Sack captain, sack coach but don't talk about real changes

Right. Okay. This is pathetic, isn't it? Knocked out of the Asia Cup basically before it has even begun. A big 91-run loss to Afghanistan, following an even bigger 137-run pasting by Bangladesh. Appalling. Someone needs to be held accountable for this garbage. How far Sri Lankan cricket has fallen.


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Yep perfectly summed up Andrew, lets just sit around talking about sacking everyone. It's what we started doing from the day Sanga retired. For a while it was 'need time to rebuild' but now its 'lets sack everyone'. Even on this forum, there is so much time spent on opening with Upul or why is Hathu paid so much.

I am not claiming I have the answer but its certainly has to be at the top. A handful of thieves were never going to take us anywhere. Yes we were blessed with some real talent which allowed the thieves to take a lot of credit. Now it's time for the real men to do the hard work.

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Sacking is easy.coping is much harder.

It is not a question of finding faults or accessing how much coach get his salary. These questions are better known to the ones who hired him.

1. Captain Mathews right now , without argument not 100% fit enough to be am arounder and; simply he is not even fit enough to be an example of a player who can catch difficult catches or running between wickets. So it is easy to understand he must get his fitness right to be the captain. like Lasith who came after one year with a good physic and have room to improve in coming ,.performing bettet tgan before. Who has arguments? Perhaps politicians have questions but not all of them.

This is cricket not politics.

Matte and many players who play ODIS are Test players.Look at sLC standings in ICC ratings. Isn't this the reason why the batters struggling to score runs as needed to . It is not they are bad batters or like needed pep talks or mentaly to be stronger. They are strong enough to play their game, which is test cricket. I am not suitable to select any player but I have a suggestion if somebody want to consider. Bring young.energetic players who can score runs - ODI RUNS -who can aggregate over 100%. I REPEAT NOT TEST PLAYERS. The prest players in the ODI team , 70 % of them are good test players including Mathews.So this not anything to do with sacking but having the right players for the right positions.

2. Fielders - before you judge anyone go back to the players who have caught the maximum catches I'm first class cricket. Simple way is better than complicated or Sophisticated high performance academies. So far we haven't chop anyone.

Hathurusingha is not best of best coaches when it comes to select the combinations nor Labroy is the best selector ? I know we have a big question here. There want be any questions if we have the right players for the ODI 's. cannot select someone who does not have the ability to perform the white bowl game.
Chang ...change not anything else but the whole team , of cause. 70 %.

Akila,de Silva, Malinga,Dasun Sanaa are to be cosier for the up coming tour .

The rest upto the right selectors to find from the A team and under 19 team.

It can be a foreign thought to SLC, but there is nothing more can be surprise

Than we are now I truly believe SLC eed a revelation not anything else nor new ideas to destroy further cricket board money unnessasraly.

My sincere thought is call Arujuna, MuralI , Aravinda and Sidath to have a discussion together ( these guys are not afraid to speak the truth) and get consultation further.

No fear ....when it comes to change. We All need to change or turn 360 degrees if we need a new life in SLC.

God bless SLC.

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Stop finding someone to blame. Yeah Mathews isnt an amazing captain, Hathurusingha isnt a magician. But changing either one of them or both of them isnt going to FIX our problems.

I have been trying to say this in comments here, but people just blame blame blame. I guess just dumb people. No critical thinking.

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Andrew Fidel is always there for that clueless skip, Angelo Davis.
Being an Andrew Fidel, he may feel it is inappropriate to not to be biased towards an Angelo Davis.

He is talking about 18 matches last year in which Mathews wasn't captain, why not this year? This year in ODIs we've got 4 wins 1 loss without Mathews where with him as captain, only 2 wins and 5 losses.

Those 18 matches this man is talking about were all against RSA IND PAK, where is favourite son has a habbit to lose to ZIM BAN AFG SCO.

This man should be sacked for sure.We are going no where with this clueless, pathetic, selfish skipper.

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@ Jeewantha- Perfectly said bro

Defensive/useless captaincy is the main reason for flop, Time to move on with Suranga or Chandimal

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Everything that is wrong with SL is highlighted very well in below video. I don't like Harsha Bogle but Simon Doull has always been an impartial and well-respected commentator with a very good cricket brain. It is apparent according to his comments and to anyone with common sense that Mathews is part of the problem for us among many other problems.

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Andrew Fidel Fernando is totally wrong if he thinks selection policy has improved since Jayasuriya resigned. Chopping and changing has not stopped. Sangakkara drilled on this point on commentary during the loss to Afghanistan.

Even the challenges created for Malinga to play again is unacceptable.

Cricinfo needs to get more writers to cover SL Cricket. They have lost their Lankan audience in the last 5 years. The whole site has become one writer's Sri Lanka Cricket blog basically. Few years back they had articles from various writers and never missed any news but now only 1 main writer and a lot of SL Cricket news not covered.

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During this bleak ODI period for SL, Andrew has alluded to our corresponding success in Test cricket, so perhaps this is a clue as to where the think tank should be looking at. The WC is just 8 months away and we are on a hiding to nothing maintaining the the status quo. Our batting has been pathetic on the predominantly flat Asian tracks - so I shudder to think how they would fare in England, particularly in the months of May and June! A radical change of direction therefore is required, and is our only hope.

Some thoughts on this.

Re-define the top six batting positions based on OUR strengths, not the strengths of what other teams possess. Have two categories of batsmen - Attacking ODI-type and attacking Test batsmen (for want of a better description). Seeing that we do not have sufficient time to experiment, I would go with two ODI types and four Test in the top six. Then categorize the respective batting candidates accordingly. This will bring much clarity into the composition of the team. We also need to look at bringing in Dimuth Karuneratne into the ODI frame, which I feel should have happened a lot earlier in a more meaningful manner (than the opportunities afforded him). Given that we also have a long tail, that is all the more reason to have a more stable top six.

