World's most frequently failing opener - 19 single-digit scores in 40 ODIs

9 Times Kusal Perera has been dismissed in the 1st over of an innings in ODIs - the most by any batsman since Kusal's debut. Kusal's duck in this match was his 19th single-digit score in 40 ODIs as an opener. No opener has gotten out under 10 runs, as frequently as him. who played at least 30 inning


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Good for SL ...:)) Keep going... Blitz-FULL success will dawn once in every 24 innings
(just 2 match winning blitz from 48 innings). Other 40+ innings including WC Quarter Final dumped on rest of the batters, who followed to swallow.!

Poor Sanga did that in numerous occasions up to retirement, since world's most experienced number one batter Upul Tharanga was sent on "compulsory leave" by honorable Jayasuriya for 2+ years (in July 2013),

Upul was deservedly REWARDED with 2 year layoff, just 4 weeks after topping 5,000 runs as 2nd FASTEST in SL & putting up his career best unbeaten knock of 174* in Kingston & winning his ELEVENTH MoM award from 157 ins (1 in every 14 ins - the best among current SL players, next best is Chandimal won 5 out of 88 innings,..(Ratio 1:18), Thirimanne 2 matches ot of 78 ins (ratio 1:39), Angelo Mathews 7 out of 133 ins (Ratio 1:19), Kusal's ratio is just 2 matches out of 45 ins (1:22)! No need to say about the other 43 matches.

Tharanga's career stats in the most recent 4 year period from 2009 to July 2013,
@ that point when SL regular number One (Upul Tharanga) was dumped to make room for Kusal Perera:

2009- 2013 July:
4 yr period up to 2013 July - Opener Tharanga's overall form at a glance

UT had played 90 in - 2,808 @ Av 37.12 - SR 76.88 with 7 X 100+ & 19 X 50+

YET DROPPED for 2+ years, without any internationals (except for 5 random ODIs)
These are FACTS backed with stats!

The strangest thing is, even now it is happening allowing just 3 odis @ number 4. Obviously, taking off without allowing any breathing space to settle & convert his starts as seen during the hand picked 5 odis given to him in past 2 yrs!

It seems honorable Marvan is continuing the good work of honorable Sanath (so both openers can secure their records intact, because @ 28 UT had already achieved the milestones they managed in their mid thirties) ;D))

Now no Sanga... no MJ to comfort us.! it seems, for the Cricket fans like us, who truly love & care about SL, will have to swallow this bitter pill somehow forever..!

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MDK Julius Cesar, keep venting. I understand you are frustrated because Kusal has taken your favorite player's mantle. No matter how much you or your friend in need Amila Saman et al keep bringing old stats about Tharanga is not going to bring any joy to our team. Because Tharanga is unfortunately like his stats is old history. Even he gets to play in all future one dayers his average is going to hover around 20 something. So don't bring this lame excuse that because he was left out for the past two years he would have made any difference to our team is trying to tell a blind person the world is square. I think it's time you and your friends stopped this pathetic bulwark.

You are just making yourself a fool. It's enough. Let's support the next generation they need it because they are the future of our nation.

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Truely Kusal does not deserve a place in any international team, yet I think he should play for Sri Lanka.

At the moment we don't have any pure batsman who can win us ODI matches, lets not talk about bowlers. We have got bits and pieces players and out of those Kusal is the only one who seems capable of getting us to position where we can dominate. Kithruwan looks promising though.

Leave Kusal out and play someone else, yet I don't think we could win matches. we will perform better but most probably fall short of winning line. I think this is a desperate gamble taken by decision makers.

It was very evident on the second ODI. That initial blitz gave the momentum to just reach the target.

Upul Tharanga deserves a place, but not in this team. He can play with a team where there are powerful middle - later middle order batsmen.
Chandimal's place is secured now because of wicket keeping. IF Dilshan retires soon, UT can play his role. However it looks very unlikely to happen soon.

This is a desperate measure taken by a country which has not produced a "PURE" batsman after Sangakkara made debut.

