Should Malinga have played for Southern Express instead of Mumbai Indians?

Yes — he should have played for Southern Express.
65% (258 votes)
No — he should play for Mumbai Indians.
36% (142 votes)
Total votes: 400


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11 August 2014
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Dinesh Chandimal should have been the Southern Express captain

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13 November 2013
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1 year 14 weeks

I don't think it would be a big advantage for Southern Express even though Malinga played for them. Because Malinga is also seems to be struggling with his performance these days.

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22 June 2011
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2 years 7 weeks

Malinga can't change the outcome of matches all the time. He is not that good.

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11 February 2012
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My answer is YES..
Agreed with R Peteraon and Heavy but Roller..

Only physiological advantage Express would have got..

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SE is an all Lankan team - Malinga should have definitely stuck with his team. Would have given them confidence and would command respect of other teams. I feel SE would have won the 10 over first game had he been there, and perhaps even the second.

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15 January 2011
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This is a domestic tournament and normally you provide services to your employer and in Malinga's case its Mumbai. Firstly there is no such employer as Souther Express and this is not about country.

Secondly has anyone looked at ALL the other internationals in the CL20? They are ALL playing for their IPL teams. Take a guy like Bailey - he is captain or Australia and Tasmania but he is playing for Kings 11.

Not sure why we need to have these debates when it comes to SL, the rest of the world has already worked this out - this is a profesional sport and you play for money. Its a bit like asking you if you would work for less pay than your getting now?

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Heavyroller, your only only kidding yourself if you say that Malinga can't change matches singlehandedly. But I think he should look after himself, this is not international cricket, he should play for his real team MI which he has been playing for like a half a decade, rather than a team that's renamed and have it's squads reshuffled every year, he deserves that much.

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I am in total agreement with "Stormy". Don't see any reason why we are creating A hue and cry over Malinga's decision. Why should Malinga stand to lose Rs24 million (correct me if my number is incorrect) by playing for SE ( a team hurriedly formed ). After all he is well looked after by MI and hence his loyalty quite rightly should be for MI.

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Malinga can very rarely change the result of a match, but he is the best bowler in any format of cricket........

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18 October 2009
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I was hoping for a 3rd option that said "I don't care"
I thought this was discussed before when he made his announcement

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