Sumathipala forcing all memebers of the team to visit the Dalada Maligawa for blessings is


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It's disgraceful. Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic society and forcing cricketers to visit only Buddhist temples and never visit a church or mosque or other religious institutions is wrong! They also conduct Buddhist ceremonies before tours! The cricket board should be a non-religious place! Stop this practice. Other countries don't do this stupid stuff. Don't impose your religion on others.

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Do as the majority does. Does not American President say God Bless to all in his speech, then what about others?

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8 May 2016
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It all depends on the term "forcing".. Forcing anything on anyone is not good.. But if players weren't forced, I don't see any reason to complain..

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18 February 2015
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I dont see the problem with it. Its a Buddhist country. If someone else is from a different religion then they are more than welcome to go to a church or mosque to pray in their own time.

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9 February 2015
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Who told u sumathipala forced the players? Is in ur dreams?

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Sri Lanka is not a Buddhist country. By arranging events at temples players and coaches are forced to do this. No one can say no.

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24 March 2014
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@ Anonymous (not verified) on May 15, 2017 - 09:29. Have you gone to school mate? If Sri Lanka is not a buddhist country, what is a buddhist country? Since this is a Buddhist majority country most of the main functions carried out based on buddhist traditions. That does not make any other realigions let down or anything. I am sure any buddhist would go to a church or hindu temple if it is necessary. I don't think Samathipala forced anyone to go to Tooth temple by force even though I am not a fan of Samathipala. I don't see any issue here unless the one who posted this poll wanted to bring the racism in to this.

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That is ridiculous. Nowhere is it stated in the constitution of this nation that this country belongs to a religion! Just because most of the people on this island worship one religion, this country is not Buddhist. It is a free country, where all religions are equal. When the governing body of cricket in Sri Lanka is organising religious events and only focusing on one religion this is a BIG problem and discriminatory.

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15 January 2011
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This is going no where - lets stick to the cricket guys and religion especially has no role here.


People should understand that Sri Lanka is Buddhist country because of the constitution and it is a democratic country where everyone can decide on what religion that the should follow or not... If sumathipala wants to go to temple he can go but he has no right to ask others join but I m not sure whether he asked everyone to come to the temple of tooth relic, everyone must understand that Buddhism came from India and did not originate in Sri Lanka ??? is vijaya a Sri Lankan ??? No .. No.. So how can they call all Buddhists are from Sri Lanka... Most Buddhists are Sri Lankans and Indians who converted into Buddhist,,,, and there are other Sri Lankans who are Muslims and Tamils who s ancestors were Sri Lankan and they change their religion to Muslims and Hindus due to migration from Arabs and indians...

There were many Sri Lankans and they were not Buddhist or it was not a Buddhist country before vijaya s arrival to Sri Lanka who brought Buddhism with him, and likewise there were many Sri Lankans who also likewise converted to Hinduism and Islam after the arrival of arab traders and Indians in. General..

People need to understand the history that this land was with many religions even before any of the overseas religions which came with each different set of People... Sri Lanka is known as Buddhist country because of its majority are Buddhist due to the spread of religion but other Sri Lankans are also 100% Sri Lankans who follow a different religion.

Let's join hands with everyone as we did before during many disasters to this nation and during those times no one was looking which religion a victim belongs but looked them as a equal human being.

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