Do you think Tharanga should be instantly AXED (like recent t20 V SA) whenever he hits a brief lean patch?


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This guy clearly has some issues. Being aggressive with your UT stats here gives you nothing. We are not selectors, convincing us fans, isnt going to select your UT. So what your doing in every article commenting UT stats is pointless.

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@ MDK- It is highly unlikely for Danushka to make that record during his career. This is a joke.! He is already 27 yrs and only one Century he has made so far from 33 odis & average is just 30. The only guy who could have achieved that was UT and he had made sure that by pausing his career (The only year Upul was allowed to play more than 10-15 odis since his axing in 2013 is last year 2017 and he scored nearly 3 centuries (with 90 odd in india). At that rate he could have added at least 6 more Tons during those axed 3 yrs of his career, bringing the total to 21 tons by now.!.

Sanath should know better :)... and Sanath J's concern about saving his own record seems to have jumped out of his mouth somehow at last..LoL

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Dude what's wrong with you? anybody who have a bit of a common sense would know Liyum,FightforRight,MDKJulius Caesar,TVP and some anonymous accounts are the same guy. You are taking things very personal and I think you should seek medical treatment if you continue to do this.

If Upul is a match winner you don't have to create a single fake account to manipulate the stats to make Upul looks like Bradmon. I will tell you some simple facts-

Upul is the most senior guy in the team. He is a specialised batsmen in the team as he cannot ball and he is a lazy fielder. So he should continuously perform in order to retain his place in the team, specially considering we have too many openers knocking the door and waiting outside.

If you take his last 4 years, his ODI average is 39. If you take out Zimbabwe and Bangladesh his average drops down to 33. You still proud of that?

We have won 20 matches in last 3 years but he has never won a MOM award in any of that matches. Kusal Perera has 2,Danushka Gunathilaka has 2, Kusal Mendis has 3, Thisara has 3, Dasun Shanaka has 2. If Upul cannot win us any matches he simply do not deserve a place in the team considering his age, experience and inability of bowling and fielding.

You always brag about his 100 runs making ability, but for last 60 ODI matches he has only scored 2 hundreds(he mostly played as a opener).

You have brought us so many stats here and want us to believe he is the bradmon of cricket but after all of the stats you bring on to the table what is his current ODI rank? His current ODI rank is 44. Even Niroshan Dickwella's rank is 35. You have been saying he has done this and that and he is the only one for us but the truth is his ODI rank is 45. He may be your BF or a hero in your own world, but he is a sour loser for most of the fans around the world.

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UT only can do well against inexperienced SL domestic level bowlers. We clearly so how he struggled against SA bowlers. So don't put stupid comments telling that UT is the best batsman in srilanka.

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Hey Girl Cricexp - before advising me you better seek help for your eternal hallucinations from a good shrink.

Taking out a portion of career stats is called ---manipulation--. Are you accusing me of it while doing it by yourself? Try doing the same for every International player player and see how it pops up you fool... LoL. Sachin Thendulkar's highest career averages are Vs Zmb (82 av) & vs BD (51 Av). Virat Kohli's highest Average is vs BD (82 Av)...!!!

FYI Tharanga has won his latest MoM award (his 13th) in the previous triangular series (Vs BD & WI) decider played in BD. He should have at least won 3 more MoM awards within last year for his 119 Vs SA / unbeaten 112* Vs PK & 95 vs India if the others didn't fell like a pack of cards! The two matches lost to Zmb, where he was not allowed to open (again by Mathews) & sent late in the order @ No4 to let him stranded at the end with two back to back unbeaten 79* & 75* would have easily converted to match winning Hundreds (MoM awards) if sent as Opener.

Without manipulating stats to pick a period from mid 2013 up to 2017 where Upul was axed and given only 25 random solitary chances matches here and there spread over 3.5 years to count his tons, look at the complete picture you idiot.

Out of those random matches ONLY 5 matches he was allowed to Open & 20+ matches he was sent allover in lower order at no 5, 6, 7, 8, & even as 9.! In 2016 England he even made an unbeaten 50*+ & 40 coming @ No7 got stranded, while the top order totally crumbled wasting all overs playing in test mode! He made those 2 tons basically from 25 consecutive innings that he got to bat in top order for the first time after 4 yrs since 2013! This is the FACT that you tried to hide by manipulation!

This is the COMPLETE PICTURE of Ton Making ability

UT : 15 Tons from 217 inngs = 14.4 innings per Century

Even after facing the worst discrimination from selectors, Tharanga's Ton making ratio is still better than our all-time LEGEND Sanagakkara's ton making!

Sanga: 25 Tons from 380 innings = 15.2 innings per Century


Looking at his stats, if he looks like a "Bradman" to YOU, I can't help it Girl! I never said so!!!!

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This guy need help... not worth it cricexp

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This guy posting @ Cricexp is a real comedian gone crazy! he certainly has become so desperate, unable to guard his wicket or balls against some solid arguments. Now this desperate guy is crazily trying to bracket every single poster going against his views in this thread or elsewhere (countless number of different posters)as views posted by a solitary Tharanga fan with numerous profiles!

How FUNNY/CRAZY is his logic to assume/dream such an impossible /impractical thing in real world? Besides, to ASSUME that a senior player like Tharanga has ONLY ONE sole to SUPPORT him ?

Take a look at UT's official FB page. It has 327,000 Thumbs-Up Supporters backing him! But, Funnily this Cricexp guy is even preaching about using commonsense!

No need to say how sickly this guy's desperate effort is; when he has no other means to cover his shame!

I started liking Upul as a batsman very much after watching his superb batting display in recent SLC T20 league matches with so much improvement seen around the wicket stroke play. Especially noticed a massive improvement & new improvises in the leg-side. I will certainly continue to support him, if he keeps up this revamped elegance and maintained consistency.

Cricep, now why are you feebly trying to mop up the Sh*t fell on you after the pointblank technical knockout received from your much hated opponent? But sadly, Cloning Anonymous #21 #26 robots won't help your case dude :)

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According to this brainy fellow CRICEXP's theory, all 72 votes backing for Upul Tharanga so far in this poll also from one-and-only Multi-handed "VISHNU" Julious Ceaserrrrr..... Ha ha haaaa hoooo!

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He is a lazy feilder according to a one lunatic above lunatic. shows that he never watch a cicket match. And for someone 327000 fb likes on ut's page given by a single man. probably that says that one man is a genius.

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And those 2 idiots think tharanga should score 300+ runs every day to be a match winner as others super batsman fails. why these idiots can't think atleast 2 other batsman should score 40s to win a match.

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