Sri Lanka cricketers donate 16 mn for Chennai flood victims

Famous cricket legends Kumar Sangakkara and Muttiah Muralitharan has donated huge amount of money for Chennai floods to help people. Chennai was severely faced by heavy rains and sudden floods. From last one week, people are facing struggles in Chennai including many places in Tamil Nadu


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Here is a sequence of recent exchanges between Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu...

1. Reasonably good relationship in 1970's ...e.g. Gopalan trophy between Tamil Nadu and Ceylon. Natural geographical and cultural connection.

2. Tamil Nadu trains and nurtures the Tamil terrorists groups that destroy Sri Lanka - INCLUDING COUNTLESS CIVILIAN MASSACRES. - THIS LASTS FOR 30 YEARS...

3. Every night, over 5000 Tamil Nadu fishing boats enter SL waters to poach fish - AND CLAIMS THEY HAVE A DIVINE RIGHT TO DO SO!

4. Tamil Nadu puts a BLANKET Ban on all SL related cricketers and officials after Tamil Terrorists were wiped out in 2009. (yes, civilians were hurt as well, but that would not have happened if the terrorists didn't hold them hostage!).

5. Continuing Attacks on SL Buddhist pilgrims on transit and sinhalese expats in Tamil Nadu.

6. Chennai Floods - Murali (family connections and philanthropy) and Sanga (philanthropy and brilliant PR genius!) donate millions.

The question is, are these people civilised enough to recognise this gesture? ... only time will tell.

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Pol Adi, please pull your head in. Don't go into areas which you have no idea about.

Since you don't have that understanding of roots of the racial problems so stick to Cricket. So according to you only Sinhalese Buddhist were the victims? Where were you when your Sinhalese thugs wearing yellow safron who lead the riots against innocent Muslims. Where were you when Sinhala Buddhist thugs desecrated Christian churches? Where were you when your Sinhalese Thugs looted , raped and killed innocent Tamils. If you believe that Tamils were killed because of LTTE you must be off your head. There are so many footages of Sri Lankan army killing innocent civilians bombarded them after declaring no fire zones. Didn't you see the footages of blinfolded men and women shot point blank by Sinhalese army boasting them on thier mobile phones?

I am not interested in Tamil Nadu politics because it doesn't concern me. Because they are only interested in point scoring bu using Tamil Sinhalese issue to boost their popularity and winning the people support. Well you were right about Murali having Indian connection and Indian fishermen entering inside our boardes. They are different issues not related to what happened in Sri Lanka.
I feel sad when people like you talk about Sinhalese are the only ones being victimized when there were racial riots which rocked our country going back to early as 1958 which all started by Sinhalese. If you don't know ask someone who knows these things or do your research before you play the victim card.

I am a Sri Lankan like you who believes that every single person should be treated equally regardless of race or religion. Unfortunately it didn't and people decided to fight it with guns rather than using political means. We didn't have a Maithripala until now. If we had probably it wouldn't have happened.

You need get your facts right before you start writing nonsense like these promoting hatred and using this site for that purpose.

Grow up. Our country is still divided because people like you who are insular and have that racist mindset.

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@ Annoymous : Thank you very much.You wrote what I thought, saved my time.

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Its pretty simple.this is Sinhala majority country no matter what other ltte comments mentioned above. Like in any other country it was majority decide what should do as country. And that power Sinhalese have .And we don't want to concede it. Coz this is the only country where Sinhalese live. So this our country.and who ever not like to our authority they can go to some where else. That's about tamilnadu ,well what I could say is this all tail wagging of tamilnadu coz this is Sri lanak. Had this been Pakistan or a china toiletnadu fellas act as pussies. They tried hard to get their own country in India and once they failed they Sri Lanka for it. Dream on!!!. But you will get nice lesson once you try for it. Already velu p*nday got it.

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