Do you think Tharanga should be instantly AXED (like recent t20 V SA) whenever he hits a brief lean patch?


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Cricexp-Hesham -

There is no real argument here in this thread.....
and all anyone could see is a pathetic looser who hates UT & a mega buster who point-blankly deliver technical knockouts to land him FLAT in every post, with factual substance:)))

The unmistakable sign of this girlishly nitpicking looser is, She cannot stand/digest the views supporting UpulT and hates to see anyone speaks against the unending discrimination rendered to that relentlessly victimized player.

This Looser get really annoyed, frustrated & become wildly agitated when unable to fool others by implanting their baseless bogus opinions & malice lies as usual, to attack the player in these forums! When unable to implant such blatant lies to attack or counter any of the factual punches landed to blast those worthless comments, naturally all this looser could do is begging me & the IC admins to stop me... LoL

Hey loser! If you or anyone finds it so hard to digest any of those blogs/polls from me or some others who support UT's case, all you got to do is skip those without reading... simple logic! no one is forcing to read them or trying to convince a looser like you... so why are you crying like a baby, without doing that? ..ha Ha Haa

My advice to Cricexp - few multiple unaccounted, non-verified loser going down the exact same gutter is; No matter how desperate you are to stop me & others who support UT's case, but the simple truth is You will never be able to STOP publishing any independent Views by others, always solidly backed with undeniable factual substance, unlike yours..!

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I don't know others but I wouldn't mind you post here on IC, you provide me the daily dosage of laugh and would really like to troll you and your posts, you are an easy pick, I normally type 2 sentences on your posts and go to sleep next morning when I wake up I can see page size replies from different accounts with the same accent and data.

Please don't stop as there won't be many guys who defend a 34 year old cricketer who cannot ball nor field and who's test average is 31 and has no hundreds against top 7 teams, and ODI average 34 with SR 75 and has single MOM award for past 3-4 years and currently ranked 45 in ODI ranking. And 16 T20 batting average and has never been maintained a average above 40 even in first class or school cricket.

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Cricexp@ - Oh really ? but none of your postings in this thread don't look like that to anyone. ur postings look more like a desperate effort to stop him gone haywire. the latest seems like kissing the hand wished to cut off. LoL

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. i think this is a lesson to be learned for your own sake.

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