SL cricket team visits Sri Dalada Maligawa


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This is very good. Great work by Mr. Sumathipala and SLC to bring "Oneness" into the team. The team should go to a Church, a Hindu Temple and a Mosque too.

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just imagine if the SLC president was a Catholic and forced the team who are mostly Buddhist to go to a church? Angelo Mathews, Allan Donald and Graham Ford do not belong to the Buddhist religion and yet they are forced to do such things. This is outrageous! Since Sumahtipala became president he has taken the team to temples but not visited a mosque or church yet. He has turned the cricket board into a Buddhist Nationalist organization. The one team one nation means we must all become Buddhist in a Buddhist nation???

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This is not Cricket! I dont know where Mathews stands now but if he was forced by the SLC president lead the team to ask for blessings that is not right. This is all PR for Sumathipala and Co. to hide their own sins.

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This is just a reminder to all who conveniently forgot that they are living in a NATION with an overwhelming majority of population comprised of 70.19% of Theravada Buddhists - just 12.6% Hindus, 9.7% Muslims (mainly Sunni) and 7.4% Christians (6.1% Roman Catholic and 1.3% other Christian).

It is an accepted norm worldwide to follow the culture of the majority in their National identity and important events. Just look at the West... even the stalwart pillars of Democracy like USA, Eng, Canada etc. who preach equality and impartiality to the world seeking the blessings of God incorporated in their National Anthems itself... according the religion of the Majority of population living in those countries, quite rightly. The minority belongs to all other religions accept the fact and respect the culture of majority.! They sing the same national anthem in all events without a fuss, despite their own religious beliefs. Can you say they were forced to do that?

British national Anthem - "God Save the Queen"
USA national anthem - And this be our motto: 'In God is our trust.'
Canada national anthem - "God keep our land glorious and free! "

Did the minorities belong to other religions, ever questioned this as unethical force?

Take the example of Foreign coaches such as Allan Donald, Ford, etc, etc .... do you think they were all FORCED to wear white sarongs /shirts and offer flowers / incense and oil lamps to lord Buddha at the sacred temple and worship with two hands together like all Buddhist do? Then u must be out of your mind.!

Its all a voluntary thing they willingly did ..none could force anyone to do such things they are not obligated to do at all and it was just a pure gesture by individuals and NOT a conversion of any sort (unlike the forcible conversions taking place in this country exploiting the severe poverty of some innocent people).

This is similar to some Buddhist singing carols during Christmas or attending a wedding or a funeral mass in a Church of a good friend.

Don't forget the national team was already in Kandy just before the day the nation SL became the UN picked international center to celebrate Vesak for worldwide Buddhist community. Wat's wrong with seeking some blessings before a big tournament in a country with a vast majority of Buddhist in its population just the day before Vesak ??

In the West Canada ,USA, Eng etc.. they all seek blessings of god in their national anthems itself... many other minorities living in those countries did ever question about that? What about middle est , Bangladesh, Pakistan with rigid Islam customs & India with Hindu religious customs incorporated in their all national activities... ??

Why pick only SL's majority religion Buddhism and Sinhala people to invert every norm commonly accepted in all other nations according to their majority culture?? If it is well accepted ethical practice in all other nations. So there cannot be any such ethical issue just defined to restrict the identity of Buddhist culture of the majority of the population living in this nation SL .!!! Whether u like it or not this is the globally accepted norm that cannot be any different to SL.

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