The list of ODI types - Tharanga, Dhanushka, Niroshan, Kusal P - though I would rule out Tharanga because of his fielding (my next point).
Test - Angelo, Chandimal, Dimuth, Kusal M, Dhananjaya DS and possibly Roshen Silva

Another bite-the-bullet, no compromise factor for the selectors has to be the fielding. Poor fielding tends to impact negatively on every other aspect of the game. Experience tells us that the top fielding teams can usually hide one poor fielder max (who is played on the strength of his exceptional batting or bowling), but NEVER TWO, as the entire fielding unit tends to fall to pieces. And we seem to have 4 or 5 poor fielders so no surprises as to our current standard.

The way it stands now, Malinga appears to be a certainty for the WC, and he is a very poor fielder. Given our dearth of bowlers, he has to play, which means that we cannot accommodate anymore poor fielders. That rules out Tharanga and possibly even Angelo.

My possible team for the remaining ODIs before the WC with no threat of being dropped after one or two failures!

Kusal P (wk)
Kusal M/Chandimal
Dhananjaya DS
Thisara Perera
Akila D

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@ Confused on September 19, 2018 - 09:26.#8

As the name suggest, You are a really CONFUSED Man.!

Getting another bunny boy Dimuth Karunarathne back to swallow the WC again... by granting another gratis chance to ruin SL further ..... ??? Are you out of your mind or what ? Don't we have enough of such VULTURES repeatedly ruining series after series ?

Before blabbering foolish suggestions..
Just Look at this man Dimuth's Odi record: 17 Odis - 190 @ 15.83 Average..!!! and 68.84 Strike Rate.!!!
Is this looks like a man to be in the side ? He took almost 5 yrs to get rid of his constant failures even as a Test batter.

In those matches, DK caused 2015 WC exit & other series defeats with his repeated failures at top, exactly as what we saw in early exit from Asia Cup due to Upfront slotting of Kusal Mendis!! Suggesting to SWAP such a looser with a similar one already tried & discarded after mega scale damage done to SL at global stage...could only be a thought of a lunatic just out of an asylum.

When cannot find anything else to let down the most productive & consistent SL Odi batter/Opener since 2016 to date( UT: 1,061 runs @ 40 Av - 86 SR), when the rest of all collectively failed match a after match......

Ranking SL Openers - Jan 2016 to date (minimum 10 innings):

1) WU Tharanga - 29 ing/ 1061 @ 40 Av /86 SR- 2 x 100 / 5 x 50+

2) N Dickwella - 27 ing/ 928 @ 33 Av/ 93 SR- 2 x 100/ 5 x 50+

3) Gunathilaka - 28 ing / 855 @ 31 Av / 84 SR- 1 x 100/ 6 x 50+

4) MDKJ Perera - 15 ing / 421 @ 28.06 AV/ 88 SR- 1 x 100 – 1 x50+

trying to find an ancient blame excuse slogan to let him down is a pathetic effort.! Haven't you seen how much Upul has improved in his ground fielding & catching as seen with his around the wicket stroke play in batting & hitting sixes/Fours to the all corners of the park frequently as he wished?

When was the last time he dropped a catch? In Asia Cup Series the only catch came his way was cleanly taken, while rest of most Grassed them one after the other.?

Didn't you know even Upul Tharanga created a SL FIELDING RECORD by taking the most number of catches in a 5-odi series in 2018:

Upul Tharanga's 2 catches in the final (Triangular series in BD - 2018) - made him taking a TOTAL of SEVEN (7) x CATCHES in this 5 inning series (2 in in final + 1 in 4th Odi, + 3 in 3rd Odi & 1 in 1st odi). This is the HIGHEST Number of catches taken by a SL fielder in a 5-inning ODI series (Only RS Mahanama had acheived a similar fielding record in 1997, 21 yrs ago)..!!!!

Hey man... adjust your selectively tilted mindset towards city-boys' club polarity & learn to look at things straight forward with an open mind in real world!

Making this kind of subjective & Idiotic comments & humbug criticism only adding salt to the painful wound SL Cricket suffering at the moment.!

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Suggesting to graft test guys in to odi format is like trying to mix oil with water to get a homogeneous solution. Anyone played the game and having the knowledge about how different the demands and approach are for the batsmen, would never ever suggest that. Even if you don't understand the game, why this confused guy can't see the damage happening and already done by the inclusion of such slow mode bottlenecks? They find it hard to cope up with demands and perish early or ruin the momentum already gathered by other top order batters, becoming real bottlenecks to the team effort in the middle, with their test mode approach & inability to raise the tempo as the situations demand or even rotate the strike.! We HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPENING REPEATEDLY to team SL with having such out-of-mode players like kusal mendis, dinesh chandimal, dimuth karunarathne, Thirimanne etc etc in the batting unit.!

My best batting unit (based on pure Performance Merits,Consistency, Big runs making ability, Firepower & Specialized role/trade in their careers) to continue is:

1) N Dickwella
2) Upul Tharanga
3) Dhananjaya de Silva/Dhanushka Gunathilake
4) Kusal Perera
5) Angelo Mathews
6) Dasun Shanaka/Asela Gunarathne
7) Thisara Perera

I think if the responsible authorities could get over their Nepotism based choices, this is clearly the best available options to strengthen the repeatedly flopping brittle batting unit that brings us doom after doom.

(Last edited by Liyum on September 19, 2018 - 12:48)

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