Sam Collins on Manjrekar comment on SL team

Sam Collins on Manjrekar comment on SL team
Manjrekar is a fool...


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20 November 2008
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This is the interview where Manjrekar says Sri Lanka is "not known to be a great T20 team":

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8 April 2011
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Well we could:
1. Get angry and go mental on the comments like the Ajay Jadeja article....
2. Or just say "B**** Please" who is in the final and who is sitting at home watching it?


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15 March 2012
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I have no idea why Sanjay Manjrekar is soo jealous about SL cricket

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What can you expect from a biased, jingoistic Indian commentator. Guys, check out 500 odd comments on cricinfo, some from jealous Indian fans. During the super 8s, they (Indians) said Sri Lanka will get thrashed by West Indies... didn't happen. Then they said England pacers will roll over us... didn't happen. Then they said Pakistan spinners will run through our poor batsmen... didn't happen. Now they (Indians) are saying Gayle or Watson will wallop Sri Lanka in the final. Aiyooo... Indians stoop so low.

They cant stomach the fact that we, a tiny Island nation with a population of only 20 million (30% the size of the population of Tamil Nadu: 72 million), are in the final (4th final of the last 5 world cups) and India are out from the super 8 stage, third consecutive humiliation in T20 world cups and fourth exit in the group stages of the last 5 world cups. Five seasons of IPL and yet cant reach even the semi-final, third time in a row now.

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^ For starters he is Indian

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19 October 2011
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just hold on one more day fellas :)

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14 April 2012
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He is entitled to his opinion even though its very strange.
Facts : SL is ranked no.1 in T20 rankings, got to semis in nearly all T20 world "cups" including this time.
you can argue that it doesnt mean that they are the best but surely one of the best.
i think this is half a case of familiarity breeding contempt where we have played India too much recently and not had good results. we seem to have a mental block in playing them and SM seems to be basing his judgement on that alone. plus jealousy. :)

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Sanjay no need to be jealous about SL cricket. We beat SL in and out every time. I dont know why you guys make it out large its his opinion.

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Who is SANJAY MANJREKAR just and ordinary cricketer and and ordinary commentator like Jadejy. these type of guys are useless and always bias. when commentating this idiot expresses rubbish, know nothing about cricket.INDIA is the weakest team played in this T20 competition. BANGLADESH cricketers played far better than this fool's favourite INDIA. sometime back when srilankans went on a tour to SOUTHAFRICAN a former SOUTH AFRICAN captain KEPLER WESSELS also made a foolish idiotic comment on srilankan team and finally he had to eat his own comments. anybody can make any comment and cricticize any team but it should be done beyond doubt, without jut telling everything coming to his dirty, rotted,polluted stinking mouth.
foolish man SANJAY you are a shame to your foolish country and to media. keep your filthy mouth shut.

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25 January 2011
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Not only sanjey manjekar, even gunguly in star cricket studio, every time sri lanka playing he always saying other country have a good chance to win, specially he said it in west indies match and also in semi final, all the prediction he mentioned were wrong at the end of the day. if i was gunguly, i will never come to the studio again, what a shame.

and also we have to tell all those idiots who always say something to sri lanka team, we dont need a big hitter like chris gayle or watson because we have the class in batting, see how mahela read the pitch and played yesterday, and we dont want six, fours will do the thing, and even if the six is 105 meters or 70 meters it's a six. and we dont need big guys to get the wickets, we have the skinny kulasekara and malinga to do the duty than them.

And one important thing we dont want any one batsmen or bowler go out and play a big part and win a t20 match, srilankans showed how to win t20 match as a team, that was their strength throughout this tournament. way to go lankans, this time we will be the winners, we all are with you

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