Mr. Sumathipala, keep Religion out of Cricket

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) boasts of a pompous slogan which reads: “One nation, one team”. Are we to believe that, very soon, this will be made to read: “One nation, one team, one religion? Early this week, Sri Lanka Cricket President, T. Sumathipala, dabbled a subject that raised hairs and eye brows.


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Somewhat boring to see you beating a dead horse over and over again... but kudos to you,'ve found a newspaper to publish your repetitive rant.

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Sri Lanka Cricket should be secular. No religious rituals should be conducted. It is unprofessional conduct and thinking from the executive committee members.

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I like to suggest that the team could have got the blessings from other 3 religions too. Cricket in a way has become a "religion" itself in Sri Lanka. Therefore, I feel that tremendous expectations of all cricket-loving public during a major cricketing event can be used to bring harmony among all Sri Lankans thru the team being blessed by all religions.

I know that some Buddhists believe that Buddhism is the religion of the majority and visiting a Buddhist institution is enough. I am a Buddhist and I believe that the majority should make sure that the minorities are involved in major local and international events. Our National Flag symbolizes the representation of minorities. Doesn't it?

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Foolish article clearly distorted to make a conflict between religions.!

Take the example of Foreign coaches such as Allan Donald, Ford, etc, etc .... do you think they were all FORCED to wear white sarongs /shirts and offer flowers / incense and oil lamps to lord Buddha at the sacred temple and worship with two hands together like all Buddhist do? Then u must be out of your mind.!

Its all a voluntary thing they willingly did ..none could force anyone to do such things they are not obligated to do at all and it was just a pure gesture by individuals and NOT a conversion of any sort (unlike the forcible conversions taking place in this country exploiting the severe poverty of some innocent people).

This was similar to some Buddhist singing carols during Christmas or attending a wedding or a funeral mass in a Church of a good friend.

Don't forget the national team was already in Kandy just before the day the nation SL became the UN picked international center to celebrate Vesak for worldwide Buddhist community. Wat's wrong with seeking some blessings before a big tournament in a country with a vast majority of Buddhist in its population just the day before Vesak ??

In the West Canada ,USA, SA, Eng etc.. they all seek the blessings of god in their national anthems itself... and every player sings it before ODI matches. Many other minorities living in those countries did ever question about that? What about middle est , Bangladesh, Pakistan with rigid Islam customs & India with Hindu religious customs incorporated in their all national activities... ?? Why pick only SL's majority religion Buddhism and Sinhala people to invert every norm commonly accepted in all other nations according to their majority culture?? If it is freely accepted as ethical in all other nations, there cannot be any such ethical issue just defined for SL.

If Mathews wanted to avoid it, he could have easily stayed away from that visit to the temple, as I think Dickwella did. NO one forced on anyone for sure.!

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This is just a reminder to all who conveniently forgot that they are living in a NATION with an overwhelming majority of population comprised of 70.19% of Theravada Buddhists - just 12.6% Hindus, 9.7% Muslims (mainly Sunni) and 7.4% Christians (6.1% Roman Catholic and 1.3% other Christian).

It is an accepted norm worldwide to follow the culture of the majority in their National identity and important events. Just look at the West... even the stalwart pillars of Democracy like USA, Eng, Canada, SA etc. who preach equality and impartiality to the world seeking the blessings of Supreme God/Lord incorporated in their National Anthems & Citizenship oaths.... according the religion of the Majority of population living in those countries, quite rightly. The minority belongs to all other religions accept the fact and respect the culture of the majority.! They sing the same national anthem in all events without a fuss (including all player before ODIs), despite their own religious beliefs. Can you say they were forced to do that?

British national Anthem - "God Save the Queen"
USA national anthem - And this be our motto: 'In God is our trust.'
Canada national anthem - "God keep our land glorious and free! "
South African - " Lord bless Africa,Lord bless us, Lord protect our nation"

Did the minorities belong to other religions who do not believe in such Supreme God, ever question this as unethical force?

This unique country is certainly going through a massive reverse-discrimination against suppressed majority... Only place on earth, where the Minority is trying to overrule the Majority's rights in all aspects of thousands of years old ancient culture of this country and even dictate terms according to their sinister motives (eg: Now even Buddhist monks get imprisoned for many decades old practice of using audio enhancement systems in Temples on once-a-month Poya day events, to preach bana, pirith etc, while the wild loud-speakers (in all directions) fixed on top of all Muslim Mosques are freely allowed to rudely wake-up the whole neighborhood early hours in the morning and continuously disturb quite a few times on a daily basis, from morning to night..!! Premadasa stadium is a good example to demonstrate this unbearable disturbance and absurdity .. :D

However, as a rare administrator with some backbone, Sumathipala did the fair thing to seek the blessings of sacred temple for the National team representing a NATION with OVER 70% of it's people are Theravada Buddhists... no matter how you look at it this is the absolute truth the rest of the world abide by.

This is the Latest-Cut seen in this country!

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As a Buddhist, I humbly ask my Buddhist brothers who don't understand why this type of action by SLC is not correct to refrain from attacking the author and those who have different views. It makes us all look bad. You may see nothing wrong with this if you are Buddhist so try to understand why this is an issue before behaving like third-party fellows.

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There are direct and indirect ways of forcing (influencing) people to do things...... Just because Ford/Donald/etc went that does not mean that we can rule out any undue influence by the SLC president ... This was just a show by the SLC to get credit from the majority after repeatedly doing blunders with SLC.... unfortunately our own majority cant see through it!!!..... I know for a fact that before the 96 WC final they have had a time of religious observations and it included ALL faiths SLC was NOT under Sumathipala.... it was under Ana Punchihewa.... and also I have been told by a cricketer from a minority faith that they have come into uncomfortable situations w.r.t. faith sometimes just to keep their places in the team. This practice is clearly seen with politiations in SL. But as the world is evolving into a very liberal way of life this may not be much of an issue in the future!!!

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