It makes me sad that I can't play Tests anymore - Lasith Malinga

Definitely I am sad about that. I came into the national team as a Test cricketer. I learnt a lot from playing Tests - how to bowl with the new ball, how to get the better of a batsman once the ball had become old, and it showed me how to always look for wickets. It makes me sad that I can't play...


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"I think it's much better for the team if a new bowler comes through and plays three or four years at a stretch than if I play for just a few", completely agree with Malinga on this.Its useless him coming back to Tests now.
And yes the two new balls should be scrapped, not only reverse swing even spinners are finding it difficult.Simply cannot understand how especially the subcontinent cricket boards agreed to this.

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What part of what Lasith says, does not make sense and or cannot be comprehended by the two Rexs, and seemingly a whole host of fans who continue this amazing witch hunt against Lasith? As I have said, it says a hell of a lot more about Rex x 2 and those demonic fans than it does Lasith, and they need to take a really good look at themselves in a mirror.

Just see the example quoted by Sulaimaan about the team being better off with a new bowler who can play for a longer period. I bloody-minded (or more like blinded by jealousy & bias)can anyone possibly be not to see the obvious logic in this?!

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There is a famous Sinhalese saying called "kithul gahata nagga minihatath nidahasta kiyanna karanawak thiyenawa kiyala", Malinga doing the same.

I accept that he has all the right to decide on which format he wants to play and how long he wanna continue as no one gonna take care of his financial requirements after his retirement.

But he should have been more professional with his approach and attitude. In the middle of the IPL he said he is injured and he can't go on the tour to England but when selectors called him to comeback for the rehabilitation program this man suddenly announced he gonna retire from Test cricket.

He is lying in the interview, he mentioned that he played the Indian test cause Murali asked from him, so then he should have announced his retirement after that match without fooling around and giving fake excuses.

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A very good interview by Andrew!

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this malinga is only about money... now he says murali told him to play that match... he has never said that in all the interviews before... why that is??

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the issue i take wit malinga is not quitting test cricket, bt the way he came out with it, he quits test cricket in the middle of d IPL and announces it from india. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Best answer for some of them above by Malinga - As a cricketer, you have a shelf life. You sacrifice your education and any other line of work to play cricket. The best cricketers might play for ten or 15 years; others might have only five or six years at the top. You don't know at what time you will be injured or at what time you will lose form, and how long you will stay in the team. I think in that short time that you have, you have to do the best for your team and do everything you want to. After you leave cricket, no one cares about you.

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hav to agree with shakthivel on dat, even though fans try to attribute a sense of patriotism, for the players, firstly, its only a job. wen u figure that out it elucidates the situation!

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