Selections should not be based on criticism from fans and media - Aravinda

"Maybe the pressure from the media and others resulted in dropping a player like Lahiru Thirimanne. But what we should be looking at is the combination of the team when selecting. It's not about 11 players who can hit hard when it comes to T20."


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after sanga now ara has spoken up behalf of thiri .

"May be the pressure from the media and others resulted in dropping a player like Lahiru Thirimanne. But what we should be looking at is the combination of the team when selecting. It's not about 11 players who can hit hard when it comes to T20. The team should be balanced " well said legend

it's by some of the blind fans created that media hype who think having 11 biggest sixes hitting batsman are the best players for a T20 game have created all this mess . sadly the useless selectors are thinking in the same way like those blind fans . thiri is in the top of the inform T20 batsman in SL cricket atm . what a crime to drop an experienced & inform players like him from a WC squad . Two years ago Sri Lanka was the T20 world champions & No1 team in the world .and then they threw away a player who had put his effort to win matches for his nation like a garbage , never gave him a chance , the team was never the same again . Karma is slapping SL cricket so hard that's all what i can say

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I don't think it's a bad idea to have "11 biggest six hitting batsmen".. the problem we have is, our so called big hitters are physically weak sloggers who are out skilled by qualty international bowlers.. Thiri did not get dropped overnight, he had a string of bad performances where he lost form and struggled to rotate strike or hit big.. i can't really remember him doing anything noteworthy in recent super t20.. Rather than bringing Thiri in again,I'd like to see more opportunities given to likes of Dasun Shanaka, Shehan Jayasuriya and Dikwella to see if they can develop their game to cope with pressure at the top level..

we may have got away with 145-155 scores in past with a good bowling attack ,but with the current one we need to put 165+ .. and with accumilators like Thiri, i don't see that happening. . Do you ?

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Sanga, Aranvinda. Sanath was the first man to talk about Thiri's omission during Pakistan tour. Who else you want?

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I feel it may be too early for Thiri to get back he needs to fix the issues before gets back. Just because he has a good average in the domestic seen he will not suceed becuse the international teams know his kinks.

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I dont reckon overlooking Thiri was the worst move, I think the move had alot of support even on this forum. I for one supported the move and its simple logic - i reckon t20 is suited to big hitters and Thiri aint one. No we are not looking for 11 big hitters but big hitters is a starting point. We dont have to debate this just look at the other teams.

@SLCricket1 - the number 1 WC winning team was never the same because of (a) retirements of Sanga and Mahela (b) Malinga, Kula & Tissera losing form (c) our fielding levels have dropped (d) Dilshan changing is game plan. Not because Thiri was dropped!

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@sl cricket 1 when tharanga dropped from wc odi squad aravinda ,murali also questioned it..... but others didn't..

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@Stormy oh for god sake , how many times i have proven that you are such a looser when comes to this topic ? how many times i have asked you to go and watch the last game thiri played ? once you admits that you are "stupid " as well lol. there was no sanga & mahela in the team thiri last played and won us the game .. our fielding was never good so there's nothing to drop in that level ..dilshan , kjp all went early in that game .. thisara form is the only true fact you have mentioned in here . dropping thiri and bringing in players like shehan had completely destroyed the balanced of the team like ara had mentioned in the article , there no reliable T20 batter who can rotate the strike and also score over a S/R of 100+ without adding pressure on the other batsman in the middle .. do you know that we have never won a game in a green track after we dropped thiri ? the only two game we won away was against India (won by bowlers ) & against UAE(that also won by bowlers).. the team batting line up was never the same again after they threw away thiri . so kindly stop wasting my time and your time and go and first watch SL cricket before you comment in here .

@LateCut I don't think international teams knew anything about him in the last game he played for the nation & won .

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before anybody make any lame comments in here here is the scorecard for the last game thiri played for SL . came into the middle when SL was 24/2 scoring 40 with a S/R over 120+ , and not wasting any overs like shehan is very good at . i don't know what else they need from a player

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Upul's Domestic T20: 70 ins - 1,806 runs - Ave: 27 - SR 125 - 12 x 50. This guy has maintained the balanced record almost double the number of T20 matches the rest have played and have the highest batting Average with 125 SR

(better than Chandimal SR 118 , Dilshan Av 26. 63 /SR 122, & average better than Kapugedara Av 22 , Milinda 19 Av)

Domestic T20 records:

Danushka 25 Av - 127 SR
Dickwella- 22. Av - 138 SR
Shehan J- 19 Av - 114 SR
Munaweera 20 Av - 122 SR
Thirimanne 23 Av - 119 SR
Dhanushka 25 Av - 128.SR
Tharanga - 27 Av - 125 SR

I think inform Tharanga (with 3 consecutive Hundreds and 3 x 50+) is the right choice among all. his average is 70+ in current super-8. and his recent 172 runs was with
24 x 4 & 5 x 6 - 126 runs coming from 4s and 6s with 87 SR in a 1stClass match.!). Obviously Upul is in sparkling form & he is widely experienced to handle the frequent collapses repeatedly seen in our side. So i think he is the best choice in all formats right now. Upula has the highest T20 Average among all and 2nd best SR.

Most of all he knows how to switch the tempo according to match situations Thirimanne is useless in that aspect, as we all know he gets bogged down for long periods in internationals, unable to pick gaps, score boundaries or rotate strike. His lower SR in every format vouch for it (Test SR 39 - Odi SR 72 - FC SR 42 / List A SR 71 - T20 SR 119, T20 I SR 114.) .

Tharanga has maintained his domestic T20 record in more number of matches than the rest with 10 x 50s and scored 1800 runs, whichis almost double the amount of many. Upula had not been given any chance in T20 international (despite good domestic records) since a single match in 2011 and the other 8 matches were played 10 year ago in 2006/7 as a rookie. Worthwhile trying him at this stage

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@Anonymous #9 useless to talk about tharanga in here , your guy who know how to switch tempo can't even score run or in higher pace than thiri . maybe he had switch to sleep mode lol . tharanga is a joke comparing to thiri atm .in the recently concluded domestic T20 competition

Thirimanna : 38 avg - 131 S/R
Tharanga : 16 avg - 107 S/R

if you can see the numbers you can see that Thirimanna is a far better and inform batter than tharanga . in fact among the players now in the team thirimanna is a more inform batsman than chandimal, shehan & Dickwella . take looks at those players averages all below thiri , even S/R are below thiri . only dickwella's S/R is above thiri .

Thirimanna 38 avg - 131 S/R
N Dickwella 31.50 - 173.39 S/R
LD Chandimal 33.20 - 106.41 S/R
DSNFG Jayasuriya 30.00 - 126.05 S/R
WU Tharanga 16.60 - 107.79 S/R

you can see thiri in the top and tharanga in the bottom , any idea to which tempo tharanga switch in this domestic competition ? lol

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