Mathews-hater fans on IslandCricket right now,

Have crawled back under their rocks
66% (49 votes)
Waiting for SL to loose the 3rd Test
34% (25 votes)
Total votes: 74


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15 November 2013
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Useless poll created by a childish fan boy..
No one in their right minds hate Anji..He is still the first pick and the best bat in SL xi in any format..People only criticise Mathews for showcasing bizzare defensive tactics in crucial match situations which have caused SL to lose matches from favourable positions numerous times. No-one wants to see him get sacked. We just want to see him improve as a tactician and lead SL to more victories.

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3 February 2015
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Mathews has let us down in many matches due to his negative captaincy. Pakistan chased down 300+ scores twice in the fourth innings and won those matches.
We need Mathews to be more attacking and aggressive as a captain.
These are one sided matches which show that AUS can't play spin. You will always get wickets with those quality spinners.
We can really measure Mathew's captaincy when the other team is in attacking mode.

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24 March 2014
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I doubt there are Mathews haters in this forum. This series is hardly the one to judge his captaincy capability. Remember we almost lost at Pallekele match. All know that Galle is not a good place to non subcontinental team. I would like also to remind that in Pallekele Captains plan was to play Lakmal instead of Sandakan. I doubt this is what we all had in mind. Luckyly He came good and delivered. One thing he did well in this tournament is the usage of DRS. We might see these kinds of polls in future if Dimuth or Kaushal get century or something like "where are the haters who wants remove Dimuth" or Kaushal". One good innings in 20 odd innings does not make them good players. Final conclusion is Mathews was not challenge in this tournament.

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Real test for Mathews will be when SL go abroad.. time and time again Mathews have shown that he lacks strategy, tactics and spine when chips are down. He has also shown resistance to change and try out new things given the same set of outcomes over a period of time. Specically we should thank our stars for the recent success, that all regular bowlers got injured this time and thus some new comers were included., Otherwise selctors along with him would have gone with the same combination that has proven to fail in the past. He is hardly a proactive captain on (more or less defensive mindset, not trusting players much) and off (in terms of selection strategy, man management, outlook, etc ) the field in all the above sense which is strangely in contrast to how good a batsman he is. Having said that I dont think changing the captain is the solution for atleast forseable future. I hope he learns a thing or two from the recent success and prepare himself for the greater challenges to come. My sincere hope is him becoming a more proactive, aggresive and dynamic captain, taking bold steps when ever the situation demands it.

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19 October 2011
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and yet Mathews has already achieved what the Idols YOU worship( who were apparently) tactical GENIUSES never achieved(series wins vs Eng and AUS) with a way inexperienced squad.

A captain or a coach is only as good as the quality of his players u knumbnuts! :D

Can't help but notice all the Mathews bashes are hardcore fan-boys of Sanga and Mahela who r suffering from the loss of their idols to worship they are looking for a like for like replacement for Sanga and Mahala for them to worship.

I dont mind NOT giving credit to Mathews for the wins, IF he was not blamed for the losses. My problem is BLAMING HIM when loosing and then u'all crawling under rocks when winning and NOT giving him a word worth of credit for the win. LOL

If u blame him for the loss, GIVE him credit when he wins. It's not a one way street.

Your know-it-all, Keyboard-captaining, dumbasses is the reason I left IslandCricket. It has become a place to cry and whine, when SL loose.(mostly for the fans who STARTED FOLLOWING CRICKET IN 2010, and have NO IDEA HOW TO SUPPORT A TEAM IN BAD PATCHES. A pre 1996 fan would know that)LOL

now wait till SL loose the 3rd Test so u can go back to Mathews bashing and keep saying what genius were your idols were..

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"A captain or a coach is only as good as the quality of his players" is utter bs.. :P listen to what Ian Chappell says about Arjuna..

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4 March 2015
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I was actually impressed with Angie's Captaincy this series and his attacking mindset which is a big positive for Sri Lanka Cricket! I hope he continues to learn and develop. His field placing were spot on, and as one person commented above that Angie's real test would be in foreign conditions and when SL is under pressure, how he would respond to a situation like that remains to be seen. However I still feel there are a couple of improvements he could make

When Ajantha Mendis came into the scene and at the Asia Cup final in 2009 he rocked the blockbuster Indian batting line up with figures of 6/13 and he had only bowled like 6 or 7 overs. Mahela took him off the attack and handed the ball to someone else. At the press conference, journalists asked if Mahela is angry with Mendis, and that why did not let him bowl more, so he could have got more wickets. Mahela responded saying that it's a team game and it's not about 1 bowler, but the other bowlers too need the confidence moving forward.

That is something Angie can learn.. If u take Sandakan for example, he is definitely the future of our spin bowling department. After taking many wickets in the first test, he was given very few overs in the second. I am not taking anything away from Dilruwan or Herath as they bowled brilliantly. But I felt Angie could have banked on the youngster a bit more to increase his confidence further and maybe a few more overs from Vishwa Fernando on Day 2 as well.. It's not just only about this match, it's about creating a good group of players and giving them confidence to perform better in the present and the future. That is vital I feel... My opinion though..

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@Athiq Nizam Couldn't agree with you more, I too felt Angie under bowled Vishwa and Sandakan (his excuse in the press conf was the others showed a better chance of taking wickets which is exactly true, but that may impart a negative impact in terms of confidence especially on any newcomer). I believe it is best If Angie could take a leaf out of Arjuna or Mahela's book on man management.

Also "Captain is as good as the quality of his players" is NOT a valid argument anymore.. listen to what Ian Chappel has to say about Arjuna's captaincy..

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Absolutely absurd poll!! No sane person hates angi.... just criticize his tactics ... We all want our team to do well and if angi keeps on improving(as he did in this tour), we are the happiest... We want a good captain, doesn't matter whom... If angi keeps up the good work, all is well... But the real test comes when the team is in a tough position.. we gotta admit that he was not troubled for half an hour throughout this series... The bowlers just did the job... Anyhow, we hope mathews becomes better and better at captaincy.. hes still relatively young and can learn a lot...

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15 November 2013
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@uppercut:For a guy who used to be a sensible poster,you seem to have lost your marbles completely.
Read the comments again boss,do you see anyone comparing Sanga or Mahela's captaincy with Mathews' in them ? In fact, in all the blogs and polls we've seen in IC regarding Mathews' captaincy,I've never seen anyone drawing comparisons.
I ,for one think,Sanga was a rather average captain and Mahela was an above par one.Neither were the shrewd tacticians or attacking masterminds the media make them out to be.Both had defensive mind sets. (whatever Mahela says in contrary)
What we fans want to see is not an extension of the Mahela-Sanga method of sitting back and playing the waiting game,especially with the way test cricket batting has transformed in the post t20 era. After getting into dominating positions,Mathews tends to let the game meander on rather than going for the kill (the two 4th innings 300+ run chases by Pak,Wellington test where NZ went from 160-5 to 520-5,getting hammered by Bairstow and Moeen Ali after dismissing the English top order cheaply)
Mathews is a level headed,likeable guy and an honest trier. All the SL fans (apart from the ones living inside your deluded head) want to see him succeed as a player and as a captain. . Hopefully this series win will give him the confidence to be a more positive and attacking leader,ushering this young team forward to many more victories.

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