Bangladesh outclass Sri Lanka in Asia Cup opener

Mushfiqur Rahim's sublime 144 hauled Bangladesh kicking and screaming to 261, then a fired-up Mashrafe Mortaza set in motion a Sri Lanka collapse, and the first match of the Asia Cup soon turned into a thrashing - Bangladesh claiming victory by 137 runs, after Sri Lanka crashed to 69 for 7, then 124


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Why SL got thrashed by Bangla? 1) Solid opening pair UT/Dikka dismantled, of course, no solid opening partnership. 2) Nosedive Champion still as captain (?) & good enough only to be in test-format pool (?)… Clumsy fielder dropped Mithun at 10 then he scored 60’s, then send Dasun under the bus, a typical scene we all familiar. SL scored 30 in 3 overs, then blokatheon took 13 balls to score 1 run? What a joke to have this loser in ODI team (LOL). 3) Dilruwan dropped Mushi who then scored big. Mediocre spinner failed in bowling. 4) Why? Because when island needs badly, a selfish, non-dedicated, key spinner did not show up. All this summed up why Bangla kicked out this corrupted coach.

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My winning team against Afg. Opening pair UT/Dikka(wk), Dhana de Silva, KJP, Shehan Jayasuriya, Dasun Shanaka, Thisara (Capt), Amila Aponso, Shehan Madushanka, Lakmal, Malinga.

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Yes. well done Bangladesh You have given another blow to Politicised srilankan team. Nowadays srilanka is not playing cricket they are playing politics, because starting from the chief selector up to head coach they are all politicised. team selection team management financial control and every thing is politicised. we all know Dayasiri, S.Pala, Laburoy, Ashely De Silva, Jerom, Mathivathan Ect. all had their political agenda and destroyed the srilankan cricket. they all continuously dropped Maliga for the comment Malinga made against the Sword Dancer's BIG STOMACH Fairy Story Show Off. how come Street Sword Dancing politician know international cricket. he knows nothing just show off. now these big idiots can see who took 4 wickets yesterday pushing Bangladesh to back seat at the begging of their inning but unfortunately Srilanka couldn't dominate on those bowling performances by Maling because of Very poor cricketing display by USELESS Mathew ( who dropped a vital catch and ran out a Shanaka, Kusal Mendis who is not suitable for One day cricket (50 matches average 28.6) good to work in a maternity hospital as an attendant) this guy is always looking at the ball in an excited mood not a reliable batsman at all. srilanka is keeping sky high hopes of him but a useless cricketer throw the wicket all the time playing very poor shots like Dananjaya De silva. Head coach is not the best Coach srilanka is having he has not done any thing to stop srilanka getting thrashed in the one dayers. he was also responsible for Malinga's exclusion during the Pala and Sword Dancer's era, because Head coach confirmed what Pala, Dancer and L.Roy's decisions to DROP Malinga this cost many matches to srilanka. If srilanka cannot make an impact at the Asian cup they cannot do any better at the World Cup so Head coach has to do or die without pushing srilanka to further humiliation. from the time he took over Bangladesh is humiliating srilankan cricket by beating them continuously. where is the other big Talker Gurusingha HIDING NOW? (High performance Bull shit) what happened to him? he and Sanath responsible for sending the previous coach home, who was grooming a good fighting team before Present coach who has failed to make a noticeable improvement in srilankan cricket but only this he is doing is recommending his friends from Australia to become part of srilankan coaching team, but has not proved to be successful. it is better to appoint the A TEAM coach as the srilankan national team coach who has done far and far better than Hathurusingha to A team to become successful. may God protect srilankan cricket from opportunistic officers who destroyed and destroying srilankan cricket

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There is nothing wrong with losing, but this is a humiliating loss even more so after the start Malinga gave SL with the ball.
Great to see Malinga bowl with pace and determination on his come back

Credit where it is due Mushfiqur played a terrific innings and was supported well by Mithun in partnership. And Tammin coming out at end may have inspired his team too.

