'Pay for Sri Lanka job embarrassing' - Steve Rixon


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ouch! :D)))

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SLC's reputation has been steadily deteriorating since the 2011 WC, and it's extremely saddening.

SLC officials have made some terrible decisions, causing great harm to SLC finances. Apart from finances, the cancelling of the SLPL this year, how Marsh was sacked, the players going without pay for months, not allowing Sangakkara to play in a practise game against Bangladesh upon his return from injury unless he agreed to SLC's terms in the new contract, and many other blunders, all highlight an unprofessional setup at the cricket board.

SLC officials are directly to blame, even if they try and absolve themselves of blame by claiming to be following orders from above. Honest men with integrity, who genuinely care about Sri Lankan cricket, won't hold top posts within the board, accepting large allowances (knowing very well that SLC's is struggling financially), and make decisions that are not beneficial to SLC. You will find that it is only the unscrupulous political lackeys who are eager to do that.

Building a stadium in Hambantota is great for the political party in power, but it has cost Sri Lankan cricket greatly, which is why we need officials who are not at SLC to do what's good for the government, but what's good for Sri Lankan cricket.

Political interference at the board has meant that we have had some really unqualified and unsuitable characters in charge of our most beloved sport.

Today, I read an article where it stated the International Olympic Committee wants the government to stop interfering in the National Olympic Committee.

"The IOC had urged Sri Lanka to review the island's sports law before the December 27 election of the NOC.

"The IOC in September had warned Sri Lanka that sports law needed to be revised to make it compatible with basic principals of the Olympic movement."

Read: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sport...

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Hilal Superb comment. U hve the courage of your convictions. More strengh to your elbow.
Re appointment of coach, one aspirant got Marsh sacked by carrying tales. He also secretly gave info to Late Trevor Chesterfield who wrote many an article against the SLC.

Ranjan Rodrigo

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Very good comment Hilal. I hope Mr. Ajith Jayasekara reads this

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The talent SLC has to shame Sri Lanka cricket and Sri Lanka is massive. They have been shaming this country and its cricket players/fans for years without any action against them.

The only competition in shaming is given to them by SL government.

Except few, majortiy of Slns do not know the dealings of SLC.

That is why we coundnt even find 1000 signatures for petition against Nishantha. As a fan and a Lankan the only thing I can do is curse these mofos..........

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Nishantha is the true hero of our cricket. Secretary for life. He is indisputably the worst administrator SLC / BCCSL has ever had. And that is no mean feat, considering the characters we've had in the past.

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well said Hilal...!

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noooonnnnndeeeeeeee shame shame

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