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Enough with Tharanga. Seriously...he has played the prime position in the batting line up for more than 160 matches but look at his average, 33.17. He managed to maintain his average above 30 only with the teams like Bangaladesh,Zimbabwe,Netherland,England,Bermuda, his average is below 29 with all the cricketing nations.

Seriously. He has no cricket brain..lot of technical issues and lack of techniques. Get rid of this ad before it’s too late.

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We need impact players like kusal + one explosive opener in our team, You can't judge these kind of players by numbers. For a fact we did only win one match in this tournament and that is because of Kusal, what we have to do is let him play without worrying about his place in the team, that is how Jaya-Kalu played when they have given the green light to play freely by whatmore and Arjuna

What lack in out team is attacking mindset, Yes you may lose some matches initially but when it clicks it will give great results. All the great oneday teams had attacking mindset like the Sri Lankan team in 1990s, Australian team from 1999-2007, Indian team from 2007 and the current new zealand team.

Sri Lanka now play boring cricket neither which will win the matches nor entertaining

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@ cricexp @ Jason:

Why are you lying? his average is below 29 ONLY against Australia, South Africa (similar to most other current batters & past players) & Pk (due to the recent few innings played after 2 year layoff), among ALL Test playing nations!

I have a question for you, How many ODI batters do we have 30 years or less, with;

1) 150+ ODIs & over 5,000 runs OR
2) over 33+ batting Average OR
3) with 41 x FIFTY plus scores including 13 x ODI Hundreds?

The Batting Consistency Record has nothing to do with batting position of any batter played in top-order (especially 1-4) in a 50 over! So Upul's batting position has nothing to do with his CONSISTENCY, shown throughout his career as follows:

- Topping 1,000 from just 28 innings (fastest 1k runs scorer in SL)

- Topping 5,000 from just 157 innings (2nd fastest 5k scorer in SL).

For your information: UT had gathered 2,808 @ Av 37.12 - SR 76.88 with 7 X 100+ & 19 X 50+ scores from 90 inns during 4 yr period up to 2013 July, until he was BLOCKED for TWO YEARS!

When UT was axed in July 2013, UT's career SR 74.20 & Sanga's SR was just 75.60.

Since then every batter massively improved their SR /Av utilizing the NEW field restriction RULES came in, including Sanga. He had 11 x 100s -20 x 50s & MASSIVELY IMPROVED his Av & SR within PAST 2 Yrs, while UT was in the DUMP!

Look at how Sanga improved his Av & SR during past 2 years:

Sanga 2000 -2012: 316 in - 10915 r - 38.56 Av - 75.60 SR - 14 x100 - 73 x50
Current 2015: 41.98 Av - 78.86 SR - 25 x100 - 93 x50

Kusal had already played more than 1/4 (45 innings) of UT's TOTAL career innings (172), but look at Kusal's pathetic record, just 980 runs @ 23 Av from 45 innings.!!!!

After wasting 45 innings, he couldn't yet even manage 1000 runs! Upul managed his first 1000 runs in just 28 innings as SL's FASTEST to do so in history, to date.

also, don't forget, he maintained that consistency up to robbing his place by Kusal in 2013, by recording SL's 2nd Fastest to top 5k runs, just before axing!

Why do we want to persist with an opener who could only maintained a career record, SIMILAR to a specialist-bowler bat as a tail-ender ? Just look at our pace-bowler Dhammika Prasad's career stats: 22 Av & 88 SR (Strike Rate).

This proves, even any slogging capable tail-ender like, Prasad, Malinga, Kula etc. can do the SAME THING - & become SO CALLED IMPACT PLAYER (with occasional 10-25 ball BLITZ) as Kusal Perera, on their day!

@ Jason:

So WHY DO WE have to PERSIST WITH SUCH A PLAYER to continue the MISERY SL suffered during past 2 years under Sanath? Wasting 25 SL ODIs (including WC QF) to get a SOLITARY IMPACT (probability proven by performances) ..... has become a real joke around the world! :D))

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