Plotting the pal's ouster?

Plotting the pal's ouster?
The article above was on Daily Mirror. This is what Kumar Sangakkara said about it on his Facebook page: "Hi Guys - For those wanting a good laugh, read this latest gossip article in the newspaper today. Apparently I am plotting to remove the best captain in world cricket and one of my best friends! Haha. Amazing. Anyway, don't worry, we are used to such distractions, especially before big tournaments. We'll focus on our ICC WT20 preparations and ignore such nonsense. Cheers, Sanga"


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All I can say is, ONLY IN SRI LANKA!! They only wish that Sanga and Mahela were fighting.. Idiots.

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I admire Sanga for being the most consistent Sri Lankan batsman in recent times, and for being a great ambassador for our country. I am an ordinary cricket fan, and have been following the careers of most SL cricketers closely. Felt like penning a few lines to bring this whole thing into perspective.

When I read this article in question, I was disappointed for the sake of Sri Lanka cricket. I am not privy to inside information, and have to go by bits and pieces of information in the media.

Let me tell you why I feel there is some fire amidst all the smoke based on logic. When Sanga's pal, the maestro was forced to resign, Sanga accepted the top job. Nothing wrong with that, since Sanga deserved it. But this led to a rift with his pal, and the better halves stopped sitting together.

When Sanga graciously resigned from the job after the big event, the maestro probably got over his hangover, and the two became close once again, the better halves were seen together a few times, the crabs were born, provided a bit of joint resistance to Sanga's successor, etc.

But however much one tries to have a squeaky clean image, there are instances when it is seen that no one is a saint. (Was it Peter Roebuck who said this, after the Lord’s speech?). The dumping of one mobile operator to embrace a new entrant - the billboards round the country displayed inconsistency in principles, IPL attraction, launching an Editor’s book, and discreetly and sometimes publicly promoting the cause of the prince in waiting for the Captaincy.

Is it selfishness or standing up to what one feels is right? We sincerely hope it’s the latter.

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my thoughts ;
what evidence is there that Mahela was mad with Sanga during Sangas tenure. i have never seen or read anything which supports this. if we do not have "inside info" better to keep quiet than to gossip about what may or may not be true.

its pretty common that ladies of best pals do not get along ; its also common that best pals continue to be best pals inspite of this. ; this really does not matter ; as long as sanga and mayya is friendly and 'sitting together' we shdnt care what the ladies do.

no one is a saint. but that doesnt mean we should idly chatter about them. Sangas 'mistakes' in his other spheres which do not impact his friendhsip with mayya is not relevant to this topic.

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This reporter never had a best friend, I can tell you that much! This is nonsense!

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The mainstream media has become a real circus of late: its lies, half-truths and innuendo.

Lets guess who Sanga met recently at the Cricket Cafe - Aravinda de Silva, Ranjith Fernando and of course the one and only Rex Clementine.

Why cant Sanga meet his club mates for dinner, does it mean he's plotting against Mahela? Absolute nonsense is an understatement.

Sports journalists in the country judge cricketers by their own conniving standards!

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Daily Mirror is one of the worst tabloids in the country. On their site most of the articles are in broken English and the good articles they put on their site are copied from other sites. Daily Mirror should not be thought of as a news paper.

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