Buttler should have been recalled, says Ranatunga

Former skipper Arjuna Ranatunga on Wednesday said Sri Lanka was right to run out England's Jos Buttler, but felt he should have been recalled in the spirit of the game. "We should have got him out and then (Sri Lankan captain) Angelo (Mathews) called him back to play," Ranatunga told AFP.


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I don't know which record book he's referring. If you go to the history of cricket it'll say how it happened for all mankad incidents. And I think Ranatunga is still living in 1980s or 1990s. Now video footage is available for everybody, like youtube. So it'll show how it happened.

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Arjuna Ranatunga is out to lunch on this one. Can he define what this nebulous "Spirit of Crickat" is? Should a Captain call back a batsman who was given out LBW, caught behind, stumped, run out, etc? Where does it end? What is so sacred about the type of dismissal? What are the rules for? The non-striker is cheating by backing up in the manner Buttler was doing. Get with it, Arjuna!

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I think that SL showed the "SPIRIT OF THE GAME" TWICE by warning Butler and not running him out.

Butler broke a law in cricket and was punished. It would be nice if Butler will admit that he was irresponsible in throwing his wicket away when England expected him to carry on and set SL a demanding target. I hope to he has the guts to do so.

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Actually Sri Lankans adhered to the spirit of cricket. That is why they warned Buttler twice. At the third occasion they got him out in a way which is well expressed in the cricket law. Then how does it become a spirit of cricket issue?
If Buttler was recalled stating spirit of cricket, Englishmen would consider Sri Lankans as fools and a as nation without backbone in front of Englishmen.

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Is it really that hard for the big man to support the team - even the former English players are supporting SL on this and surely Ranatunge can find it in him to back Mathews on this. Dont beleive we need to teach Arjuna the rules that Cook is struggling to understand or the spirit that Cook has suddenly pulled out for this ONE occassion.

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Cook is a crybaby. He went emotional instead of being logical. Come on Cook! You can't "HANDLE THE TRUTH". You missed a great opportunity to be a real leader.

You could have said that Butler made a mistake and SL acted within the law. That would have sent a strong message to your team members to be responsible on the cricket field in the future.

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actually we got him out twice .. that's what is that two warnings are about .. arajuna just want it to go to the record books , but don't worry mate it's not like the old days , people can see the warning as well . unless someone deliberately try to hide it .

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I'm actually tired of saying this over and over again, so listen up, saddos:

SRI LANKA PLAYED IN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME. They warned Buttler TWICE, two more times than necessary, IN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME. The dozy batsman was WARNED IN THE PREVIOUS MATCH as well, IN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME.

If SL were desperate to get his wicket, they would've done it in the previous game when Buttler was threatening. Luckily for SL, he ran himself out trying to take a stupid run. Clearly, Buttler has a running-between-the-wickets issue -- tell the poached coach to fix it.

Stop crying and MOVE THE F**K ON.

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This big belly arrogant brainless politicised Arjuna Ranatunga dose not know what he is talking. it looks like this idiot has got up from a deep slumber and groping in the dark. this idiot must see the video footage of the incident before commenting. this guy always jealous with the present day cricketers because the present day cricketers performing, earning and getting more opportunities to play with the international teams and also having very close friendships with the general public and the media so this idiot always trying his best to upset the world class srilankan cricket heros. HEY idiot before talking about cricket, advice your Brothers to take their hands off corruptions in the country and it's cricket because some of your brothers sucking the tax payers money and destroying the country like you and another idiot sucking the cricket board money. go to hell.

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He & his family think that Sri Lanka cricket is their private property. it is simply understandable this man is always there to critisise whatever Sri Lankan players do. if the Mankad is in the rule like run out, LBW etc what is the fault for use it. if so i beleive tet batsman start his run where ever he want to start. what is the bad thing following rule or breaking rule. He & his brothers are the people who destroying Sri Lanka Cricket.

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