Is Dayasiri ruining Malinga carrier?

78% (102 votes)
22% (28 votes)
Total votes: 130


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27 July 2013
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After 3 promising performances in domestic season still they've omitted Malinga!
13*, 2/30

Isn't it clear that Dayasiri and Labroy are playing the role of Monkeys nicely?

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14 March 2015
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The reason here is including Malinga will impact the team unity, he is not really get on with few people in the squad especially with the Captain Dinesh Chandimal.Thats the main reason why selectors opted out the players likes of Kapugedara,Malinga etc, They always tend to demand and not listening to other senior players in the team,This is not a new thing most of all successful captain has done the same. Few examples are,
Fate of Santh Jayasooriya,Chaminda Vass,Marvan Athapattu under Mahela's captaincy.
Fate of Gautam Gambir and few other rising stars in indian cricket team under M.S Doni.
Fate of Kevin Peterson.
List will go on...

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9 November 2012
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Impact team unity? What a load of crock. Stop believing in rumours and gossip. Malinga is respected by all Lankan cricketers specially the younger guys and his knowledge of the game is second to none!!

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14 March 2015
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You need to watch few of his interviews to see how openly he criticize few fellow players..this is the same guy who were proudly saying "I am a international cricketer,I dont belong to any country..i belong to the world",and the same guy who sent the test cricket resignation from India when SL board asked himto return to SL for a test series.

The truth is he lost the IPL contract,now he want to hang in the national team to regain his rhythm,it is the best platform he has to showcase his form to international market.otherwise it is the end if franchise cricket carrier, had he played all these frnchises do you belive he will ever play Sri Lankan club cricket?

Once Arjuna said he didnt pick the best talented squad in 1996 as there were few talented players he opted out but he selected the best 11 who would love to play for the motherland..

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I absolutely agree with Cricexp's comments.

Malinga got what he deserves. He may be a very good bowler but he has no idea how to be a professional sportsman. By criticizing management and other players openly during TV interviews , he violated the contract he signed with the SLC. He is supposed to resolve his conflicts with the management and other players in PRIVATE.

Minister Dayasiri may be determined to teach Malinga a lesson. If it is so, then the Minister is wrong. But, it is Malinga who created an enemy in Dayasiri by insulting him in public.

Doesn't Malinga know the "Golden Rule", PRAISE IN PUBLIC, CRITISIZE IN PRIVATE. Haven't his family and friends advised Malinga during his problems with the SLC? May be Malinga thinks that he "knows it all", a sign of ignorance.

As for the fans, it is time to look ahead and believe that we have young fast bowlers that will do the job that YOUNG MALINGA did for us before.

I thank Malinga for many great moments he provided us in the past.

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You have your metaphors all mixed up Dias ! It is either :

(a) A crock of Shit.

(b) A load of cock.

(c) A load of shit.

A load of crock....does not exist !

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Ravana, load and bunch mean the same thing in this context and that is why that phrase is also widely used.

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