Sacked Sri Lanka ODI skipper Mathews feels 'betrayed and let down'

“Though I was initially surprised, it was immediately felt that I have been made the scapegoat in this entire saga of Sri Lanka’s dismal performances against Bangladesh and Afghanistan in the Asia Cup, I am willing to take part of the blame but at the same...


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18 February 2015
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SLC really hasnt leaent anything over the years. Changing captains is not going to do anything. I think this is such a horrible decision to make. 99% of SL losses cannot be blamed by captaincy but by the whole team. A different captain would havr changed the outcome for any of our matches over the last couple of years. We failed the asia cup being our teams batting was horrible. How on earth can a captain be blamed for a teams batting performance. This is one of the worst steps SLC could have tool with the 2019 world cup approaching.

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Exactly Suren, yes Angelo isnt a good captain, I admit this. But our batting let us down. We couldnt chase 250. HOW IS THIS CAPTAINS FAULT??

Its easy to blame and put out our anger on someone, be it Captain, a player or the Coach. But we failed as a team.

We’ve already tried changing captains, coaches, I also went along with it to see if things improve. But now it’s getting stupid. Even dumb people here in IC asked for this. Now you got it. Blame the next one and replace him too, and the next one. Sigh.

Im a no fan of Mathews, But this was stupid stupid stupid.

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14 March 2015
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Captian can be blamed due to many reasons-
He rarely speak with his team mates.When chips are down he go to defensive mode and isolate him self from the team. He never take collective decision on the field.

His bowling changes are not acceptable sometimes. Specially he never get the best of fast bowling all-rounders.Ex-Dasun Shanaka in the team as a all-rounder but he rarely get to bowl.

He is in angry mood when something goes wrong, junior players are not comfortable around him.

His fielding placement is poor. Never try to create opportunities instead he wait till something happens.

Team is not stick together with him.

Having said that I don't support the decision to remove him from captiancy, if they want to do that they should have done when Hathuru took over the team. This is just bad timing.

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20 January 2018
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Mathews is the worst captain in SLC history. The decision to reinstate him as captain was baffling, having made that I am not sure firing him at this point was the right decision. The blame for this disaster should go to whoever took the decision to make him captain again.

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18 October 2009
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The captain has a lot of responsibilities especially on-field during the game but they alone can not be the cause of this debacle (unlike they have taken bribes of course).

The planning of strategies and tactics along with selections are done by a collective group of captain, coaches, manager and selectors. I would like to see some of the others take responsibility for SL's poor performances too. Not just in Asia Cup but in ODI format it has been like this for some time.

They have asked the captain to resign but they can't ask the bloody Chairman of Selectors to focus on decide if he wants to be in this role or a Match Referee instead of a bit of both! How absurd!

A large part of a captain's (and even coach's) success or failure is they are only as good (or bad) as the team they have. When you have a part-time COS that skypes for discussions and not focused what do you expect.

Angelo was never that great tactically. He was a very negative captain. Questions should be asked why SLC went back to him if they were going to ask him to resign a few series later. And did they think he was fit enough or performing enough to be in the playing XI to begin with.

Ironically you have to ask is Chandimal suited to play T20 cricket that he is now captain again of? I don't think he is in the best XI in that format.
They screwed up last time making him captain only for him to humiliating sit out and have Malinga (really Mahela) take over.

Needs to be a bit more common sense when selecting captains and vice captains. Really they should be able to justify their places in the XI in that format as a player first before given these responsibilities.

Sri Lanka becoming like Pakistan last century with revolving captains and no stability.

Instead of just the captain they should say this is enough...and clean out the whole lot from the top of the board right down. Enough of these shambles. And if the Sports Minister can't initiate or do this then he should hand the portfolio over to someone more prompt and competent!

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Should be clear now that Hathurusinghe is just another Lankan moron. Asking the captain to resign when we have a few matches left before the World Cup is the move of a moron.

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@Delan82, Your comment 'Malinga (really Mahela) take over captaincy in 2014' How do you exactly know?

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7 June 2017
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Good move by the SLC imo, better late than never. I am sure Hathurusinghe-Chandimal combination will work well for Sri Lanka in the future ( unless some ICC officials and player managers like Charlie Austin conspire against them).

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7 April 2010
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Big Sam, Dinesh Chandimal is managed by Charlie Austin. So you cant support Chandimal and then say his manager is meddling. One or the other.

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