Should Angelo Mathews have stayed with the team and played in all the Tests in the Caribbean?

54% (52 votes)
46% (45 votes)
Total votes: 97


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Anji had two choices (1) skip the tour totally to for personal reasons - as we would have sent an experienced hand given Dimuth was also out (2) skip a single test and be part of the tour. He did neither and left us hanging! But what do you expect when we have thugs and thieves running the game? Don't expect the players to worry about the team when the guys in charge are stealing and looting.

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Exactly correct stormy, i agree 100% with you, and at the same time Mathews proved SL does not need him as a Specialist Batsman only any more. How good inexperienced Srilankan side won the crucial third test amidst strong and fearsome fast bowling led by West-Indies Captain. What a Lucky Captain Suranga Lakmal to have a fighting inexperienced but determined Squad to take Srilanka Home with a Historic PINK BALL Day and Night Victory. Suurang Lakmal is the best person to lead the team for a long time rather than having Chandimal who irresponsibly applying saliva mix with what he called Lozenge for his sickness. any way all the best to the whole team specially to injured Kusal Janith and the old but determined hero Dilruwan for his gutty attitude with the bat.

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Surely this was not a sudden decision. There must have been some sort of communication with Angelo and the board or selectors about the possibilities.

There are times you have to put family first. The last thing you want to do later on is live with regret and let that mentally bug you. You only have to read some autobiographies of a few English players of modern times to see how that can happen.

Perhaps they could have made an announcement publicly about this but perhaps they didn't want opposition to know...i'm not sure.

As it turned out they could have even replaced Angelo with Dimuth for last tests...given he was named A team captain prior to Angie's departure so you would still have an experienced player.

I have no problem with people taking paternal leave. It is becoming more and more common in society worldwide.

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Anjelo has so many options now so he does not worry about playing for national team. He gets paid a lot and it's a duty to perform for the team when the need arises.

If he is keen on baby sitting he needs to give his position to a youngster rather than waisting selectors time.

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Well these guys paid a lot. They know that there should be a conflict between matches and child birth.

He should have withdrawn the matches before hand rather than wasting selectors time and some ones opportunity. This irresponsible and unprofessional.

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Mathews is well-known for his selfishness and no surprise there. but why the hell these selectors and SLC admins dance to his tune? after all, he is no longer a productive test player for SL, who has just 28 average in tests played during past 2+ yrs since 2016.

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