Sri Lanka vow to lift fielding standards

The national cricket team left for Champions Trophy yesterday promising to raise fielding standards. Fielding woes have cost the Sri Lankans dearly during their recent bilateral series against South Africa and Bangladesh and Angelo Mathews’ side has been termed world’s worst fielding unit.


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I love to believe what's on this article. Especially the words from Ford. Even he thinks they have done more work on fielding, it's a Pie on the sky as far as I am concerned. No matter how many drills or boot camps Srilalanka going to conduct focusing on fielding, player like Tharanga will always remain as exception to the cause because he will never going to move on to be even classified as an average fielder. As we all know he is the worst fielder Srilalanka ever had. It's like training a tortoise to be rabbit. It will never happen. Being the most senior player who made his debut almost twelve years ago but still remains where he was as a fielder when he made his debut in 2005.
I know he was picked because of his recent batting but unfortunately he is going to cost us more games with his fielding. Is it worth the risk of having players like Chandimal, Tharanga, Dickwella in one side who are well renowned for their fielding brilliance.

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@ Annoymous (not verified) on May 19, 2017 - 05:55. #1

Your so called "Tortoise" Tharanga had become a "Horse" not a Rabbit man.... hahahaa :()))))) .

FYI, He had taken 8 superb catches came his way starting from 2016 Nov - Zmb tour and had dropped just a couple of catches (as everyone in the team) that fools liker you selectively pick only him to make a big fuss over it. Also, there were no blemishes seen in his ground fielding to be criticized at all and he had saved quite a few boundaries in the outfield as seen in recent series in all formats. Also UT has a very strong accurate throw comparable with any good fielder. (took a couple of run outs with direct hits in recent matches).

Some video footage to brush off your tilted memory. (Thamim iqbals lightning catch)

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HumbugCritic Buster, I am not surprised by your response. It's norm here as we all know you are notorious of having plethora of aliases on tharanga band wagon using this site to promote him. Instead of naming eight catches he has taken its so purile of you that you forgot to mention the dollies he dropped even a school boy cricketer would have caught it with his eyes closed. Like your usual defence putting up useless stats of a player who has proven to everyone that being the worst fielder Srilalanka ever had, your lame argument is not going to stand up or will ever change that fact. He is the worst fielder and maybe you need glasses to fix that blatant blindness. You probably like to think these kind of stats can mask the obvious fact about his credentials as a fielder. I am afraid no one will fall for that.

We are going to see Tharangas magic show in England. As per your comments on an another thread using one of your other aliases which is your modus operandi here. I can't wait to see his brilliant catching and fielding display oops in your own words the "horse with his superb catching " providing something to giggle about our team on the tournament. I can't wait.

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Annoymous (not verified) on May 20, 2017 - 09:49 #1:

Before preaching others why don't you come up with any solid stats or proof to prove your tilted criticism highly generalized picking a couple of bad occasions selectively aiming at one guy ? How do u forget the rest of all who dropped catches regularly more than UT's couple of drops? At least he had taken a few sensational catches to amend his mishaps as seen in the recent footage and in our memory such as 4 extraordinary catches taken in 3rd test vs India in jun 2015 in the few limited opportunities given to him ... what about the rest?
This relentless UT bashing seems reserved for a bunch of a-- holes like you surfing in these forums.

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Annoymous (not verified) on May 20, 2017 - 09:49 #1

Oh man, your wishful thinking speaks for your sick mindset hating upul tharanga.

Keep speculating the pedigree of other posters who irritates you big time, if it helps your sick mind :D.

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Anonymous by default (not verified)on May 22, 2017 - 12:45. #5

Its so interesting that you of all people commenting about mindset. Isn't that funny!! Aren't you that sick man who was promoting racial hatred after a minuscule incident at Ketharama calling your religion is superior than others? BTW when did they let you out of the steel bar cage? When we have people like you no wonder our country will never have peace. Puhul hora. Before you vilify others please look at yourself first!!!!!

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Anonymous by default (not verified) on May 22

Oh boy,of course You are absolutely right man. But the question is it's a case of kalu thatchi calling vattiy Kalu. When a person like you having divisive mindset calling others about others mindset. What kind of joke is that. You made a mountain out of pot hole by calling yourself as so proud to be part of a superior religion thus calling others who have the right to support team they wish as traitors. We did miss you all these while. You have been mysteriously quiet. When did they let you off. When are you going back in again. I may bring some food for you while you spend your time starring at iron bars.
Good try but we keep catching you. At least be bold and reveal yourself who you're and what you stand for instead of being a sniper.

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Anonymous by default (not verified) on May 22, 2017 - 12:45.

I am not a Tharanga supporter or hater but couldn't help myself laughing at the this thread about both you and other annoymus going at each other. Let the truth be known that our side is one of worst fielding side among the test playing nations. But it's true tharanga is the worst fielder we have with chandimal being the closest second.

I wish you should read the articles on Island and Ceylon Today by renowned sports writers about Tharangas fielding. I think it's about time people like you accept the facts rather than casting aspersions on others who have different opinions to you. I do understand you are hero worshipping a single player thus you take it as a personal insult. I have been reading negative comments about other Srilalankan players here but I didn't see any comments about someone else defending them. It's so fascinating that tharanga has a fan group here who always putting posts about him. I find it so childish and immature of you to resort to personally attacking the person rather than putting up your defense about your beloved player.

Please stick to the realms of undefined etiquette of being a member of this site rather being a villain.

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