Ranatunga willing to reveal 'truth' and calls for inquiry into 2011 World Cup final

"I was on the panel of commentators during this World Cup final, and I was really disappointed with Sri Lanka’s performance. I cannot reveal what happened on that day, but I would someday reveal the truth. So, I think we should hold an inquiry into this matter." — Arjuna Ranatunga


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In a way this feud is great for the betterment of cricket in SL.
As far as I see 99.9% of the administrators in the past have done similar high way robberies. Most the past cricketers who held the top job has let corruption run wild with out any legal consequences. Arjuna, DS, Nishantha, Asantha etc. are at guilt, except the past players like Aravinda, Sidath and the players who were able to reap the benefits as players of IPL and all other franchise cricket (to make a living). They didn't have to steal from SLC coffers or abuse the powers at SLC.
I also strongly believe that the mentioned older cricketers are jealous and angry at the financial rewards the current cricketers are receiving, and they can't let go of not butting head with the affairs, just like the so called sri lankan cultures where so called elders know everything and has an opinion about every damn thing in life. Last time I check SL is not at the helm of anything good and that is the poison in our culture. However the public is clueless and have to accept for what it is, and no other alternative exist if you haven't seen the world outside of SL.
So having this feud is good in the end, as it will lighten up the public with more in depth information about the sorry affairs of SLC in the past decade. I welcome this "he said, she said" fiasco, and I also think it will change the public opinion of some of the past "greats" real personalities.
I also hope Sanga will also reveals the things that went through during the period of DS and Nishantha. Arjuna never mentioned any wrongdoing by his brother publicly and he has gone scotfree so far.
PS: In Sri lanka, it is highly unlikely to see these type of fueds as most that happen in politics or any other business usually end up in body bags but i highly think this one would go that far. So, at the end it will only enlighten the minds of the fans/public about the business of cricket in SL.

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Old fart. Talking gibberish.

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The 'legends' are not as squeaky clean as the bigoted fans posting such nonsensical opinions think they are. Kumar has several skeletons in his cupboard, which will come out into the open eventually.

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Ranatunge must put up or shut up! He can't just throw wild statements about a world cup final, for crying out aloud what about the players! Not suggesting is he is aware of something he should keep quiet but why now in 2017? Also why doesn't he ever say anything about his brother Nishantha who looted SLC for over a decade and under whose watch we went to new lows. Why doesnt one of the journalist ask him about Nishantha and the looting?

I like most of you watched the 2011 WC final. The reality is India were the better team on paper and on the day. We did really well to get a good score but our spinners could not play a role mainly because the classy Indian batting order and the dew. Sachin, Gambir, Sweag, Yuvraj, Dhoni all in their prime, no one was going to beat India in a home final AND Anji got injured in the semi final and we had to make 4 changes for the final. So unless Arjuna can put something concrete on the table we need to respect the game and players who made it a great final.

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India in India is tough they are not going to lose to anybody even though Actually Sri lanka had a much better one day team and deserved and should have won the 2011 World Cup. Heck they could have even won the 2007 WC 4 years earlier. This was a mini golden period of Sri Lankan ltd overs cricket where they were undoubtedly for about 5 years 2006-2011 the best limited overs cricket team in the world and its quite amazing they didn't win a WC during this period. Have to agree India were not going to lose to Sri Lanka on home territory. If the final was played in Sri Lanka or anywhere else I have no doubt Sri Lanka would have won that world cup. The way things are it looks like 1996 will be the only WC win for SL for the rest of our lives. All the big guns have retired and Lasith Malinga is the last survivor of that great little period for SL cricket 2006-2011.

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