Upul Tharanga: 11 facts about the consistently inconsistent Sri Lankan batsman


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We need an Indian to tell us about what all Srilnakans already know. I find that amazing an Indian can bag a Sri Lanka not but we never really read or hear about them bagging thier own. It's also interesting that the writer feels it's responsible journalism and of public interest to reveal tharagas personal life which he has mentioned as rumours.

When we all know how IPL is conducted and all those parties which goes on where anything and everything is you can think of happens. We don't need an Indian to cast aspersions on our own.

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Well whatever we know about tharanga is validated by the author. It is a really disgrace to our national pride to have someone like useless upul keep getting call ups to play where players who should be in the side being ignored. It's a known fact that tharanga's best is a past history. What is worse is that he is appointed as the captain when his place in the side is not warranted.

Until player like tharanga is selected ahead by brushing off players who deserve to be in the side we can expect the same performance from our side. Because tharanga is just a passenger and he weighs down others.

When are we selectors going to learn?

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When we have a player who has several fundamental flaws in rudiments of cricket is made captain of the side, he makes us all srilankan as laughing stock. As a coach what you don't want from a player you teach tharanga is a classic example. Bad runner between wickets and sets a bad example as fielder.

He averages twenty something in his carrier and that will be his contribution to the team. Just score twenty runs once in awhile to go with single digits or ducks.

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@Anonymous 3, 2017 - 03:32. # 2 & #3

Before insulting a player, get your facts right man. Indian Johnny Walker who wrote the article seems no different.

you are talking about SL's single digit master Kuusal Perera (26 av), Not Tharanga.

FYI, This is Tharanga's record as No1 Opener in odi batter with 151 in - 4,902 runs

@ 34.27 Average Under 160 ins, UT @ No1 opener has world's highest 50+ (38) scores including 13 tons, 2nd highest HM Amla has 34 x 50+. Only Amla (SA) had scored 1 ton (14) more than UT at No1 (13 tons)


Kjp (av26) in Odis. 65+ consecutive chances were wasted on him over 3 yrs. Thar was more than enough for anyone to build some skill in survival & consistency, if have any potential to do so. Still his average in mid 20s!

KJP : 65 in / 1635 runs / 26.37 av with 3x100 (vs BD,Ire,Pk)- 8 x50. As an opener, Kjp caused immense damage to SL upfront in nearly 50 % of his total innings. Kjp's single-digit scores that ended under 10 balls were 27 innings that yielded scanty 105 runs for SL @ 3.88 Av - 51 SR.

The scandalous question is why he was persisted with for 3+ yrs? UT's opening career was paused for 3y (@ 28years) to put Kjp. Just compare UT's impressive batting record in most recent 2 yrs since 2011 to mid 2013 Axing: 58 ings/ 1,865 runs /35.18 av with 5x100 - 10 x 50. Isn't it outrageous to wipe 3 years of such a productive experienced opener's career, to persist with a total failure?

BTW, since KJP was planted to fail since mid 2013, Tharanga was given just 4 solitary Odis to Open. scattered over 3 yrs. Last odi was the first one he was given as opener after 2+ years since 2014 solitary chance. So who is the real culprit here?

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We all know how many runs Tharanga is going to make in a match. You guessed it right. Twenty. His average suggests that. We are talking about someone who has been persevered with after so many failure. If selectors had any grey matter they should remove him now before he makes a mockery of our national pride.

Comparing Tharanga to Kusal is like comparing Apples and Oranges. We know what Kusal can do, because he has the X factor. Tharanga even on Viagara cant clear the in field because he severely lacks power hitting. It is like asking a sloth to run. It is never going to happen. We all know that. And the poster #4 who wasted his time putting up pointless stats should have known this too. Move him on. He had his chances, his best is well behind him.

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Here we go again. Another concocted stat from upuls support group. When are you guys stop writing pointless stats about tharanga. We don't see anyone promoting a single player here by fabricating stats to make him look good. We don't need any stats. We have seen him play and that is a real worry. Where are we heading by giving him an opportunity where there are so many deserving players are being ignored and continuously ignored.

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When we see players like Lahiru Milantha, Amila Aponso, Yashoda Lanka , Bhanuka Rajapakshe, Isuru Udanaanka making headlines in the current local competition one has to ask why none of these players are not playing in the senior side? We are at the lowest ebb currently. We can't go any lower than this. For those people who argue why you want to bring in the young players? Take a look around every test playing team , they are all infusing the side with young players but we do the opposite. We dust off the cobweb and bring back players who have been given opportunities after opportunities like Tharanga and keep delivering what they are good at Failures.

I am not so sure our gym junkie selector even watches our local competition before he makes call. Its clear to me the mirror man Sanath like to watch himself in the mirror admiring himself rather than do what he was tasked to do. If he has an iota of decency he should resign with dignity in tact before it becomes a disaster for our side. Clearly the man is not up to the task. His selection leaves more question than answers. Not sure under what criteria each players are selected. It should be horses for courses rather than one glove fits all. I still trying to fathom why Kusal is not in the side? People talk about Chandimal being a failure. Take the gloves off him play him as a batsman results will come because he has what it takes. I have seen enough of him to suggest he is good enough for the one day and Test sides. But I am yet to be convinced whether he should be in the T20 side. That is an argument for a another day.

To all those knockers who keep putting posts about Chandimal should cast the mind back to the batting display against the formidable world cup winning Australian side @ SCG. He almost got us over. His form slump is easily reversible. Bring in Kusal, let him keep and relive Chandimal off being the gloveman and remove Tharanga from the team. You will see the difference.Instead of barking at the wrong tree make constructive comments rather than being distructive.

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To all those who watched yesterday's game. Tharanga has made it known how good he is against the short pitched balling. South Africans kept peppering him with short ones until he succumbed. To the selectors who should know more than us about a players weakness and strength should have known this before they selected the side.

There are two things everyone needs to consider.

1. As a captain of the side he should have taken more responsibility as a leader of the batting since he is not only the captain but most senior player in the side rather being reckless indiscipline with his shot making. He should have been out long before he was if not for the fielding of South Africa.

2.It was a deliberate ploy by the South Africans to pepper him with short balls because they knew Tharanga is suspect against short pitch balls. As it was pointed out by Shaun Pollock. Since it out in the open every time every team is going to do exactly that. With the Champions Trophy being held in England we can expect the same kind of attack by the bowlers against Tharanga.

Is anyone is going to tell me its a good move to have Tharanga in the side moving forward?

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I think its about time selectors made the call before our team becomes part of of ridicules like Trump who keeps serving us with. I think selectors should reconsider Tharanga, Pathirana, Asela Gunaratne positions in the team. Are they suitable for this caper? I admire with his bowling. Asela would be good in English conditions. Its all about options and who can make a difference. Its not about capability of a single player.But we have Dasun who is much better player with his clean hitting. After playing him in one match they keep ignoring Vandersay. I believe with his batting he should in the squad. I don't think Tharanga should be persisted with considering we have Danuska Gunatilake, Lahiru Milantha Sadun Weerakody, Dilshan Munaweera who are more dynamic than Tharanga.

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Here we go again - the Tharanga sage! The good thing now is we can stop talking about his past and start talking about the current tour and captaincy under which we have got thrashed mercilessly!

So folks how do we reckon the most senior batter in the side, with x amount of hundreds and double hundred stands somewhere in the past, currently hiding in the middle order away from SA pace attack in tests, perform on this SA tour? Well he got some decent starts in the one dayers after finally coming out and opening the batting - I guess some would say that is enough to captain the team in all forms of cricket for the foreseeable future!

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