Upul Tharanga lifts Mohammedan to top spot

Upul Tharanga's 77 helped Mohammedan Sporting Club to an eight-wicket win over Abahani Limited in Mirpur. The victory put Mohammedan at the top of the table with ten points, while Abahani slumped to their third loss in six outings.


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He should have born in another country for sure ..:))

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Yes.Somalia!!!! He should be made captain. Because he will always be a Captain of a sinking ship. Somalia would be ideal because he could Captain to lead the pirates. To sink ships!!!

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He is a very good player against mediocre attack. Did any bowler with some substance played against him? If it was its a noteworthy performance. I still don't think Tharanga is good enough to be in the one day squad.

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Wow.! 77*, 90*,47, 71, 70 from 6 innings... what a stunning performance! Batting at No3 and helping his side to win 5 matches to grab the Top spot of premiere league championship. Undoubtedly an eyeopening bold reminder to SL's useless selectors, who continuously overlooked our only guy (remaining)... who had proved his match winning skills in numerous occasions over 10 years.

Upul's 2016 SL-PL Super 8 consistency, scoring 561 runs @ 70 Av with 3 big consecutive Tons 111, 139, 172 & 2 x 50+ and the above performance CONSISTENCY showed in Dhaka PL, puts him in the top bracket seen from any SL batter for a long while.

Its a shame that they are wasting such an assert in our resources like this.

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Yet more runs from a prolific Upul Tharanga - as if taunting the SL selectors with his batting form - while the SL team struggles in England.

Tharanga's 46 and 48 in the 3rd Test vs Pakistan at Pallekele, batting at 3 in Sangakkara's absence, should have convinced the then Kapila-led selection panel that Tharanga should have been retained for the India series that followed. Instead, Tharanga was left out and recalled only for the 3rd Test (again when Sangakkara returned to England) - this time to open the innings on an unplayable SSC greentop. And then discarded.

It appears no matter how many domestic runs Tharanga had scored, he would not have been selected for the England Tests. After all Tharanga was not selected by Sanath and Co. for the NZ Test tour in 2014 despite match-winning knocks of 92 and 45 vs Pakistan at SSC beforehand.

Both Tharangas - Upul Tharanga and Tharanga Paranavitana - can feel hard done by missing out on the England tour, especially as the team us crying out for an experienced number 3.

It seems domestic form counts for nothing when it comes to SL squad selection.

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Upul should be picked first. I demand SLC selectors to make him as a captain. I want all Upul supporting group Anon, MDK August Caesar, See-through, Nick White camp outside SLC head quarters and and chant slogans against the new Wahapalanaya government and put up bannners threatening starve to death until Tharangas reinstatement. And made captain.

I know it will be the only way we can get this new day Bradman back into Srilankan side. I along with my lovely wife love to help but we are planning my moves and do a Houdini how to escape from FCID and possible jail.

We could ask our comrade the rear admiral the fearless leader but he is out of the country in Uganda enjoying the reunion of dictatators. So you won't get any help from there.

So I insist we fight until we get what we want one way another. Look at me I came with nothing now I use platinum shavers to trim my goatee. Believe me it's hard work and my wife doesn't like it either.

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Need to give chances to young players like Kushal Mendis, Niroshan Dickwella and Dhanuska G. rather than player with avg less than 30 against top 8 teams in Test cricket. Tirimanne and Tharanga are burden to SL Test cricket

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Srimal S:

You forgot one thing, while all these happening in your dream world... SL cricket is sinking to the bottom, faster than a life size lead replica of yourself :) BTW next time use a Bic razor to trim your goatee and ask your wife to hold the mirror in front :D

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K.L #7:

Didn't you know Tharanga was laid off for 7 years without playing a single test , since his debut years 2006/7 . Do you know he scored 400 runs with 40 Av from 5 random tests given after comeback from 7 years of isolation, (before axing for the 3rd time within a brief stint of 6 tests). Didn't you know that he was the highest batting contributor in the decider of the last Test series SL won against a formidable side PK in Aug 2014 ? to be axed from Nz squad.

These runs were scored against world's best seamers of SA & PK with 82, v SA, 92, 45, 46, 48 V Pk. Just from 5 tests. Only a fool would compare Upul with endless chances given failure Thirimanne. For the past couple of years how many match winners we saw among the endless chances given useless bunch?

If you go by the records against top teams, no one in the current bunch would be in the squad. except mathews. BTW if you go by stats Kusal Perara should have been dumped two years ago.

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#8 Anonymous. Thanks for the compliments. If you have followed my political journey you know I am always here for the Janathawa. You need to ask Donkey Moon. I stopped him from doing what he wanted. These poor guys August Ceaser, Anon, See-through are trying their hearts out trying to get upul tharanga in to our national team by posting comments, stats, headlines from a tournament on one cares about but no one here is supporting them. So as you know I am always here for the janathawa so I couldn't watch this so baddecided to support them.

You know that I did everything for my fearless leader, the Comrade, Rear Admiral asked me to do. As you know I am not that smart, I was given a task with clear work instructions sometimes programmed in to me so I just followed. Of course I had help from my beloved brother Purvin Silva, but now he has jumped ship. With FCID vultures circling I am not the person as I was before. Hopefully with some help from master of trickery I might do a Houdini.

I hope you know me as part of LPFA (loot posses fradulant alliance) I wanted the Janathawa to know I did everything to create headlines so people along with media came to watch me. But I was not interested in the outcome or putting my name on newspaper headlines. When my name appeared on first page it was media's problem. Same as if Srilanka cricket sinking to the bottom it is not my problem. I only appeared on streets because I want to create awareness to the janathawa. You conveniently forgot having UT would also have the same effect.

About using BIC razor? You are insulting me. With the money I posses I don't use cheap blades which kind of reminds me of my bad old days. Which I don't like to remember which includes sharing the toilet with a stranger's because we never had a toilet. Why you think I had facial hair? Because I couldn't afford a blade those days. If you want I could get you a platinum plated blades if you want. BTW why do I need any wife to hold the mirror? I have mirrors everywhere in my palace. Even above my toilet seat.

To Julius Ceaser, See-through.. please take your family and friends to SLC head quarters and start a hunger strike. I try to be there with my lovely wife to join if the FCID don't arrest me.

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