No-balling Murali due to orders from the top: Emerson

Ross Emerson, the Australian umpire who no-balled Muttiah Muralitharan for throwing has admitted that his decision to call the bowler was not entirely his own. Emerson told the Daily Telegraph in Australia that he no-balled Muralitharan due to orders from an unnamed Cricket Australia official.


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What? This is outrageous! Yes we all knew there was a move in Oz to get rid of Murali, but it's insane if Emerson actually admitted to this. If this is true CA must stand up and be counted.

As a matter of interst part of this drama started due to Mustaq Ahmed (I think) and the SCG test that was played before the SL tour. The then mighty Aussies couldnt pick Mushy and Akram (I think) said in the press "if you cant pick Mushy wait till you face Murali". There was lot of press coverage on Murali and Jimmy Maher (I think) who played a warm up game against SL, also added fuel to the fire by saying he didnt know which way it was going.

There was then talk that Murali could be a threat to Warne and his many expected records and they were right!

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This is an old article of mine that was published on Island Cricket four years ago (see link below):

Cricket Country republished this a few days ago without our consent and have mistaken it for a new article, which has now been republished on other sites, including Daily mirror (DM has since removed the article).

Today, Go Cricket published the following article (see link below) based on that old article, and attributes Emerson's comments to Daily Mirror not Daily Telegraph. Haha! What a mess!

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Hilal is spot on. This is old news!
Emerson made these admissions years back.
I have heard him in interviews on Australian current affairs programs reveal this.

Darrell Hair has said the same thing.

When you stop and think about it the umpires that called him from the bowlers end had to have premeditated intentions.

I was in the crowd on that Boxing Day, it was all confusing at the time, but have a look at Hair's stance when the opening bowlers were on, and then I think it was Gurusinha bowled first change. It changed and he was certainly not looking at the front foot. He could have called him in Sharjah or Sydney before this but didn't.

Then you had the stupidity of the ACB to let the two umpires that no-balled him in Brisbane in the previous match umpire a game together. If one didn't call him again they would look like idiots!
No other board would have planned this ridiculous situation unless they wanted him called again...only this time they didn't expect Arjuna's reaction and the backlash, and when the shit hit the fan these ACB officials went silent...look up their names and work out who was CEO and Chairman and who often defended these umpires including dealing with controversial "forfeited" test by Pakistan in England.

Credit should go to the original authors, but i'm glad the articles are resurfacing again in light of this years events. They didn't get the publicity they deserved the first time especially in Australia and England!

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