Do you agree with the PARROT MALINGAs statement of Drop catches want loose u matches?


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1. PARROT Malinga again proved to us why he is the best fielder in the SL team.

2. PARROT Malinga again proved us why drop catches want loose u matches.

3. PARROT Malinga again proved why he is a good bowler now days.

4. PARROT Malinga again proved why he can talk like a parrot

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What ever the out come is been ovcured its because where the authorities try to keep the players away and put the slaves in thats whats happened parrot malinga would miss catchess ur genuine monkey lord will ruin our cricket

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Sri Lanka cricket lacks passion, aggression to name a few, the youngsters have forgotten how hard it was to get test status. I these as a major problem in the present side,

1.Lack of quality left arm fast bowler like Vassy, you can't forever say Vass was one of you will never get another these are lame excuses, about Murali the logic maybe true. Sri Lanka can't get the early wickets which Malinga normally produces but you need others stepping up as Malinga seems to have lost his edge.

2.Why Sri Lanka cannot find a genuine leg spinner like shadab, Rashid, or even other Pakistan leg-spinner we will never know, You need wicket taking bowlers in the middle overs maybe we can't find a mural that's understandable but we could find a couple of spinners like the ones mentioned.

3. Team lack aggression on the field a little place at the batter and few words muttered towards them would kindle that competitiveness.

4. Top order Batsman not converting starts repeatedly getting out after scoring a fifty etc

5. I will not talk about fielding but one thing I will say is an ordinary side can be world beating side if they were a brilliant fielding unit, ex - 1996 side had a brilliant batting side, Murali, and Vass but because of their fielding the other average bowlers became feared by opposition, sadly the present team needs to understand this logic sooner the better.

You have to be mature after all you can't say pressure and drop all the catches, if you analyse Sri Lanka's losses all the catches they have dropped have been from the main batters who eventually would win the game for the opposition starting back when Sanga was paying that is 2015 at Wellington Kane Williamson 242 dropped by Pradeep, herath, etc

Sometimes fans would wonder if there is some underhand power pressuring the fielders to drop these catches that we are unaware of.

Sri Lanka cricket is in a real bad state and they will have to qualify for the next world cup unless things improve rapidly but can't see that happening.

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Who cares about SLC, better to watch parrots fly

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Following is the comment I made in response to the article "මාව එපා නම් බෑග්එක අරගෙන ගෙදර යනවා: මාලිංග" published on 06/26/2017.

Malinga talks a lot, but has no guts to admit that he is not 100% fit and slow on the field. How many times the SA and Indian batsmen ran "twos" when the ball went to Malinga. He keeps talking about what he has done to the country which I think is very unprofessional.

We all know that he has done a lot of great things for Sri Lanka and all of us are very grateful for those. But that was in the PAST. We should be talking PRESENT now. We don't want personal attacks on each other to be our focus at this time. What we need is a team in harmony to play for Sri Lanka.

Let's forget about "Parrots and Monkeys".

I hope Malinga would quit ODIs and leave other players to focus on cricket. I suggest that we should give an opportunity to Vikum Sanjaya.

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Arrogant PARROT MALINGA should be kicked out of the team immediately along with Joker cum muppet Danushka Goonatilleke who dropped a crucial catch at the Champion's Trophy also like yesterday's catch at Galle. no matter he batted very well yesterday he should be kicked as a precedent to others. these above two ruined our victory yesterday, no excuses for their laziness on the field.

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Malinga never said dropped catches don't lose matches.

Are you Dayasiri's left testicle? Why are you so ready kiss the minister's backside?

Does fitness have anything to do with catching ability?

Even fit players like Danushka Gunathilaka dropped catches. Minister's minions are a bunch of clowns.

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People are focusing on the Minister's statement and not thinking back on why he made the statement he did. SLC put this idiot Malinga (now I can hear howls of protests about 'insulting' a Sri Lankan 'icon', but his performance means nothing if he is a nothing individual with a big mouth) at the head table when the arrival press conference took place and he made the most stupid statement about Catches NOT winning matches and not to blame the poor fielders for dropping Safraz and losing to Pakistan as a result. Garbage! The Minister was right in what he said. All of you saw this pathetic past great bowling 125 kmph, idling on the field and dropping a simple catch. Still want to listen to his big mouthed pronouncements? Go ahead. Road AVENIDA

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