However the SL fielding was woeful. So many catches which at the top level should be taken. Not sure if it was the 43 degree heat or match fixers that plague this tournament and matches in this region took hold but it was shocking and the batting response that followed just as appalling.

Now leaves the side in a tough position to progress further given NRR.

On yesterday's performance you really can't guarantee SL can beat Afghanistan in next match

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As soon as we dropped those three catches I knew this would happen. Because this happened previously over and over again. Drop catches has a demoralizing effect.
I am not going to comment on the selection. Labrooy might be the worst we ever had. What's troubling is Hathurusinghe. As the team coach he could have oppose to those ridicules selections like Shehan, Dilruwan. He is just a hyped money eater who thinks he is the best anybody can have. He can't atleast read the condition and use players accordingly . Flat surfaces, no spin means almost every other country going with wrist spinners in the middle overs to counter the batting. I thought Hasaranga, or Even Jeevan Mendis bowled much better than Amila or Dilruwan but selectors going for the guys who had average performances. Also can't understand why they are not giving extended run to Sandakan who still a strike bowler. Most likely Sri Lanka will exit in the first round as I don't know how they gonna handle Afghan spin attack like this.

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Delan, let alone Afganistan, I think we're lucky that we are not playing Hong Kong! Malinga aside, that was a truly appalling performance.

Where to start! Angelo, at best, has been a very average captain throughout, but making no attempt whatsoever to prevent Mushfiqur from taking a single in the last balls of the 48th & 49th overs respectively, was arguably the worst captaincy that I have ever seen.

However, what is really concerning are the longer-term issues, much of which comes back to coaching.

In no particular order:

Angelo's inability to find gaps and rotate the strike in the first half of his innings. He might look a million bucks when he gets going, but there’s few more frustrating and painful sights in cricket than Angelo in the early stages of an innings these days. What is of great concern though is that this has been the status quo for a long time, and there clearly has been NO attempt by batsman or coaches to address this malaise. Hence we’re seeing the same ole same ole every time. Zero footwork and the ball just harmlessly batted back to the bowler, or to the short stops on either side of the wicket. Occasionally followed by a grimace and a curse from Angelo, and a practice swing with the imaginary ball sailing out of the ground!

I also firmly believe that one of the big issues with our batsmen is that they do not fully understand their roles and responsibilities. Especially a player like Kusal Mendis. When we have so many hit and miss batsmen in the side i.e. Tharanga, KJP, Dickwella & Dhanuska, the anchor or stabilizing role has to come from the likes of Kusal Mendis, Dhananjaya de Silva & Angelo. While Angelo is now to me a big concern for this role, Mendis and to a lesser extent de Silva clearly have no clue as to what their role is. Hence the million dollar shots from Mendis in particular. How many times has he got out early in his innings playing across the line - ridiculously too often and all of this I believe boils down to the coaches. Aravinda was a great talent with an average record until he learned to play straight, or in the ‘V’ as they call it, in the early stages of his innings.

When teams lose, especially over a period of time, no one comes under more pressure and scrutiny than the selectors. Every fan becomes an expert and the selectors are on a hiding to nothing. As Hathuru recently commented, there are places for only eleven players. HOWEVER, the selectors and think tank cannot expect the public to take them seriously and to have any faith in them, when they select the likes of 36 year old Dilruwan Perera in the ODI squad - let alone in the final eleven. And especially away from Sri Lanka! It’s not like they are bringing back a 36-year old Sanath J on the basis of his track record and hoping for one more match-winning performance. Dilruwan has ZERO track record in this format and is highly unlikely to produce a match-winning performance with bat or ball. And worst, he is as slow as a cart horse in the field, a fact by itself which should discount the selection of any player. The latter of course being a fact missed by Angelo yesterday as he had Dilruwan at long off in the death overs LOL!

I have to confess that for me, much of the faith I had in the return of Hathuru flew out of the window when he played the leading role in the West Indies ‘boycott’ episode. The other perturbing fact, IF TRUE, is the frequency in which he is not in SL/and or away from the team. Returning home for a few days between tours is fine, but his broader commitment has to be to the team and it is not acceptable if he returns only a week or two before the commencement of each tour. Again, this is only going by what has been reported in the media and may not have any basis in fact.

