Twitterati burns Russel Arnold after another sly dig at India

Former Sri Lanka all-rounder Russel Arnold took another swipe at India during the ongoing Test series against England, with the hosts looking to make it 4-1 in Alastair Cook’s final game. The commentator who is heavily active on social media stated that the maximum number of Test matches Sri Lanka


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Now club Ind learned hard way not to play at Eng 5-test series... Noisy Ind crickets & cicadas, just limit only to English county cricket... Ha Ha Ha, Arnold is right again, 1-4.

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Not sure where Russel is going with this mission.

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Russell must have purchased acquired some substances to smoke whilst in NSW and started becoming like next Sanjay....Both underachieved as players and rather dull and boring in media so need to gain attention this way.
Some have wit and humour others like these two look like complete tools and wankers!

The last thing you need is an ex player whom is in media spot light creating unnecessary nonsense for a side that is in redevelopment also...and one that was supposed to be director of their T20 comp (if it ever gets going again like first proposed too)

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I agree, Russel should have known what is coming at him. Should have pulled his head in after the first twitter. No one in the media who is not an indian would dare to comment against india. I think it was in the 2nd test there was some argy bargy between few indian players and I believe it was Josh Butler who was mouthing off to them. Nasser Hussain who himself an Indian while commentating said" There goes Josh's IPL contract"!! There were other instances too in NZ few years ago when one NZ commentator made a disparaging remark about india to which the fellow commentator said "Do you know this game is being televised to india live'? To which his response was a retracted "Oh I didn't mean it that way.. I don't want people to get confused about what I said". It clearly shows anyone who is not an indian is so s**t scared to say anything against Indians even it was a well founded opnion.

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Good point about Nasser. Some Indian idiot started arguing with me on instagram of all places after that comment. He was claiming Nasser was racist against India and he got made when I reminded him Nasser was born in Madras and Indian origin! And that his argument with another word such as biased rather than racist would be more plausible.

I don't see need for commentators to be so scared of not getting work with BCCI. The fan backlash will come regardless come hard to teach fanatical idiots. The good commentators like Holding and Ian Chappell don't hold back in criticism of India where it is warranted. They couldn't careless about working under censorship of BCCI or fans trying to attack them!

If Russell was tweeting constructive criticism of their performance where it was warranted fine. But stirring up trouble with tweets like this in an attempt to be funny is idiotic and on same level as those trolling him!
And it is a stupid tweet as you can ask how many times have SL played 3 or more tests in a series in England? Was it 3 test series in 2002 (England winning 2-0) and 2011 (drawn 1-1). Would be nice if Arnold tweeted and asked ECB and SLC why has SL only been getting 2 test series in UK of late!

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