Do you like dilshan munaweera to opening the ODI and T20 for kusal perera's replacement?

74% (72 votes)
26% (25 votes)
Total votes: 97


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4 July 2015
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I'm not happy about kusal perera's banned.This is really done by the Indians.Because 2016 t20 world cup will held in india.And their cricket fans expect,that they are going to be the next t20 champions.If they don't,everyones know what's going to happen next.Therefore they intially removing best players like "Kusal, narine"etc.. But indian players don't have any more problems.Because they are the one who controlling the world cricket.Otherwise "Ravichandran Aswin" also balling illegally when balling carrom ball.

Everyone need to eye on that to reduce those crimes done by INDIA.

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12 June 2014
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@Hamada that's pretty stupid to put KJP & narin into the same conspiracy theory .. narin is a visible chucker , he has a ban before. anybody have visibility can see he is bowling with a bend arm . but KJP case is not visible unfortunately there is no way for the cricketing world to defend him or blame him . we have to trust the pig3 ICC even they are corrupted or SLC should stop playing cricket under ICC .

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SLCricket1 is right in that its hard to compare illegal action banning to that of positive drug testing.

Doesn't ICC have to follow guidelines from WADA in relation to drug testing?

Can anyone please say where the laboratory is that does the testing/analysis/ I haven't seen it mentioned in any articles. Is it a SL lab or does it go overseas?

The actual supervision for collection would have been done obviously in Sri Lanka and likely by a trained Sri Lankan.

I'm not sure of the specifics in this case hence asking someone to share info...I know in general the principles for sports drug testing for international sports in other countries as I have been a supervisor (not pleasant job) and lab tester myself.

Generally for out of competition testing players are asked to nominate a particular "window" period of time where they will be available in the event of a random test needing to be done. It is this that sees the BCCI and Indian players object to some parts of the testing because they worry that disclosing their whereabouts is a security risk.

Anyway when test is required it should be done in privacy. Player can have manager/agent/representative with them for all parts except for actual producing of sample which is witnessed by supervisor.
Both A and B samples are collected at same time from same sample and should be sealed with tamper-proof material in front of athlete along with relevant paperwork.

The A sample is tested. B sample tested if erroneous result or requested to be tested afterwards.

I'm not sure where the samples are sent in relation to Sri Lankan cricketers. Maybe someone else can shed light on this.

Not sure exact details of what KJP has allegedly taken, but bit extreme to say Test result has been fixed in relation to World T20.

Besides KJP is a big loss in that format, if we are to defend the title you need more than 1 match winning player.

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I believe Dilshan Munaweera is the obvious choice. I do agree on the conspiracy theories but how can we prove it? Since ICC is controlled by BIG THREE. I am hoping for the miracle. Since I know Kusal is not stupid enough to take something banned.

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18 October 2009
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You hope Kusal would not be that stupid after all warnings/education they get but what's to say he didn't accidentally consume something due to ill-advise from a trustworthy person like a friend, family or doctor....remember Upul Tharanga.

We'll have to wait for details and findings.

Yes Munaweera seems good choice

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