What should SLC's sentence be for Chandimal, Gurusinha and Hathurusingha?


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Sanga and Mahela have been silent on Twitter about the ball tampering and Arnold and Roshan are congratulating Hathu, Chandimal and the team for making us proud.

Chandimal himself is promoting his sponsors and has not apologised and behaving like he is not guilty.

What a shame we have become as a nation.

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@Adrian Moses: I'm sorry, but there is absoloutely no shame in this at all! Did Faf apologise to anyone after he was allegedly charged for ball tampering (sucking on sweets before shining the ball)? No, because there is absoloutely no chance of telling if they had 100% intention of cheating.

In terms of obtaining an unfair advantage by sucking on a sweet and applying saliva onto the ball is almost 0% because think how many players would drink gatorade or red bull or very high glucose sports drinks during the drinks breaks? With those sorts of high sugar drinks, glucose would be remnant in their mouth and saliva for hours!

You don't see any players being penalised for drinking sports drinks do you? Being penalised for sucking on a sweet and applying saliva and shining the ball gives a team no advantage whatsoever! It's all a bit bonkers if you ask me.

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Mahatma Gandhi did it against oppression and restored dignity in his country. SL coach & manager, two HEROES put country first and protested ICC tyranny against SL. If not, Kusal Perera would have suspended too as 2-5 second replay showed he got caught red-handed jumping over advertisement board to cover himself to grab ball tampering stuff from blue box and applied on ball hiding behind advertisement board. Bringing 100 run penalty and suspension charges put off until 18th hour, assuming Dineshless SL can not win. But Lakmal’s Angel guarded SL this time. At the end, head of wise men painfully uttered, ‘what a blunder I did, ai, ai ai aiyaaa!

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This is nonsense, some of our guys are trying to please "Sudda", anybody who watch the video can understand that Chandi had a chewingum there, it may be not legal on the paper but come on everybody do that right, this is not even 50% close to the incident of Faf Duplesis where in that case you could see the forign susbstance on the big screen but still SA backed thier players and ICC did not ban him a single match.. why we shoud dance to the tune of ICC...

IMHO, the only cricketing incident that we should be ashamed of is the intended no ball which prevented Shewag 100.

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I wish there was a third option here and I am not sure what the 3rd option should be but cant select between these two!

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Investigate, wait for ICC hearing and outcome and go from there.
Has to be some sort of explanation and discipline from the board as you can't have this type of public behaviour from your employees

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If a harsh sentence is not given by SLC the cheating mentality will continue.

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Time to stop the silly excuses. It makes all of us Sri Lankans look stupid to the whole world.

"Australia won the 2007 WC because Gilly had a squash ball in his glove"

"Murali was called for chucking because of racism"

"UN and international community want us to ensure all Sri Lankans' humans rights are protected because they are jealous qe defeated terrorism"

All dumb excuses... Stop it. Learn to accept blame and criticism and fix issues to improve ourselves.

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If we have the option we should take this case to the high court or any court system which is above the level of ICC and demand to ban the ball shining using saliva or anything that comes out of the mouth, and ban spitting on the ball, it is against the basic hygiene rules as well, there is no other way to justify the punishment Chandi received from ICC, just some one please explain me the difference between a substitute player coming from the dressing room just after drinking or chewing a chemical planning to shine the ball vs Chandi's incident?

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I am assuming the poll is in regards to the charge of bringing the game into disrepute with their protests not the actual ball tampering itself...which all 3 have already admitted to according to reports....so i'm not sure about what this some people are going on about this nonsense like Faf didn't apologise and similar excuses...Faf didn't delay a game by hours!

Oh and Chandimal probably would have escaped with a fine if he said it was chewing gum or something like that instead of he doesn't remember. Whoever gave him advice to say such a line is the one you should be criticising! Maybe it was himself I don't know. He couldn't say cough lozenges as they are illegal but ultimately this was one of the most ridiculous defences or excuses and what was used for appeal clutching at straws! Negligence would only get you so far when captains are given pre-series briefs by match referees. 1 Test or 2 ODIs is the maximum the ICC can give for this offence at present and better defence he would have not got that!

You can not have this kind of behaviour from any team or any official doesn't matter who they are or what country they are from and not face disciplinary hearing for it.

Even Arjuna had a disciplinary hearing after the fiasco with Ross Emerson. And i'm sure vast majority (myself included) will think he was right in doing so at that time against pre-planned nonsense. But he was going to get away with nothing for it.

The tampering aside the similar people that were whinging about the behaviour of Shakib and their waterboy now trying to defend these 3's protests because they are Sri Lankan? Both bad behaviour and should not be tolerated or seen on public display in today's sports. It's not trying to please whites, blacks or anyone else. You can't have this image of the sport in the professional era

How can you compare Mahatma Gandhi to sports players and officials? The sarcasm not working and just looking like sour grapes and stupidity.

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