SLC Continues To Oblige Sumathipala Camp


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You never disappoint me! I was waiting and watching out for you by playing the waiting game. I wanted the dust to settle after our great win against South Africa and more as hope that you may be a true supporter of Srilanka and prove me wrong by posting something good about our win. But of course I never expected any glowing tributes from you because I know how you operate. But I just wanted to bring it to the attention of everyone here about you.

If you are real Srilankan sympathiser as you try to portray to everyone here, there was not even a whimper about our win. To me it was an incredible win since we lost our coach and the manager just before the tour even began. Because any planning they had is been put to disarray by ICC. Thanks to your countryman who was in charge of the game. To me it is a great achievement to beat South Africa two zip. Its almost 4 days since we won but not a single post from you about our win to date. It shows your shallow mindset unable to digest our win and moreover it reflects your true personality. As I was expecting this from you and you didn't let me down by posting yet another negative article about SLC. Why don't to take your Zebra coat off and let everyone here know that you are indeed a jackal (Jackass in my book).

I know you got this site administration fooled since you have been given an open invitation and has become a freeloader and a pest. To me you are a trespasser to an exclusive group who call ourselves as proud to be SRILANKANS!! But you are not. I can't even imagine if anyone who identifies himself as a Srilankan posting articles after articles ridiculing and belittling your board or personal in charge in an indian website? We all know hat will happen.

You can fool everyone maybe few times but not all here are fools. Why don't you go back to your roots and write your daily gibberish in an indian website. Having said I do understand with your limitation no one from your country gives a rats arse about your posting so you are trying to sell yourselves here.

How long can you keep fooling anyone here. Leave this site free of your garbage.

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