Interview with Sidath Wettimuny on the state of Sri Lankan cricket


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Sumathipala's end is near! very soon The Sports minister, the Prime minister and the President will have to intervene and put forward a constitution, end the club structure(which having 24 club teams is too much, which needs to evolve with the times), introduce a new voting mechanism or a suitable structure to carry forward SLC to the future that benefits SLC and the nation and to put in a financially viable sustainable provincial or state(e.g - Uthuru palatha, wayamba palatha, etc..) franchise cricketing structure that would produce cricketers with results for the national team, so that the National team also collectively produces results and also to evolve with the times. And SJ needs to be sacked and someone who knows what he's doing needs to be brought in.

And what is with 'SLC policy" to have a cricket committee, cricket manager... why is the name of the sport in the first place, related with a committee role or manager role, which doesn't make any sense, either the cricket committee should be an advisory panel and what's the point in having a named position as cricket manager, which is absurd...having one manager is more than enough you could have a mentor, a consultant, an advisor but at the moment the damage is greater than the result...with the so called cricket manager....

It's high time to say to the current administration running cricket get the job done or get out!

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I really think this is a great interview with some very good thoughts from Sidath. I really think Kapila did a good job and I am still not sure what happened with his resignation.

Sri Lanka no doubt is in chaos but there is a feeling that there is too much of village influence on them meaning the selectors are trying to give more opportunities for outstation cricketers than Colombo schools especially the leading Christian Colombo schools. Every cricketer should be selected on merit not because he comes from a humble back ground and the management should have a mix of people from S Thomas, Royal, St Peter's, etc........

Yes Definitely agree with the leg spinner Sri Lankan does not have a good leg spinner and it is dumb founding the reason why Sri Lanka can not produce one. Even Afganistan have a good Leg Spinner. They should urgently look at a leg Spinner above all with right mental attitude and identify that this guy can deliver on the big stage. We also do not have a left arm fast bowler which is another factor are bowling is very one dimensional. So called top players say we can not replace pass, we will never find a bowler like Vass, this is a load of horse crap, Vass was not a unique bowler like a Murali, but all Vass did be worked hard and evolved with the times. I am 100 percent sure there are plenty of budding Vass like bowlers there in Sri Lanka the only thing they should be thought I guess is the work ethic of Vass. Finding a Murali is definitely difficult because he was unique with double jointed wrists etc the excuse of not being able to find another Murali can be justified purely on that grounds. Another thing most past Sri Lankan players thing just because they played test cricket they know everything about cricket but let me tell you when it comes to cricketing matters and views the little-known spectator can give you more insights than some of the so called expert past cricketers. You can see this a little in top coaches around the world they were not very successful as players but their ideas when coaching teams are better than cricketers who have played 100 tests and scored bucket loads of runs.

Sri Lankan people always want to find excuses to justify things be it in politics, sports or work they will try to help the opposition but will run down their own team because they cannot work together with someone in the local set up.

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Why can't SL have these kind of gentleman who played cricket at highest level to do commentaries instead of guys never played at least school cricket. How great it could be if we have Sidath, Mahanama etc. doing commentaries along with former Indian greats like Gavaskar. It's shame that we have guys like Roshan Abeysinghe who condemns our cricketers hoping to have another contract.

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Cannot say Kapila is a Good selector with a balanced policy, He brought back 35 yr old Royalist Jehan Mubarak again from nowhere to ruin (3 dropped catches & flopped batting) the initial two tests Vs pk in 2015 preferring over Upul Tharanga , who made the highest batting contributions 92 & 45 in the vital decider to seal the previous series vs Pk in Aug 2014, but was immediately axed for one year. When Sanga retired in 3rd Test Upul was given the last Test in that series to bat at No3 and he again consistently made two near fifties (46 & 48) in both innings (when entire top order failed) batting after one year layoff, to bring SL to the verge of victory. But Mathew's poor captaincy & bowlers to let the Pk to score the impossible 350+ target set by SL, batting in 4th inning on a day 5 wicket. Then Kapila immediate axed Tharanga again for next two tests Vs India, again preferring Kithruwan & Mubarak (despite Upul making 50s in both warm up games played vs Ind & Pk). So how can we say he had a merit based policy in selections?

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