told everyone on this site that SRILANKA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY WHICH HAS ONE VOTE FOR ONE PERSONS!!! We should make him the ambassador of the free world. May be we should make a plaque and name it Sirisena’s Soliloquy to Mankind!! But we really don’t know the real Koshersena and what he stands for? Jekyll and Hide!!! Oops!! Hyde. Since he hides behind many names we don’t even know how many Spuriousena’s are on this site. Well I know that BR (He must have run out of names to use since he had to use my initials) happens to be one of his other nom de guerre. A real life two legged Jackal who devours carcasses. An ultimate scavenger with which even a Hyena can’t compete!!!

Why is this person too afraid to register here? With his dubious rectitude has the audacity to question others? It makes me quite perplexed!!! What this person got to hide? Why hide behind all these names? Why can’t he be a real man by being a registered member like most of us, instead of hiding behind copious veneer?

Bourgeoisena brings his pathetic racial rhetoric to whip up his egalitarian national parochialism!! When there is credible information in media about intimidation and oppression he doesn’t want you to believe what you read or hear from media. (Even at this time of writing I hear there is intimidation on Tamil journalists in Northern Province by military) When it’s a commonly known fact and is accepted by many that there were disappearance and torture under the guise of eradicating terrorism, it can’t be true because Piyasena said so!! Does this tell you something about this person? Maybe there are skeletons inside the cupboard perhaps?? What does he do for living in the outside world? I wonder????

A disingenuous that lives inside a room fitted with murky mirrors since he is too afraid to see his own image!! Pardon the pun, a person who resorts to smoke and mirrors to be the populist, it should be considered as norms of his lifestyle!! - But had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn’t look in the rear mirror.

Suriyasena claims the moral high ground with his magniloquent comments but in the background exercitates to duplicitous ways as modus operandi to convey his hidden agenda!!! Where his twin writing under various Pseudonyms (BR for starters) and resorts to underhand tactics to echo his true personality!!!

A person born with a spine of a Serpent, slithering through this site masquerading as an aristocrat but nocturnal as Death Adder, deceptive as a Grass Snake and an ambush predator like a Mamba!!!

We all know the Pietistsena, the good egg, who writes eloquently who talks the talk. Does he walk the walk? Couldn’t take the heat when he declared mayday by calling in the administrator for rescue!!! Sirisena is really a Siriyawathi???

I find it very interesting that where conflict of opinion is quite normal on this site, he has taken exceptions to my comments where it was a reaction directed at the instigator. As I have read in many scribes from our own and from our neighbours engaging in slanging matches. If Munificentsena is, as he claims, an Altruist, “Johnny on the spot” who wants to defend the destitute but why was he disinclined & dispassionate when some of these attacks seemed to go on eternally? Why was he disengaged? Because he is a Pusillanimousena!! But why did he decide to take me on? Why he wants to carry the can for others when it’s between me and them? Why is he so eager to take me on fighting others battles? Why Sectariansena wants’ to throw the race card when the subject matter is all about Cricket with difference in opinion? It’s pure and simple. Because I opened up and have shown my hand. He knows who I am!! What I stand for!! Moreover my ethnicity!!! And of course he wants to be a Jayasena by showing his fellow comrades that he will fight the good fight unveiling his flagitious chauvinism!!

Weerawansena the contortionist likes to spin doctor when I react to smudges from antagonists portraying my replies as being personal attacks. It never occurs to Riffraffsena to check who instigated it and what was written by his confederates!!!!! Moreover did it matter (to him) what prompted me to react the way I did? Is it because he is blinded by insular ideology? He is happy go through my comments with his fossil decrepit microscope and wants to shoot me down with his gibberish expletives, accusing me of being a combatant! I never played the race card in any of my scribes. I find this an antithesis, nothing short of character assassination!! To me whether you are Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim, Burgher or Bohra didn’t matter because at the end of the day we all are Srilankans.

It all started when I wisecracked to his asinine comments on a post, (obviously he took umbrage to my comments) being a wimp he started to attack me personally using one of his other pseudonym BR – but on a different post where the subject matter was about Tamil Cricketers were not selected because of racial bias. My comments were based on my unyielding conviction that wasn’t the case. It was BR (We know who!!) who got me going with his ridiculous remarks questioning whether I am a bona fide Tamil and vilified me with disparaging comments. When I made Fictitiousena know that I am aware of his insidious tactics, strange enough BR went missing???

If anyone goads me I am not going let that go unchecked. If you cross that line and want to take me on personally, I am not going to turn the other cheek. If you put yourself out there with your opinion, there will be people who may see it bit differently. It’s a fair game. If you dish it out you should be able to take it!!!


As one of the most dignified Senator of Australian Democrats, the late Don Chip said “I like to keep the Bastards honest”. I pull no punches; if you write something imbecilic or throw mud at me I will come at you hard because I am not going let your comments go unchallenged!!

Through my life journey I have come across Blockheads and Goofballs pretending to be Erudite and serving backhanders at me. I am used to getting mud splatter on the back of my sark from people like you having pot shots at me, hiding behind bushes of course!! To me it is nothing new and it’s quite a normal occurrence in my life, but it only hit my wallet because I am spending too much money on pre wash detergents trying to clean the scum from scumbags like you!! It is just another statistic and galvanizes me to aim higher.

No matter how hard you try, or implement laws against racial vilification, or have truly forward thinking leaders who want to change the world we live in to one without hatred and resentment– While there are people like you with a divisive and shallow mindset there will be no peace and harmony in this world!!!

Having said, looks like you have vested interest in each of my personal comments on this site!! Since this is not the site for politics or race I won’t be stooping to your level by engaging in topics not related to cricket, I would rather have this brannigan elsewhere. I want you to name the site on which you want to debate me because nothing is more pleasurable than taking on xenophobes like you!!

Bring it on!! I can’t wait!!! At the end you will be Sorrysena!!

Byron Raj's picture
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6 August 2012
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3 years 17 weeks

Riffraffsena, Now that I am back can't wait for your reply. Now don't be a Pusillanimousena. Name the site you want to debate me. Because nothing is so pleasurable than taking on slanderous bigots like you!! I am waiting!!! Bring it on!!!

Byron Raj's picture
Member since:
6 August 2012
Last activity:
3 years 17 weeks

Chickensena, I laughed so much I am having stomach cramps reading your comments calling me a Faux Srilankan!!! It's a case of "The wolf in sheep's clothing calling the lamb guilty". Or should I rephrase it as "Like a slug calling a worm slimey"!!!!!!

Now which Spuriousena is going to respond?

Siri Sirisena's picture

Byron Raj, I am going to treat your comments with the contempt they deserve. Go back to your hole.

SeeThrough Olu-Bakka's picture

Hi Guys @Sirisirisena @ RohanMarkJay ,

As evident from his pathetic insolence attitude displayed towards others in many occasions, this guy must certainly need a mattress as a pillow & a compass to focus his mind….. :)) Best thing is to ignore & treat him as a nonexistent in these forums in future. yahapalana & tharangapalana are just another two versions originating from the same source.

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