Six top guns to retire within a year

The first major change will take place after the forthcoming ICC World T20 tournament which to be held in Bangladesh from March 16 to April 6, as the team’s long-standing icon players Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene would announce their retirement from the shortest format of the game...


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LOL, Sanath Jayasuriya’s mouth piece that has his head stuck up Sanath’s rear end permanently doing his bit to force the Lankan greats (mainly Sanga and Mahela) into retirement. Here is some news for Channaka De Silva; Pillow talk that he indulges with Sanath who shares with him his dreams (such as the premature retirement of Sanga and Mahela) don’t exactly constitute for “informed sources”. The article says 6 greats to retire within a year but unsurprisingly gives the timeline for only the alleged retirement for Sanga and Mahela. LOL! Sri Lankan fans are not idiots and can see through the motive of this article and who’s behind it so easily. There is no reason for Sanga and Mahela to retire from ODIs and Tests after the 2015 World Cup. Why should they? If form and fitness is on their side they can keep playing well into their late 30’s. After all even while being horrendously out of form and a passenger in the team, Channaka’s lover boy Jayasuriya kept playing thanks to the support he received from the govt. If you take the likes of Sachin, Ponting and Kallis, all of whom were a part of star studded teams and batting line ups did not leave the game until they were well in to their very late 30’s. Sri Lanka have nowhere near the bench strength and / or young up and coming coming talent, so why then should the two best players of a bankrupt team (financially and cricketing talent wise) who are both 36 years of age retire after the world cup? This article is a bloody joke and is nothing more than a school-boy effort to put pressure on Sanga and Mahela. I am sure both of them must have a had a good laugh reading this comical piece and as I write must be showing the middle finger to that low level scumbag chief selector and his loyal servant Channaka.

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Only Sanath can play cricket at the age of 40 and as a MP.
Sanath should have in this when he was at 36.Both Sanga and Mahela are looks really well than Sanath was at 36.

Best thing is to let them at least two years after the WC in Test & ODIs,even with a rotation basis where youngsters can gain experience.

If youngsters come in to the seen very early without the experience will Sanath go with the water bottle and teach them?They need to mature with seniors probably with Sanga & Mahela not with Sanath.

He is a good cricketer not a good administrator. If you see the current inclusions and the exclusions of new players they loose their confidence on the selectors.

Pulina Tharanga & Tharindu Kaushal is doing really well and suddenly the Chathuranga comes in and play for SL.He is wasting both Angelo Perera and Ashan Priyanjan who can easily fill the shoes of two legends.

Thirimanna scored a hundred as an operner but guess what will happened to him when Dilshan recovers?See what is happening to Dinesh Chandimal..

All are talking about Virat Kohli but no one talks about how India handles him.First they gave him the No.03 and let him to play around VS,ST & RD which reduces the pressure off him & see the outcome. And now no one is there now he handles the pressure of other new comers. Now gradually Shikar Dawan is estabalished himself with no fuss.. Chandimal has the talent and the type of a player who can do the samething. He has shown that matuarity and even everyone talks about the way he is getting out but no one talks the positive side of that. At least he takes chances even though he doesn't have the authority.Perferct example of what he is doing in the T20 side. He bats at No.03 he knows he needs a bit of time to get off.

Sanath atleast should get ideas not only from the panel but from the former players like Aravinda, Arjuna, Murali all are there to help..

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I do not know what is going on inside Sri Lankan Cricket, But I think some kind of an indifference going on between Jayasuriya and Sangakkara/ Jayawardena by the comments by the Sri Lankan Fans. But as an Indian fan when we watch cricket in the 90s we had certain amount of fear when Jayasuriya is around because he is a genuine match winner, which I don't see in Sangakkara/ Jayawardena, because I am not seeing they are winning anything.

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@Rajesh - You would fear Sanath as a player not as an administrator. What Sanath has done is past we are talking about the future. People still talks about him and the matches he won for Sri Lanka.

People in Sri Lanka knows very well what both Sanga & Mahela won for us. Its ok if you can't remember because you are not a Sri Lankan, but would like to emphasise a point. Sachin is a good player and never a good captain.

MS has won so many games for India now everyone ask him step down from captaincy why just because of a one series. If I'm correct he has to face the same criticism two years back but when he won a series against Aus in India all the criticism were no where.

Sanath is a good player and not a good captain. He has a good captaincy record but records doesn't tell the truth. He is not a good leadership material. Hope you'll get my point.

MS has good qualities that's why he is so respected by others too.I don't see a good captain from Virat Kohli but I see a good captain in Rohith Sharma & Suresh Raina. But its is up to you guys to think on & move on.

Sanga & Mahela are better players I only see Sangakkara will be a good administrative material. He has the foundation. Mark my word he will become a high profile in world cricket administration.

Mahela I've not a seen a good admin on him but he is a good coaching material. If you compare both Sanga & Mahela's record would sound these.

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You know in Sports the captaincy is measured in the field. MSD is not a good talker in the interviews but he has won the cups. Sangakkara can talk well so he looks like a captaincy material but I have not seeing the same kind of calmness in the field. For an example in 2011 world cup final when the first 2 wickets fallen we thought it will be like 2003 again, but seeing Sangakkaras body language we felt we are off the hook

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Sanga and Mahela should continue to play even after the 2015 world cup. since they are in very gud run scoring form and fitness it necessary that they carry on and this will help the youngsters to learn and develop them self by watching two of the most greatest batsmen of the era. if Sanga continues to play till age of 40 he will surely breaks all the record that sachin hold. so it is not impossible since current chairmen of selection comt., Sanath kept on playing till the age of 41 with bad run of form in his last four years with back up of the government.

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Sanga made his international debut three years later than Mahela and he still plays like a champion in every format he plays. So why should he retire at the same time with Mahela who is under performing in shorter formats of the game.

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@Rajesh - Agreed.. What would happen if Mahela capatained the same..It would have been a different story..

Yes Sanga can speak well and as you said he is not a good captain.. But what do you think about him as a player generally.. be frank.. That's what we want others to learn not by papers but by associate him.. People could have said anything but best thing to let others to move with him.. Isn't it?

By the way did u have the same attitude on MSD when he lead India to T20 champion from no where? When he score 90 odd runs in the final 2011?

People tend to forget everything for just one series. No one can win each and every game but MSD should lead the team to next WC by the time Virat will be an amazing leader. If BCCI appoint Virat for captaincy mark my word that'll ruin his career.. Samething happened to Mahela.

Virat has time.. Ok Rajesh if Virat take over now how long he should lead the team and who will be the successor.

I'll tell you a small thing if Marvan lead the team 2007 WC we would have won the WC 2011 and Sanga will lead the team to this WC and Angelo wouldn't have faced the issues he had to do and Chandimal's career would have been a brighter one than this..


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Do you see the same calmness from Virat? Have seen Sanath a calm character? If BCCI ask to take over the captaincy to Virat that'll be the end of him.. Sachin was at the same situation when he accept the captaincy. Did he succeed?

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It's the first time I see an Indian making a sensible comment in Island Cricket and I tend to agree with him. Our team in the 90s won a world cup and so many other triangular trophies on a regular basis and certainly had the upper hand against India. When was the last time the current team won a cup? Look at the way Sanga & Mahela batted in the world T20 Final in our own backyard, They were too cautious and that doesn't show the winning mentality. I frankly don't see them as genuine winners (They are superb batsmen yes but not the winners)

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