Oh, it must also be said that none of this can take anything away from what was in fact one of the great innings, by Mushfiqur.

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First things first - what a show by Bangladesh and how good was Mushy and how many times does he keep delivering. As an experienced hand, if there was even an example of impacting a game, Mushy is up there. When you look at SL's equivalent, experienced players, well less said the better. The expectation from experienced players is to impact the result as opposed to just making runs or taking wickets when it doesn't count and Mushy does it time and again.

So what was the issue, yes we didn't bat, bowl or field well except for Malinga. It's one thing to say the opposition outbatted or botbowled you but the one thing we can do is catch the ball! How many times must this keep going on? It doesn't matter how good your attack or batters are if the opposition gets more than 10 wickets to play with. We could have dusted this game if we simply took our catches and both Mithun and Mushy wouldn't have made 10 between them and the game would have been done. Instead for the umpteenth time, when the time came to step on the throat, we let the opponent get away. Not sure if we are throwing games or just plain poor to the extent that we cannot catch a ball but it happens with alarming frequency. Even on 85, Mushy offers the easiest of catches to our safest fielder who managed to drop it - its crazy guys, this makes no sense and there is no signs of improvement.

So after ensuring Bangladesh were able to put up what I thought was a below par score, 260 should have been a walk in the park. Nothing special, it's not even a run a ball chase on a flat track but somehow we managed to lose the chase in the first hour. Then we had Anji trying to stonewall as usual and we all know where that ends up.

Well that was nothing short of a yet another shocker and normally one would say 'it surely cannot get worse' but I guess it could. We could get mauled by Afghanistan too if we keep dropping catches and batting like school kids.

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I will make a bold prediction of how SL will fare in this Asia Cup. I will later reveal the reasons for my prediction, if it comes true.

Here is my prediction:

SL will beat Afg and will qualify for Super 4(IND, PAK, BAN and SL)

Out of the 3 matches in Super 4, SL will lose one of them, most probably to India, and enter the Final.
SL will lose the Final.

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The naked truth is SL don't have good enough batting unit to make any impact in Odis today. No single player can win matches for their country without the support of others.

Just look at how BD raised from a hopeless situation of having 2 Wk down in the 1st over & Tamim got injured in the 2nd over. The score was 3 when match-winner Mushfiqur Rahim came to bat.

But Rahim wouldn't have made 144, without the immense support came from that inexperienced new-comer (Mithun 63 runs) who had played just 2 odi innings before in his life.! (True Angelo Mathews & Dilruwan let them both off the hook early in their innings).

Both together accomplished the mission impossible task to put up 133 runs stand for the 3rd Wkt (surely with the help of our useless skipper Mathew's illogically stupid strategies, not using a single over of main strike bowler Malinga's remained 6 overs, throughout that massive stand of 133 runs - and in the 1st over given to him broke that stand of 133)!

If that youngster Mithun got out early (and injured Tamim's brave appearance at the end didn't happen), the scenario could have been entirely different. Under such circumstance Mushfiqur Rahim's effort would have become impossible and he would have perished much earlier trying to push the score alone!

This is a good example to show the importance of support needed for any player from other batters to make a real match winning impact(no matter how good or experienced that player is).

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Coach Hathurusinghe & skipper Mathews to be blamed for disrupting the most productive opening pair again after another back to back successful opening stands of fiery 50+ in initial PP that paved the way for 300+ winning totals in last 2 odis in previous series vs SA..

Apparently the logic behind it seems, further accommodation of an already sealed failure (tried in 50+ odis) like Kusal Mendis, who had really done nothing for more than 18 months (25 innings - 20 Av) now to secure a permanent spot like this in odi XI- as repeatedly proved he is certainly not cut out for limited over cricket, similar to Chandimal (after playing 140 odis over 8 yrs, yet to win a single MoM award). They both should be restricted to their speciality mode in Test cricket, rather than trying further to mold Gold Sculptures from pure Clay. This is highly unnecessary at a time like this trying to finalize the best XI for WC.

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