What sort of odi series result will make complete removal of current SLC officials?

5-0 clean sweep by India
73% (47 votes)
Highest odi total world record -India
9% (6 votes)
Highest odi lost by margin -sl
5% (3 votes)
Lowest odi total world record -sl
0% (0 votes)
Highest odi individual score -India
2% (1 vote)
Best bowling performance world record -sl
5% (3 votes)
Highest no of centuries in a 5 match series-india
6% (4 votes)
Total votes: 64


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Here is what the SL fans should do. If SL lose the first three matches, BOYCOTT the last two matches at RPS. Do not go to the stadium to watch the matches. An empty stadium in Colombo will be a non-violent but a very powerful tool to use against the incompetent, money-hungry management.

Try not to watch the whole game on TV too.

BOYCOTT is one sacrifice fans have to do save the future of Sri Lankan cricket. I do not see any other method more effective than the above to send a clear message to Sumathipala and co.

It is time to turn on "THE FANFORCE" that can blow the SLC big-wigs boat out of the water.

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8 May 2016
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I think @smartfan has got a very good point...We should definitely consider this...Problem is the players might feel let down, nobody to cheer them..They'll think the fans r sick of them(whereas reality is we r sick of slc run by corrupt political goons).. It'll be a lot more effective if the players themselves boycott the match asking for a change in administration, but this isn't a bad idea at all..Desperate times, desperate measures...

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10 February 2016
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it's nice that you guys are thinking about cricket and thinking about the current issue. But IMHO, boycotting the game will definitely not affect the administrators even a bit, it will certainly demotivate the players and they are the only once that will be affected by it.

Yes, the ticket sales does fill up SLC's money hungry stomach, but most of it comes from advertising and sponsors. The advertisers and sponsors are just not going to go away by fans not watching cricket for few days on TV.

So if we really want to have a solution, we have to make our intensions clear. Either organise a very peaceful protest to show the big bosses in the government that we are not happy with the cricket administrators and that we demand a change. It might also be possible to start an online petition to express our opinions.

Otherwise cricket will be dead in this country pretty soon.

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@N.M.M: I congratulate you for being very smart to think of the angle of players feeling let down by the fans boycotting the games. It never crossed my mind. Your suggestion that players themselves protesting is good, but if they do, they may be violating their contracts.

To make sure that the fans are only against the management, some of us can display placards outside the stadium on the days of the matches, showing that we have nothing against the players.

Thank you N. M. M.

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15 January 2011
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"no sort of result" should be an option as the admin (aka looters) will be there no matter what the outcome.

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